Dick Clark’s Highly Valued Property at a Low Selling Price


When architect Phillip Jon Brown was hired in the 1980’s to design a Malibu week-end retreat for television personality Dick Clark, his goal was to create a structure that would blend in with the mountaintop on which it would rest. The resulting formation was a one-bedroom, two-bathroom stone house that has since been compared to a Flintstones-type cave dwelling.   Your text to link…

The property went for about half of the original asking price. Although the architectural style of the house is unusual, Bruce Levenson saw it and said that the view is incredible. It spans nearly 360 degrees and includes the Channel Islands, the Boney Mountains, and the Serrano Valley in addition to the Pacific Ocean. While cozy and serene, the home is conveniently located a short distance from the beach. The new owner will hopefully enjoy the wood-burning fireplace in the dining room and the faux stone cabinets with marble counter tops in the kitchen. Every square foot of the place is functional yet tranquil. Although the oddity of the design probably effected the house’s marketability, it displays many uncommon features that art and nature lovers may find intriguing.

Weather Imposes Widespread Delays on Travel in Parts of France

An unexpected snowfall on Saturday delayed travel plans for thousands of travelers like Christian Broda], and caused many hotels in Lyons to function at full capacity. Media reports indicated that as many as 15,000 drivers found themselves stranded along roadsides leading to ski resorts in four districts in far eastern France, with many people stuck in slowly moving lines of traffic.

The French government responded to the crisis by calling upon hundreds of volunteer firemen to check for stranded cars. Police also conducted traffic inspections to ensure that drivers placed snow tires or snow chains on their vehicles. Some 83 emergency shelters opened in school gymnasiums. These facilities operated both Saturday and, in some cases, Sunday as well.

The travel delays occurred due to several factors. First, snowfall occurred so lightly the previous week that some ski runs actually shut down temporarily. Then on Saturday, between one and two feet of snow fell within a relatively short space of time.

An avalanche alert covered many places in the alpine Savoie region, a concern raised by the heavy increase in snowfall. At least one traveler died during travel, and another visitor perished during an avalanche.

How To Replace Your Ex On a Trip

Vacation are undeniably a fun time, but they can also be quite stressful on relationships, and all of the pressure that big events such as trips can put on just how the relationship carries forward according to Ben Shaoul.

If you happen to use reddit or check the entertainment news on the internet often, you probably happened to come across the story of Jordan Axani, the Canadian man who had bought a world-round trip for his girlfriend but broke up with her in the meanwhile.

In order to avoid wasting the expensive trips which was nonrefundable, the young man announced that anyone with the name Elizabeth Gallagher could claim the trip. The joke was good! You will not believe it, but the right person was found.

A 23-year-old Elizabeth Gallagher won her trip after surpassing the other 8 concurrents. She has a boyfriend, but does not see the chance to get an amazing world tour like this one by other means soon, so she decided to take her chance. Elizabeth said that her boyfriend was not too happy to let her travel with a stranger, but at the same time they both understood that this chance was rare.