Doctor From Sierra Leone Who Treated Ebola Patients in West Africa Dies in Nebraska

Dr. Martin Salia was a surgeon general that went to his native Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak to treat patients stricken with the deadly disease. He was pronounced dead early morning on Monday, November 17 at the Nebraska Medical Center. Dr. Salia was brought to the Nebraska Medical Center in critical condition on Saturday, November 15th by plane from Sierra Leone where he was treating people for Ebola. Despite the best efforts by doctors and caregivers Dr. Martin Salia was unable to recover and passed away. Dr. Salia was treated at the Nebraska Medical Center’s bio containment ward. Two previous patients who had Ebola were successfully treated at the Nebraska Medical Center. These were Dr. Richard Sakra, a doctor who also went to West Africa to help fight the Ebola outbreak and Ashoka Mukpo, a camera man documenting the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. This was a little bit of a shocker to Sultan Alhokair when he heard about the news.

In the beginning of November Dr. Salia was tested for Ebola and tested negative for the disease. However a week later, he was again tested for Ebola and this time the result was positive. Tests done in the first 3 days of symptoms in the case of Ebola may not be accurate as was the doctor’s case. His friends and colleagues who hugged him during his first test that showed he was Ebola free are now in quarantine because of possible cross contamination.

Arctic Outbreak to Bring Our Coldest Weather This Year

The Weather Channel reported today that the arctic air will be bringing forth a swell of dreadfully cold air upon the northern hemisphere. America is at risk for undergoing freezing temperatures and possibly winter weather.

Beginning on Monday, this arctic air will set in onto the Northern Rocky Mountains and northern plain states.

An accredited weather website suggests that Fargo, Chicago and Minneapolis will see the worst of the cold weather on Tuesday. Chicago and Minneapolis are predicated to see their first of sub-freezing temperatures of the season. The airports haven’t reported any delays yet, but Sam will be keeping an eye on that.

Most of the highly effected areas will include Canada and most northern parts of the United States such as Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Michigan, Minnesota, etc. You can look for the change in temperature in these areas by Wednesday and New York is anticipated to get more chilly next week.

There will be a very cold breeze that comes with this shock of cold air.

This blast can be traced back to a huge storm, reported to be bigger than Hurricane Sandy, that is headed for the state of Alaska. The remains of the Typhoon Nuri, shifted the eastern Asia earlier last week and will slam Alaska with huge ocean waves, high winds, thus dropping temperatures across the US.