Jim Toner: Successful Experienced Real Estate Investor And Generous Philanthropist

Jim Toner is not your average real estate expert. He uses a unique approach to teaching people how to make money by investing in real estate. And his system works. It’s what Jim Toner used to become a millionaire. And now he is teaching people all over the United States how to get rich using it as well. One of the things that’s different about Jim Toner is he can teach anyone to make money through real estate. The Pittsburgh native has created the Wealth Builder program through which he has helped thousands to get the information and resources they need to purchase property.

In a Creating Wealth 101 post, while he never says he’s a genius when it comes to real estate, the husband and father of two has shared valuable information about real estate investing that has enabled countless people to improve their quality of life. The techniques and strategies Jim Tones teaches consistently get excellent results. Working with small groups, he is able to clearly deliver the message they need to hear to supercharge their real estate investment activities if they follow his guidelines. In many of the programs Jim Toner hosts where he offers effective investment tools there is no charge.

In addition to helping people jump-start their careers in real estate, Jim Toner also gives back to the community through his philanthropic work and charitable donations. He has helped homeless veterans by giving them fully furnished homes for free. He also gives his time, talent and resources to people in need by playing leadership roles in organizations like Caring House Project Foundation, the Pittsburgh branch of the Salvation Army, as well as the Hope Lives Foundation. And he continues to have a significant impact on the lives of the less fortunate in many and diverse ways.

A talented writer, Jim Toner pens a powerful blog through which he shares valuable information on important steps necessary for building wealth. In 2016, he published the book “The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate: How to Profit in Today’s Market Using History’s Greatest Wealth Builder” through Vision Quest Media. It contains 310 pages jam packed with information on gaining financial freedom and becoming prosperous by investing in real estate. It features examples of how he and others have used the effective system he created for finding lucrative real estate in which to invest and the steps to doing it.

The book is autobiographical and describes the road real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner has taken that led to his success. It offers a roadmap people can use to building their own thriving real estate investment companies. Jim Toner’s story has been featured in many newspapers and magazines and he has appeared several major television networks.

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Christopher Burch was introduced to construction by his father at the age of 13 years, and showcased entrepreneurial zeal during his college years. His passion is dictated by the desire to create success for other people. In 1976, his business venture in apparel by the name, Eagle’s Eye, was in partnership with his brother. They later sold it to a group known as Swire. Using the profits gained, he became a shareholder of a group known as internet capital. He was a member of Continuum and Guggenheim boards. In 2004, he helped in launching of Tory’s brand, whom he divorced in 2006.

Chris started C. Wonder Company, which he sold 10% part of, in 2013. Alan Faena and James McBrides joined him in the purchase and renovation of the Faena Hotel and Nihiwatu respectively, in 2012, after selling his stakes at former wife’s company. In 2013, he appeared on the billionaires list on Forbes. In 2014, he went into partnership with Ellen DeGeneres to launch a brand based on her lifestyle. He was a member of RIOF board and president Pierre Hotel cooperative. He funds researches and philanthropists through his profits gained.

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In 2016, Nihiwatu was ranked as best in the world, within the hospitality industry. Nihiwatu refers to a stone of mortar, giving meaning to the origin of the name (wingsjournal.com). The beach acquired its name from the formation of the rocks on the tide. It consists of private villas, 27 in total, each with diving pools. There is an entertainment section that accommodates both in and outdoor activities. Two tree houses with two floors each, and a section with Chris’ private home, that encompasses a main house, four villas and pools in each, to guests avail.

The theme found and experienced within the resort comprises of the Sumbanese tradition. Within it is a spa, yoga classes on a daily basis, surfing sessions, horseback riding with the help of a whisperer, as well as excursions. Jeeps and boats are the main transportation for guests. Christopher Burch and James McBride intend to expand the business to Nicaragua as well as Costa Rica for more access to travelers.Chris Burch started a foundation known as Sumba, which is geared towards eradication of poverty levels, and improving of health facilities as well as education within the community. This course of action is achieved through the donation received by the organization, from the Nihi resort, check nihi.com for more reading.

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Help with Equities

When a person is looking for alternative sources of funding they can contact the team at Equities First Holdings. This company has been able to put together a team of talented financial experts and has some of the leaders in the financial industry ready to help their clients. They will help their clients with different sources of funding so they can get their business off the ground and become successful as well. These experts are willing to work with many different types of people.

They will help anyone become successful as long as they have the desire and the drive. The experts will take care of the rest. The team can help a person get the funds they need based on their business idea and the type of finances they are looking for. This company has the experience to help those with a business mind and will help make sure that nothing stands in the way.

Ryan Seacrest Shows Charitable Side

Ryan Seacrest has easily become one of the most recognizable hosts in the entertainment profession. He is the current host of American Idol. He has his own radio show. Ryan is also very well known for hosting a morning talk show with Kelly Ripa. Men that buy clothes from his clothing selection are also aware that he is into fashion. His resume is quite extensive when it comes to entertainment and business deals, but many people may not know that Ryan Seacrest also has a foundation where he helps children.

Of all the hosting jobs that he is known for, it appears that the Ryan Seacrest Foundation is his greatest personal achievement. This is where he gets the chance to help expose children to acting and art classes in order for them to get a feel of the type of work that they could possibly do in the entertainment business.

In his Forbes.com profile, it says that he gives children that are sick in hospitals a chance to dream. This is something that he has become passionate about overtime because it gives him a chance to give back. Ryan is aware of how blessed he has become for all the opportunities that have been presented before him.

Ryan Seacrest took time to give his life new meaning as a transitioned from someone that was the host of a reality show to a host that would be found on the red carpet with celebrities. This evolution where his income would rise in a dramatic fashion.

What he has done is give back with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation as he has continued to earn and become one of the highest paid celebrity hosts in the world. He has been able to secure a substantial amount of income over the years, and all of this has allowed him to gain a platform where he could help children that had special needs. What the Ryan Seacrest Foundation shows is that Ryan is someone that is heavily connected to helping those that do not have access to things they need. Surprisingly, his charity is something that many people may not know about.

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The Buzz On Whitney Wolfe

Fighting against gender stereotypes, Whitney Wolfe created the popular dating app known as Bumble. Essentially, Bumble recognizes that all genders can initiate a date, but gives the upper hand to women, as the app suggests that the female should make the first move in the online dating app. Bumble not only recognizes gender equality rights, but also other public issues such as gun control; although this public opinion on controversial matters may be seen as a no-no by other companies, Bumble chose to take a stand on having a voice on what matters, while encouraging their app users and community to do the same.

Whitney Wolfe, with the help from Andrey Andreev, created the very popular app, Bumble, which now has over 30 million users! Wolfe mentions that it is incredible to think about all of the relationships and marriages that have sparked from this innovative app. This is an extraordinary example of how some cases of breaking gender norms can lead to a mass success. The app and its relationships are not the only successes of Whitney Wolfe, as she also has worked quite hard to create a Bumble Hive in New Work City, which is a cute and cozy location where Bumble users can meet up, and perhaps even have their first date after a connection has been made! Believe it or not, the Bumble Hive was created and decorated to resemble an actual bee-hive, with yellow honeycomb interior, which is another reason why it is definitely worth checking out.

Bumble BFF is another creation of Whitney Wolfe’s, which can help foster many friendships via the online app. Whitney Wolfe is also successful in her own relationship, as she married her husband Michael Herd in 2017. Educated from Southern Methodist University (located in Austin, Texas), Wolfe started her philanthropic efforts selling tote handbags for charity. Although extremely successful with many endeavors, Whitney Wolfe is still striving to do more for the welfare of the society. Wolfe encourages people to share their voice and be true to their selves, regardless of what stereotypes may be seen as potential limits.

Source of the article : https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/careers/career-advice/2018/04/23/whitney-wolfe-herd-build-workplace-where-women-thrive/533785002/

Glen Wakeman Helps Inspire Others. Here’s How!

Inspiration can take many forms. For some people, inspiration can be found in watching others succeed and doing the same in their own lives. For others, it takes the form of directly working with others to share the secrets of their success. One person who has done much to explore the world of sharing and inspiring others is Glen Wakeman. Wakeman is someone who has sought to share what he knows with others in his field. He wants people to learn from his experiences and become successful on their own terms. Under Glen’s supervision, many of his clients have learned what it takes to do well in their field. He’s provided the kind of leadership that those seeking to become entrepreneurs need to help figure out what kind of business they want and how to get it off the ground. With his assistance, many of his clients have also learned that it is possible to capture a specific market and meet the needs of a certain type of customer in that particular type of niche.


Many Years of Experience

Wakeman comes to his field with many years of experience in the business. He’s been a much admired entrepreneur for over two decades. During this time, he’s learned that it is important to help provide complex leadership that understands the changing markets all over the world. In this role, he brings many qualities to the table. His own work has helped show that it is possible to create leadership right from the start even as a project is just getting off the ground. In the very early stages of any business, he’s shown that it is also important to have a proven methodology that is known to work. To that end, he offers many kinds of tools that his clients can use as they start a venture of their own. One of his most important means of help is a specific coaching method that enables many business entrepreneurs to get direct coaching from him. Glen’s work has helped him reach out to people across the globe and created many satisfied clients.


HCR Wealth Advisors on Financial Education for Kids

Increase Your Child’s Financial I.Q.

Raise your child’s financial I.Q.; teach them how to make and manage their money. Financial experts agree that early childhood is a great time to teach children the skills of money management. This early financial education can lay the groundwork for financial success in the future. Often parents are reluctant to discuss money and financial issues with their children. Most parents think their children are bored or uninterested in the process. However, this early financial education is an important step to financial success in your child’s future. The registered investment advisory firm HCR Wealth Advisors knows that early education about money has a positive effect on a child’s financial future.

Start with an Allowance

Children need to understand that money is not free. They need to know that money is not freely distributed, it is earned. Money is given to an individual for providing goods or services. An allowance is a great way to teach children about money. The child can earn their allowance for completing simple tasks, such as cleaning their room or walking the family dog. It can be encouraging to increase a child’s allowance if the tasks are always completed on-time. Then the child understands the value of consistently completing their chores.

Help your Children Create a Budget

When your child earns money through an allowance, show them the value of creating a budget. Have the child list their expenses and income on a sheet of paper. This is an important step, so the child can visualize the budget process. Now, granted your child’s expenses may be something such as buying a new video game, or purchasing candy or other treats. However, this is an important step, so the child can see how they need to budget their money to meet their expenses. Every financial expert agrees, that budgeting is a skill that needs to be taught to children to guarantee future financial success.

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Chris Burch: An Entrepreneurial Titan

Chris Burch is well known as a successful businessman and entrepreneur (entrepreneur.com).  He first began to foray into the world of business while he was still undergoing his higher education. Along with his brother, he invested $2000 into a clothing company which was transformed I the power of direct to consumer marketing into a $60 million corporation by the time it was sold. Today Chris Burch utilizes his 40 years worth of investment and entrepreneurial experience in order to undertake various philanthropic endeavors via his consulting company Burch Creative Capital (http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/contact/).

Chris Burch believes that the source of the success lies in his ability to anticipate the behavior of consumers. If you are able to understand the way that a consumer will behave you will be able to ensure the success and viability of your business.

Today he is busy with the project involving a new series of resorts around the world that have been ranked in various publications as some of the best ever made. One island resort in particular located on the Nihi Sumba Island as a ranked as the number one hotel in the world. It receives this designation in both 2016 and 2017, check nihi.com. The resort on the island is composed of 27 villas which make use of teakwood and natural stone. The construction styles that have been used in these villas was used in order to preserve the natural elegance and beauty of the landscape surrounding it.

There are various sizes of villas in the cost to rent the accommodations varies depending on the type of accommodation you are seeking and the time of year that you are seeking it. It can vary from $750 per night up to $14,000 per night.

In addition to his success as an entrepreneur and businessman, Chris Burch is also well-known for his philanthropic endeavors. He has created the Sumba Foundation in order to get back to the community around him. This foundation receives a portion of the profits that are generated by the resort and undergoes humanitarian efforts in order to support the island’s native people. In addition to his foundation, Chris Burch also donates to a number of other charitable causes and is known to have helped support medical training carried out by New York University. He has also supported the child welfare league of China and at the college. He believes that it is important for him to share the prosperity that he has generated in his own life with those of others.

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Whitney Wolfe Brings Dating Technology to the Business World

Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder of Bumble and co-founder of Tinder, is expanding the “dating app” paradigm into platonic and business relationships with Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz, respectively. Wolfe Herd told Vogue, “We set out to change the way people date. Now, we really wanted to pull that through the rest of your life.”Bumble’s unique approach to heterosexual dating follows a similar pattern to Tinder; men and women swipe left or right on profiles to dictate interest in the other party and if two people swipe right on each other, they are connected and can begin a conversation with one another. Unlike Tinder, Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble only allows women to send the first message which, the company says, drastically reduces the amount of harassment reported by female users when compared to other dating apps.

According to Bumble’s website, Bumble BFF came about as an answer to requests from users to keep their Bumble profile active after finding a relationship because they had found friendships on the dating app. Unlike the dating side of Bumble, users are only matched with other users of the same gender so there is no need for communication restrictions. After the fallout with Tinder co-founder and former boyfriend Justin Mateen, Whitney Wolfe Herd sued Tinder for sexual harassment. Empowering women at work has been an important cause to Wolfe Herd whom has stated in an interview with Vogue, “As we all know, sexism in the workplace is a serious issue.

It’s something that needs active disruption and change.” Wolfe Herd settled out of court for an undisclosed amount after alleging Mateen’s repeated humiliation of her at work and attempts to refuse co-founder status to her.Bumble Bizz, like Bumble, was created to disrupt some of the behavior that has become prevalent on platforms such as LinkedIn, where women are solicited every day, by restricting first contact attempts to women. “I do not necessarily see this as a direct competitor to LinkedIn, “Whitney Wolfe Herd told Vogue, “We think it’s a great product, but we’re doing something different.”

Logan Stout: A multi-talented businessman the founder of IDLife

Logan Stout is the founder of IDLife. He attended the University of Dallas and graduated with a degree in Psychology. He also participated Panola College where he got a business degree. He established the company almost half a decade ago. The company deals with organic nutritional supplements. The supplements are manufactured to provide nutritional benefits as well as help in weight loss. His career in baseball taught him a thing or two about weight management and proper nutrition. His experience has been the backbone of his company IDLife. The nutritional supplements made by this company are manufactured concerning people different health requirements.

Jeff also serves the firm in the capacity of the chief executive officer. He has steered the firm to become one of the best of its kind. One of his many talents is writing. He also works as a financial and entrepreneurship trainer. He focuses on training and offering advice to upcoming business owners concerning business management skills.

Logan is a retired baseball player. After his retirement, he established a baseball academy known as Premier Baseball Academy. The various training lessons offered by the academy include arm velocity classes, situational hitting sessions, and excellent spring training among others. Logan Stout has an undying interest in helping other people. He puts a lot of belief and faith in people’s capability to invest and run successful businesses. He is always ready to offer support and advice to anyone with a promising idea. He employs his leadership skills on people’s business ideas to enable them to grow.

Throughout his career as an author, he has worked for hand in hand with various orators and writers to reach out to people who need business advice. He has worked with famous individuals such as John Maxwell. Cooperatively, they looked forward to reaching out to thousands of people globally. His dream to reach out to as many people as possible is very promising, given his hard work and determination.

Towards the end of last year, Logan Stout volunteered to assist the hurricane victims in Texas. He helped the victims to acquire shelter. He gave out his warehouse to be used for camping. Through the aid of his company’s staff members, he was able to supply the victims with food and medical supplies. His employees were dismayed by his philanthropic actions. They asked him about his motivation, and he merely suggested that he feels good every time he assists someone who has nothing to give back.