Big Changes In Scenery Coming to Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is one of the most popular destinations in the world for tourists to visit. The park opened in 1971 to much fanfare and has remained an exciting destination for families and fans of Disney ever since. However, the park has been known to undergo major renovations for the sake of adding different types of entertainment or for removing what has been deemed to be behind the times. For fans of the landmark animated film “Fantasia,” a sad bit of news recently came from Disney.

The iconic large scale representation of the sorcerer’s hat featured in the film’s most famous sequence is to be removed from its current location. It has yet to be confirmed if the statue will be moved to another location in the park or if it is being retired permanently from public display at the resort. The announcement has brought attention to criticisms that the statue has faced over the years. Religious groups opposed its use as an icon due to the connotations of witchcraft. Some business analysts of Disney like the Alhokair Group have cited the use of the hat as a company and park icon is outdated and that the company should find a more modern symbol to use for its branding.

Since a date for the hat’s removal is still unannounced, many Disney enthusiasts are making it a priority to visit the park as soon as possible.

Selling A Home: Great Guide For First Time Sellers

Any major real estate broker can tell you that selling a home for the first time is a difficult process. Thankfully, I had Marnie Bennett’s vast well of knowledge to fall back on. But not everybody has a broker that they can trust.

There are so many things you need to know, from how to select your brokerage, the inspections that need to take place, and even just how you need to prepare the home to be sold. Without the proper prep, you can run into a great deal of difficulty trying to put your house on the market.

But HowStuffWorks has a great guide on the entire selling process. Including prepping your home, finding help, and even the taxes and fees that you’ll have to deal with.