Cruise Ship Stranded Off Coast of Bermuda

Passengers on a Norwegian Cruise Liner were stranded for several hours when the boat they were in hit a reef off the coast of Bermuda, according to an official statement. The ship, the Norwegian Dawn, was without power for several hours. Conflicting reports have suggested the power went out before the liner hit the reef, while other sources suggest power was cut moments after the ship ran aground.

No one was hurt in the incident, but Norwegian personnel were working to ensure the boat was still seaworthy after the incident. It will likely take until at least Wednesday morning to ensure the boat can continue on its journey.

According to sources, reported that the propulsion system of the ship may have been damaged by the reef. If that is the case, or if the boat has sustained additional damage, it will be towed. Two tugboats made their way to the area in case their assistance is needed. Power had been restored to the ship by Tuesday evening, and all passengers were accounted for.

According to the official passenger log there are 2,675 passengers aboard the Norwegian Dawn. An additional 1000 staff members were on board the ship, as well. The cruise liner set sail from Boston for a seven day cruise through the Caribbean. They were to return to Boston by Friday morning, but they ship’s return will likely be delayed.

Investing With BRL Trust

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Customers through this company has been able to address their financial aspects and move on to practical aspects of money management through BRL Trust. Having thousands of individuals and corporations as clients, the company has been able to generate smart investment solutions that are aligned to the needs and requirements of investors. For those who have hit their emotional and financial bottom with money management, this is a boon; their relationship with money and earning got a lot better through the company’s help. It is not surprising that due to BRL Trust, success has become the next step along the way of many people’s financial recovery.

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Real Estate Mogul Haidar Barbouti Buys, Eats, Shares

Haidar Barbouti entered the business world as a real estate and business developing genius, but he has made headlines for his dive into the restaurant industry and gifts to charity.

Barbouti decided to develop an open air restaurant in his hometown of Houston after an inspirational trip to Europe. He wanted fine dining with delicious, well-made food aimed at bringing in folks with his taste for luxury and upscale. He did not have any experience as a restaurant entrepreneur, nor a culinary degree, but he had a dream of eating real food served at real portion sizes. He opened Up Restaurant where guests can expect everything made fresh, except the ketchup, which Barbouti says his customers preferred Heinz over the homemade. Barbouti creates the menu and tastes and tweaks all the food. His passion for food that simply tastes good has driven the restaurant to great success.

Up Restaurant is located in the Highland Village Shopping Center, a purchase of Barbouti’s and Highland Village Holdings in 1991 and one of Houston’s first shopping centers. Barbouti serves as the center’s property manager, aiming to attract large retailers to the area bringing in a variety of stores and restaurants, including Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie and RA Sushi Bar. Notably, Starbucks selected the center for their first step into the Houston market. The center houses the city’s first Earth-friendly fitness facility, Quality Life Fitness. Three years ago, the center took on an Apple Store with a conference room to allow for special product presentations to business personnel, only the second such customer accommodation in Texas.

In 2008, Barbouti decided to donate retail space in Highland Village, including utilities, for a pet adoption center named Highland Village Adoption Center. Barbouti is known in the Houston community for such generous acts of charity, giving his time and resources to assist the community’s smallest and most vulnerable.

Barbouti has certainly made a name for himself in Houston, attracting new, large stores and restaurants to the Highland Village for the benefit of the community, as well as giving back through charitable work.

Ashton Kutcher’s Home Remodel Gift

On Wednesday, May 6, 37-year-old Ashton Kutcher’s new documentary through the home design Houzz network was released online. In it, Kutcher talked about how he had always wanted to give back to his mother Diane and step-father Mark and he decided that the best way to do so was by remodeling their basement that he helped Mark build when he was a 13-year-old teenager. Kutcher also explained how he used technology provided by Houzz to create the new design while he was still in California even though the basement rebuild took place in Homestead, Iowa.

The introduction to the documentary on the Houzz online network, although designed to show why Kutcher felt this rebuild was so important, seemed almost like a promotional piece for Houzz. Apparently, this interpretation of Kutcher’s behavior is not wrong. Houzz is one of the actor’s many financial tech investments that he has made in recent years.

Of course, Kutcher’s promoting Houzz did not take away too much from the legitimate heartfelt reason he gave his mother this remodel gift. Crystal Hunt said that when he surprised her with it, she appeared to be honestly surprised and extremely happy.

What type of changes were made?

Kutcher raised the drop ceiling, added a fireplace and decorated with all new light-colored, family-friendly colors and furniture. He also added additional light to the darkened space by increasing the number of windows and the size of the windows.

Affordable Housing Solution in San Franciso

San Francisco has found a solution for their affordable housing need. The San Francisco Giants are the city’s highly influential landowners of the parking lot solution.

This parking lot is currently a large lot that provides parking space to approximately 2,000 cars during an average game. This lot may soon be a new neighborhood named Mission Rock.

This will provide affordable housing. This asphalt lot has not been known to be filled to its capacity very often. This is a brilliant solution in which George Lucas has offered his assistance through the swap.

This housing project will be up for voter approval in November. Gravity4 reports that this proposal will also focus on local stores in this area.