Christopher Cowdray brings his Hotel Experience to The Dorchester Collection

Christopher Cowdray is a name not many people outside the hospitality industry may be aware of, but this Zimbabwe born and educated hotelier is now presiding over some of the most luxurious and well respected hotels in the world. As the CEO of The Dorchester Collection, Cowdray has made it his job to make sure the expanding chain of nine hotels offers luxury on a scale unrivaled amongst their competitors. The former hotel manager has overseen the purchase and updating of a number of luxury hotels with a rich history that have made The Dorchester Collection one of the top hotel chains in the World.

Christopher Cowdray took over as head of The Dorchester Collection in 2007 after spending three years as the manager of The Dorchester Hotel in London. The chain had only just been merged into a brand and had no overall identity to link these original five historic hotels or to allow clients to see them as part of an overall luxurious brand.

Since taking over as CEO, Cowdray has overseen an expansion in eight years of four hotels, which is a much slower rate than many of the luxury hotel rivals within the hospitality industry. The Dorchester Collection added the historic Hotel Bel Air to its chain in 2009 and closed the location for a complete overhaul for over two years. Cowdray has gone on record as saying The Dorchester Collection will never reach the high location levels of their rivals, with a target of 15 hotels the current plan in coming years. The CEO states the customer base he is working with expects The Dorchester Collection to remain in key cities around the World, not simply add a hotel to their brand because one does not exist in a city or area. By the middle of the next decade, Cowdray claims the company will have achieved all of its aims if The Dorchester Collection consists of a small group of around 20 hotels.

Problems Protecting New Orleans Levees Reported


Last year, officials announced the commencement of a new project to apply “armoring” to levees in southern Louisiana and New Orleans. As part of the $200 million to $300 million dollar program, workers plan to apply an astro turf-like material and Bermuda sod to some 80 miles of earthen levees extending between St. Charles and St. Bernard. It is hoped the application will help prevent erosion of the surface areas.Concern exists that some recently armored levees are sustaining damage from unexpected sources, however.

Recently, reports surfaced that levees around West Jefferson Parish had suffered harm from the activity of wild pigs. The local Sheriff’s Department sent sniper squads to destroy the feral pigs around West Jefferson levees and the officers shot 38 wild pigs before Christmas.

Soon afterwards, additional reports became public that people driving off road vehicles in the area have also apparently caused damage to levees. A local newspaper and community members like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez, indicated that the estimated damage to the West Jefferson levees now approaches $4,000 per acre damaged.

Taking Time Off

When someone has a baby, most companies will let that person take some time off to nurse the baby and heal from the delivery. President Obama wants federal companies to giver their workers at least six weeks of paid vacation after an adoption or the birth of a baby. This vacation time would be paid. Obama also wants other companies in the rest of the country to take those some regulations so that their employees will be able to enjoy the time spent with a new child without the worry of reporting back to work in only a few weeks.  Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the many companies/offices in agreement with this plan. This is a common sense plan that should already be in place. Just because a woman has a baby doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t want to return to work. If she weren’t planning on going back to the job, then she would probably let the company know before the baby arrives.

A Career for the Ages: The Journey of Sam Tabar

Just got back from Hawaii vacation and had a blast! I met this awesome guy who was there on business and staying at the same resort. I could tell he was really busy but he still somehow found the time to chat with me during the evenings about life, careers, planning, and that kind of stuff. Now I’ve returned home with a great tan, AND a plan thanks to Sam Tabar.

While many people dream of a great career where they are noted for their outstanding abilities, few actually achieve this. However, Sam Tabar is not one of those people. An accomplished attorney and financial strategist, Sam has seen his career grow with each and every new opportunity he accepts. Never one to back down from a challenge, Sam has used his natural talent along with the skills learned at Oxford University and Columbia Law School to bring about remarkable results wherever he has been. An expert in investor relations, Sam has taken his interest in hedge fund structure and formation and developed strategic marketing plans that have produced remarkable results.

While very accomplished as an attorney, Sam has had an even more fascinating career as a financial strategist. His brilliant financial strategies and investment tips have received vast acclaim most recently from CNBC, who posted an article on Sam Tabar’s 2015 investment forecasts.  Beginning in 2004, Sam accepted a position with PMA Investment Advisors and started concentrating full-time on hedge fund management. While at PMA, it was not long before Sam found himself promoted to Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development. In this position, he was in charge of all areas of global marketing for a hedge fund worth more than $2 billion. Using his incredible interpersonal communication skills, Sam set out to attract as many investors as possible to the hedge fund. Spending his time meeting with individual investors, institutional investors and other potential investors whose high net-worth made them viable candidates for investing in the fund, Sam eventually built up a file of more than 2,000 potential investors and more than 400 additional individuals whom he deemed as strong possibilities to become investors.

 In all of Sam’s positions, the common denominator has been his willingness to accept challenges. I think this was what inspired me the most and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have met him. And on vacation!  An accomplished world traveler, Sam has used his travels and experiences with meeting people of various cultures and backgrounds to help him with his business dealings.  Along with his native English, Sam is fluent in French and also speaks Japanese.

Whether providing legal counsel to clients or offering sound advice on the latest hedge fund, Sam Tabar has proven that success follows him every step of the way. His journey has indeed been fascinating, and promises to be a career for the ages.

City of St. Louis Leaders Announce Plans of New Stadium

NFL and MLS Fans in St. Louis have a hope of a new stadium in the coming years thanks mostly to city, county and state leaders as they have drawn up the plans to build a new outdoor stadium for hosting sporting events was announced. City leaders have pointed out in their press conference that they have the 20th largest market in the US and are a prime area for the NFL.

Most recently new stadiums have been opened in San Francisco, New York, Minnesota, and of course the largest of all AT&T Stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play their home games. In all, there have been 20 new venues built and opened since the Edward Jones Dome was opened in 1995. Many of these new facilities include restaurants, cafes and other high end eateries. Bernardo Chua of showed us some of these destinations within stadiums.


At first the Rams enjoyed a substantial home field advantage and support from their fans. Stadium attendance was sold out on an annual basis for the first nine years when the team was winning and was considered one of the louder stadiums that made it difficult for visiting teams to play. However, as the team has failed to produce a winning season for the past 11 years, and with talk of relocating the team back to Los Angeles, fans have strayed away from the Rams.

Manhattan Entrepreneur Andrew Heiberger Successfully Expands Real Estate Business Post Recession

Savvy market analysis and years of experience helped Andrew Heiberger find opportunities after the real estate bubble popped in 2008. Heiberger had been in the New York real estate industry since 1994 when he founded the residential Manhattan brokerage Citi Habitats.

The changes in the real estate market that accompanied the economic turmoil in 2008 required Heiberger to adapt and forge ahead for a successful future. His study of the Manhattan market revealed that two distinct segments would remain active with potential profits going forward. They were the the high-end luxury real estate market and budget-conscious housing.

Choosing to expand into the luxury market, he crafted a new business plan and founded TOWN Residential in 2010. This full service brokerage focuses on neighborhoods, open and collaborative relationships with other brokerages, innovative mobile marketing, and relocation and corporate services.

Because Manhattan remains a globally in-demand location for wealthy individuals seeking living space, his TOWN Residential business has expanded rapidly. Nine office locations throughout Manhattan support representatives as they market luxury apartments and condominiums in popular neighborhoods.

Information technology has proven to be a crucial part of TOWN Residential’s growth. Listings are supported with photographs and mobile-friendly online presentations that help both agents and buyers browse properties at their finger tips.

Heiberger expects that Manhattan luxury real estate market to remain strong for many years. Its cultural opportunities and enticing neighborhoods will continue to deliver high value, especially because the island has very limited ways to expand housing.

Years of experience and a focus on customer satisfaction have allowed Heiberger to build upon his education. He originally earned a bachelor of arts from the University of Michigan and then obtained a law degree from the University of Miami School of Law.

Wildlife Bridges: The Path to Safer Roads

When it comes to road construction there has always been the issue of how wildlife (and chickens) will cross the road without being in danger. Currently, there are approximately 750,000 to 1.5 million reported wildlife related car accidents in the United States per year alone. Engineers around the world, and Sergio Andrade Gutierrez, have been contemplating how they can reduce the number of wildlife related accidents for ages and the engineers in Montana have finally produced a solution.
In Montana, engineers have been working tirelessly toward integrating nature bridges, and underpasses, for animals to help reduce the amount of accidents in their state, and they are noticing a massive decrease. The engineers have also noted that it costs less to build these bridges, and underpasses, than it costs to repair vehicles and properties so it makes a lot of sense to integrate them throughout the entire road systems of Montana. The engineers of Montana also hope that one day the other states in the union will put them in as well. If other states would integrated these wildlife bridges, and underpasses, we could greatly reduce the amount of wildlife related accidents across the United States and saved the lives of thousands of people, and millions of animals.