Hurricanes, Evacuations and Plymouth Rock Assurance


Hurricanes are a force of nature that cause hundreds of deaths and billions of dollars of damage each year. So why do people ignore hurricane evacuation orders? Plymouth Rock Assurance did a study on why hurricane victims choose to remain in the face of danger, and Accuweather discusses those findings of this study and the opinions of other experts in an article on their website. 

Executive James Stone is the CEO of Plymouth Rock Assurance. He had his company poll over 1,000 New Jersey residents about evacuation after Hurricane Sandy. The result was almost a 50/50 split on whether participants would leave their homes or stay. Decisions to leave by residents affected by the storm cite the severity of the storm as the deciding factor which influences their decision. Expert opinions vary, but the consensus is socioeconomic in nature, and people fear to leave their home for various reasons. They identify with their home, and they show an unwillingness to leave due to the possibility of vandalism. In many cases, victims feel they could ride it out based on previous experience. Also, because others feel their home is all they have, or feel they have no place else to go. As residents prepare for the coming storm their anxiety grows causing them to make bad decisions. 

In Tom’s River, New Jersey, an inland town, flooding was so severe that rescue workers were called in to perform over 400 rescues in flooded areas during Hurricane Sandy. Dangerous weather conditions not only endanger local residents but also the emergency personnel who stay behind to help. For whichever reason residents decide to stay, experts believe getting more information out there about the threats is a key to evacuation.

James Stone is a Phi Beta Capa Harvard graduate with and holds his Ph.D. in economics. He sits on the board of the Boston Globe and the Global Post. Mr. Stone is a New York resident, and he is married to environmentalist Cathleen Douglas Stone. He is the author of “One Way for Wall Street.”

Investing in Madison Street Capital

Investment banking has been around for decades helping large companies with their financial needs. Most large, global banks offer multiple ways of banking while some smaller banks can often focus on just investment banking. Larger banks are considered to be “bulge bracket” banks, currently there are nine banks at the top of the bulge bracket including Bank of America, Merill Lynch and Morgan Stanely, just to name a few. While other smaller investment banks are categorized as a regional bank or boutique. Companies do not always need a large bank, smaller banks can offer the same expert advice. Most boutique banks are globally recognized, their main difference being their specialty in a certain product or service which can aid in the help of companies with a single product focus in mind. These smaller boutiques include Lazard, Evercore and Moelis.

Investment banks are often the second hand for new companies looking to make sound investment decisions to help start up or expand to new horizons. They can help manage assets, offer executive planning advice and often inform company executives when the best time is to make a public offering on an asset. Investment banks are also comprised into specialization groups, making the choice all the more easier for companies looking for specific help in certain areas of finance.

The initial need for investment banks is usually to introduce lenders to companies indeed of capital. These types of relationships in the business world can lead companies to sink or swim, and choosing the right bank is a huge step when starting a company or expanding on a current business. Investment banks generally have very strong relationships with investors and regularly cultivate business liaisons with venture capitalists who put trust in the bank’s decisions and advice.

A widely known investment bank is Madison Street Capital, they are internationally celebrated and focus on the importance in the highest standards of investment banking. Their services include corporate advisory, merger and acquisition expertise, financial options and valuation services to public and private businesses. Their offices expand globally with offices located in North America, Asia and Africa. They specialize in auto-related consumer goods including parts, accessories, products, tires and rubber. Their business specialties range from commercial printing, data processing, diversified support services and employment services. Madison Street Capital offers many more services and can be the first stepping stone in creating your dream company.

Investment banking is a must have in the business world, from creating needed relationships with investors to helping with proper employment. Choosing the right bank, such as Madison Street Capital, should be at the top of any business entrepreneurs list. All successful businesses start with an investment bank relationship and build on that necessary foundation.

What Do Economists Do?

Many of us have a vague idea of what an economist does. For example, if you can remember before the Great Rescission you may remember economists explaining that our housing boom was going to collapse, and things would get bad. Many of us ignored those warnings. So what is that they do and why should we listen to them?

Economists are trained to conduct research, monitor economic trends, develop economic forecasts and undertake extensive research. They are also prepared to work out complex issues relating to economics. They may work in academia or government departments. More of them are turning to the business world where they have titles such as CEO, CFO, Bank Managers, Vice President of Marketing, and even Peace Corp Volunteers.

Economics is considered to be a social science field and, for this reason, an economics student will be well educated in recognizing human behaviors and how it relates to work, consumption, production, and fundamental business problems. Add to this training that includes researching inflation, interest rates, rents, imports and energy costs. It’s no wonder so many chose to go into business at such a high level. Their degrees make them a natural for business. Most though do prefer to remain it the academic world or the government.

They have also studied such areas as antitrust policies, inflation theory and production and distribution cost theory. All of this can make them uniquely trained to help carry businesses through changing economic times. The Great Recession was one of those times, and economists were then in high demand. Regretfully the public doesn’t often pay attention to their findings though perhaps we should.

Christian Broda is a good example of a successful economist. He is currently the Managing Director of Duquesne Capital. In the past, he worked in academia as a professor at the University of Chicago, Booth School Of Business from 2005 to 2010. Mr. Broda also worked as the head of International Research at Kehman/Barclay Capital in 2008 and 2010. He holds a Ph.D. from MIT and a bachelor’s summa cum laude from the Universidad de San Andres. As you can see, he has successfully applied his prestigious degrees in both the areas of academia and business.

Still In The Game

In the age of technology, there really is no reason to rent a video or even use Netflix anymore. Netflix was hit hard by this and was determined to get back up to speed. With the addition of a machine to count the returns of rented flicks instead of actual human beings, Netflix has been able to expand to even more countries as they are able to send returned videos out to other customers faster and more efficiently than before. Interestingly, Netflix is now counting more than 3,400 discs per hour with the addition of the new machines, which is five times faster than when counted manually by employees.

According to Shaygan Kheradpir, Netflix is fully aware of the competition they face with people being able to stream movies online, which cancels out the need to rent through them. On the plus side, many people who live in areas so rural that having a stable internet connection is next to impossible, need Netflix to watch the newest releases without leaving home. Thus, Netflix has seen an influx of new customers signing up.

Though this does not mean that one day Netflix won’t need to totally change their game plan, but for now, they are happy with what they have achieved and hope to accomplish in the future.

Handy Cleaning Services

Nearly everyone likes a clean home or office. But when it comes to having it done professionally, there’s a lot of cleaning companies out there that claim that they can do the job right. Oftentimes, though, they don’t.

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No, all cleaning services are not created equal, and Handy Cleaning Services are just a typical example of a top-tier cleaning company in a market in which it can be difficult to determine who’s the best.

Well, now you know. Contact Handy Cleaning Services today!

Eucatex Was Environmentally Friendly Back In The 1950s

There are a lot of natural resources in Brazil. Brazil is a massive South American country with 200 million people, and millions if not billions, of trees. Eucatex had a close association with trees thanks to its predecessor, Americana Sawmill Americana, which dates back to 1923. Eucatex started using one tree species, the eucalyptus, back in the 1950s. Eucalyptus trees were a natural material for the company’s main product back then. Eucatex developed a niche as a ceiling tiles and panels manufacturer. Eucalyptus trees are fast-growing sources of wood. The trees also produce an oil that is used for cleaning, and the oil can also be used as a natural insecticide or as an essence oil .

Eucatex takes great care of the eucalyptus trees by developing eucalyptus plantations in Brazil. The company plants a tree for every tree they use to produce their products.

Eucatex grew rapidly in Brazil using a one mill in Salto, Brazil. The company opened offices in several Brazilian cities and also opened an office in Buenos Aires. During the 1960s, and through the 1980s, Eucatex became a world supplier of ceiling tiles. The company expanded their product base to include paint during the 1980s. The company continued its restoration plans to have enough raw material to export to over 50 countries during that time.

Flavio Maluf, the president of Eucatex, started his career with the company in 1987. Maluf is a mechanical engineer. He studied in Sao Paulo and went to New York University to continue his studies. Flavio was named the president of Eucatex in 1997, and he is credited for the modernization of the company. Today, Eucatex is a major manufacturer of laminate floors, MDF and MDP panels, paints, doors, and varnishes. They employ more than 2,200 people, owns four factories and exports to more than 37 countries.

New Jersey Goes Upscale, Apartment-Wise

There’s no question that the US economy and New Jersey in particular have seen some very tough times in recent years. With the economy as a whole enduring a major meltdown in 2008, followed by the Great Recession, it’s a wonder some real estate markets were able to survive at all.

New Jersey had its own troubles to deal with, too, after being hit by two major storms in 2011 and 2012 (Irene and Sandy) and the unprecedented losses those events brought with them. Still, if there’s anything we can be sure of, it’s that comebacks are possible, and today’s real estate scene, especially in the apartment rental market, is looking towards a real comeback that has potential staying power.

Why the turnaround in the New Jersey apartment scene? Some of it stems from pent up demand, as new apartments go up to serve renters who are ready to move into upscale housing. Some of it is also surely due to developers with a vision for this hardy state, which offers great communities and attractive living situations within an easy commute of New York City.

The Aspire contains some of the best New Brunswick luxury apartments from Boraie Development that is catering to an upscale clientele. The apartments, located in New Brunswick, offer panoramic views of the city along with luxurious amenities like an on-site gym and hardwood living room floors. All this comes at market rate prices, which is a huge attraction for professionals who work in Manhattan, but are unwilling to compromise when it comes to getting real value for their money. At the end of the day, it’s great to go home to a place that really feels like a home, where all that hard work can be enjoyed.

Yes, New Jersey is making a comeback, and the luxury and quality that’s being offered in the apartments here is a big part of the reason.

Eric Pulier: Improving the World through Technology

A century ago, society marveled at the steam engine and the Ford Model -T. Giants of innovation like Henry Ford and Thomas Savery made new ideas into realty and changed the face of everyday life across the world. Not far behind these master inventors is the former CEO of ServiceMesh Inc., Eric Pulier. Although his name may not be as familiar as Ford or Savery he has introduced and perfected a concept that changed the way modern computing functions. Eric Pulier holds the patent for a system and method for cloud computing abstracting layer with security zone facilities. This allows for security in software development while it is being created in the cloud. He also holds several other patents that have emerged through the development of this security which has allowed his companies, like ServiceMesh Inc., to grow.

Mr. Pulier had an interest in technology from the beginning. Originally from New Jersey, he attended Harvard University and simultaneously took classes at M.I.T. . After graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1988, he then moved to Los Angeles and began a company called People Doing Things (PDT) that sought to improve education, health care and other issues impacting society. He then lead the development of Starbright World which is a private social networking site for chronically ill children. This work began his philanthropy which he has sustained to this day. Mr. Pulier is a contributor to several organizations which seek to help people through technology. One of which is the XPRIZE Foundation which hosts competitions in order to address some world wide challenges (hunger, poverty, education, etc.).

Along with his many philanthropic ventures he also created several technology based businesses early in his career. He founded Digital Evolution which successfully merged with US Interactive LLC in 1998. Despite his age, he was invited by the Presidential inaugural Committee to head the Presidential Technology Exhibition in 1998 which was held in Washington, D.C. He was also invited to participate in Al Gore’s Forum on Technology and Education which allowed him to advise and inform on the subjects. Currently, he is an advisor in the Clinton Global Initiative.

Throughout his life, Eric Pulier has not only changed the face of computing and technology but he was determined for that technology to prove as useful foundations upon which in improve the many areas of need in the world. Although he has profited from his ventures, his strong sense of social responsibility has made sure that others will too.

Investing In Brazil: It’s The Right Decision You Can Make

Investments are normally long term projects that would take more than one year to start enjoying their benefits. If you don’t have long term strategies for your investment, you’ll never succeed. Investing in Brazil is really a positive move any investor can make. Brazilian economy has several features and benefits that are enjoyed by investors. In fact, Brazil has emerged as top economy especially in South America. In this case, investors are favored by the fact that the country is economically stable.

Investing in financial services is another area where investors can specialize. Due to stability in economy of Brazil, financial sector have benefited to great extents. Those who invest in financial services are quite sure people will come to them to seek their services. Also, Brazil has a relatively stable currency and as such, investors would be confident while investing their money.

From the opportunities available to invest in Brazil, the return on investment is exceptional. In the last few years, it has become very easy to invest in Brazil. The process has been made possible due to invention of electronic trading platforms that has resulted in rise of ETF and other funds transfer methods. Investors are able to complete all their transactions online thus making it very easy. Brokerage charges are low; as such investors can be able to get reasonable profit from their investors.

A bank in Brazil has created extremely new and innovative products designed for investors. People can invest their money in this bank and after three years, the bank will pay the principal amount plus any earnings associated with gain in currency. In case, there was no gain or it was negative, the bank would still pay back your full principal amount. Investors can also focus on exchange trade funds where Barclays has designed an ETF responsible for tracking Brazilian stocks.

If you’re interested in investing in Brazil, then you should focus on hiring the right expert from Igor Cornelsen is an investor as well as an expert who can advice you accordingly. He is a retired banker who founded Bainbridge Group Inc. an investment firm dealing in all trading in the stock market. Igor is a recognized investment banker and was once responsible for managing prominent banking institution in the world. He started Bainbridge Group Inc as an agency which will be trusted by investors when providing expert advice concerning investment.

BRLTrust Has Ten Good Reasons To Invest In Brazil

There’s a lot of talk about Brazil stocks selling way below they value recently, and the fact that the real, the Brazilian dollar, has lost some of its value this year. Those facts may be true, but Brazil is still the place to make a serious return on your investment, according to BRL Trust the largest independent administer of investment funds in the largest country in South America.

BRL Trust believes there are ten good reasons to invest in Brazil, and there are a lot of investors around the world that agree with this ten-year-old administrator and manager of investment funds, mergers and acquisitions. The first reason is obvious. According to the U.S. investment firm, Goldman Sachs, Brazil will be the world’s 5th largest economy by 2025. The next reason investors should keep a close eye on Brazil is, the government has no restrictions on outside investors buying property and land in their country. BRL Trust also thinks the ongoing fiscal reforms, and the fact that the economy is more stable than in previous years is playing a part in driving interest rates down in Brazil.

Reason number four is, real estate prices are still extremely attractive in certain parts of Brazil. There is also a property deficit of between seven and ten million first buyer homes. Investors could have a clear exit strategy when it comes to investing in real estate purchases. BRL Trust also points out that financing is available, but with interest rates dropping real estate values will increase, so timing is an important factor in investing in Brazil real estate.

BRL Trust says the seventh reason is, Brazil has investment grade rating by all the main agencies: Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings. Brazil also has more than 1 million multi-millionaires, and the growing middle class now has access to financing. Those two factors have created a highly attractive consumer market.

Reason nine is, Brazil will be less affected by the international credit crisis because of its strong domestic economy, growing GDP and huge oil reserves. Reason ten is an important one. Brazil is a peaceful nation, and it is not a target for terrorism. The democratic government may have some issues, but causing international scenes is not one of them.