Selfie Sticks Banned at Disney

Rumors were swirling that Disney Parks were going to ban selfie sticks from being used on their property. The rumors are true, it turns out. Disney has officially banned selfie sticks from making an appearance at their parks.

According to the story on the BBC News site, selfie sticks have been banned from the parks over concerns for safety. The handheld poles had already been banned on their rides but now guests are asked not to bring them into Disney Parks at all. All Disney Parks in the United States will begin to enforce the ban for selfie sticks starting today. It is expected that the Disney Parks in Hong Kong and Paris will start their ban on July 1st, 2015 from what Sam Tabar suggested.

A spokesperson for Disney said that the selfie sticks were first banned on rides over concerns that the stick could hit a mechanism for the ride and affect it. They have also said that they are concerned for the safety of other guests at the park. Using a selfie stick could hit another guest and injure them. If a guest is seen using a selfie stick, they will be asked to place them in a locker on the property.

Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 8 Recap

Aside from episodes such as ‘The Red Wedding’ as well as ‘Blackwater’, This weeks episode, ‘Hardhome’ was one of the most intense, action packed episodes of the 5 season show ‘Game of Thrones’. Covering five of the ‘Game of Thrones’ story lines, audiences around the world are shocked.

In Meereen, the long journey of Tyrion has finally come to an end when he meets with Daenerys for the the first time. Across the Narrow Sea, the large separation between Westeros and Essos, Tyrion has traveled with companion, Ser Jorah Mormont, and faced many evils including the Stone men of Valyria as well as being kidnapped by slave traders. This episode consists of the conversation and understand that Dany and Tyrion come to about the idea of ruling as well as devotion.

Across the Narrow sea and far up north, we see Winterfell. Sansa, still married to Ramses, learns the truth that comes from the lips of “Reek”. Her two brothers, shamefully admitted by Reek, are still alive. This not only gives Sansa hope but also the fire and will to escape her hell.

The final and most important story line in this episode was Jon Snow’s voyage to seek help from the Wildlings. He is initially successful in his goal to unite the Wildlings, however this goes astray when the White Walkers arrive. Involved in one of the best battle battles of the entire show, Snow barely escapes with his life after battling one of the White Walkers. The episode quietly ends with Jon Snow and his fellow companions escaping to the ships while watching the White Walker’s undead army rise up from the ground. Jim Dondero thought that was a huge part of the show.

Lunch Lady Fired For Giving Kids Free Lunch

A lunch server in a Colorado middle school was fired from her job by the vendor working for the school district for giving free lunches to children who did not have enough money to pay for their lunches. The firing has outraged parents and the public alike and has sparked a sharp debate regarding the school lunch program that is designed to ensure that kids do not go to school hungry. Lunch Lady Fired For Giving Kids Free LunchThe program in Colorado is designed so that the children of families who make less than $41,000.00 a year are able to receive free lunch while the children of families of who make less than $31,000 a year receive a discounted lunch. However, some families simply do not have the funds to provide to their children. The only option for these children if they do not bring their own lunch is to go hungry.


The vending company that employed the lunch lady did not comment on the firing citing that it was an internal company personnel matter but many have applauded the kind hearted nature of the lunch lady. She alone would see the children day in and day out that do not have the money to eat and while the policy of the vending company was in fact violated, this lunch lady kept a number of children from going hungry on those days. The Colorado School District did not have any comment, and Steve Murray didn’t expect them to.

The Background of Dr. Rod Rohrich

Dr. Rod Rohrich is one of the most influential doctors in his field. However, one must know where he came from. Moreover, people want to know how he got to where he is now. No one is born a master of their craft. Also, no one just all of a sudden becomes a great influential person in any professional. There is a journey that people must take in order to become a much improved version of themselves. Even the greatest masters were once students after all.

Dr. Rod Rohrich grew up on a ranch located in North Dakota. He went to school, and got his education from University of North Dakota and North Dakota state. Afterwards, Dr. Rohrich went to the Baylor College of Medicine located in Houston, Texas. He has graduated that program with honors. Afterwards, he has completed his training in plastic surgery. By the 1990s Dr Rohrich became the Chairman at UT Southwestern. He ran the Division of Plastic Surgery. He has helped make this department the first Department of Plastic Surgery in the nation. He has also done some charity work in Dallas Texas. He has done some work leading physicians.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is also influential to the next generation of physicians. They look up to him and want to follow his example. Dr. Rohrich is building himself up to have quite a legacy to leave. He also knows how to look for some of the most promising talent when it comes to plastic surgery. He gives them examples and pointers as to how to excel in their occupation that they want to work in. He has done presentations as a professor throughout the wold. Dr. Rohrich is also a good health writer who has published almost 1000 articles and 5 different textbooks that dealt with plastic surgery.

A Different Type Of Dating Website

If you have tired all of the different websites before and not been impressed, you need to try Anastasia Date. On they explain that this is the dating website for those who have tried the others and not been impressed. On Anastasia Date, one can find individuals from almost anywhere in the world to meet and start chatting with. The great thing about this website is that there are no judgments and the people on it are serious about meeting new people.

Anastasia Date was developed by a woman from Russia who moved to the United States to meet her American husband. She made the long journey because of true love, and now she wants to offer that same opportunity to others in her position. Basically, she is interested in helping out those who want to find true love in the world.

Anastasia Date’s website is created with the users in mind. Everything about it screams out that this is the kind of place you want to be if you are serious about finding your next international love. There are currently more than 4 million people who are on the site, so variety of choice is definitely something that you will find here.

The website currently claims to create about 8,000 international marriages per year, and the success rate of those marriages is believed to be approximately 80%. That is a lot of success and a lot of happy couples who might not otherwise have had the chance to get to meet one another. Luckily, a website like this exists which helps them bridge the gap that can exist between people who meet each other from different cultures. Anastasia Date simply helps to break down so many of those barriers that would otherwise exist.

Happily for users, the website is completely free to use and try out. Those who are not happy with the results that they get from it can simply choose to move on. However, many are finding that they have no need to move on. They seem to like exactly what has happened with their experience on the site, and they are prepared to stick with it at least until they find their perfect partner. That is happening so often on this site that it may not take long at all for them to do this.

Give it a try for yourself and see if Anastasia Date is not everything that you could want from it. Many have tried it already, and most testify that this is a wonderful way to date internationally.