Highland Capital’s Third Quarter

This past quarter, the investment firm Highland Capital Management made some significant transactions in its hedge fund holdings. These transactions make up about 22 percent of the firms overall assets. The firm filed documents with the SEC to reveal that it has decreased its holdings by 1.48 billion but has acquired new positions. Highland Capital Management attained new positions such as Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr (Call)(SPY) which valued over 67 million dollars. It also acquired holdings in Amazon valued at 23 million, Eagle Pharmaceuticals at 17 million, Danaher Corporation with 17 million and lastly with Intra Cellular Technologies at 15.9 million. These transactions have been made to help the firm have a more lucrative and diverse set of investment holdings for its hedge fund.

While Highland Capital Management has acquired some new stocks for its hedge fund, it has also sold off some of its holdings as well to make some helpful changes. It has also increase its holdings in the information technology sector by 2 percent over the last quarter. Like most other firms who posses a hedge fund, Highland Capital Management holds five top positions with certain companies. These companies include Salesforce, American Airlines, Ishares, American Express and Loral Space.

Highland Capital Management is owned and was founded by Jim Dondero. Jim founded the firm in 1993 and for the last 22 years has made it into one of the most prosperous investment firms around. The firm offers a wide range of services including wealth management, advisory and also investment management. James decided to make his firm specialize in hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations and also equities. Therefore he and his firm are able to help many types of investors ranging from high net worth individuals to large companies. Dondero also provides lots of innovation and leadership in the financial sector as well with his firm.

James began his participation in the financial sector by first attending college. He studied accounting and finance at the University of Virginia where he earned degrees in these two fields. Dondero would also graduate from the college with top honors making him a distinguished student. James would then get his first job in the field and get the necessary experience to move up to other more significant positions which included chief investment officer. This experience would then give him the ability to start his own firm and build one of the more lucrative investment firms in the world. He even got to ring the NYSE Closing Bell recently (see video below).

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Highlands capital management has now launched a drive into Europe. It is in part buoyed by the recent rush to invest there by several companies. The European markets have for the past 15 years played 3rd fiddle to the American and Asian market in appetite for startup. The deliberate decision in Europe stems from the mess the dot.com bubble left on the continent. Today, large companies like Microsoft and Google are now entering the market aggressively and seem set to rock the market. From London, Stockholm to Paris, small start-up companies are feeling the effect of the American dollar as the money hungry companies ready their pulse strings for the upcoming cash windfall.

In small part, the general desire to enter the European market is driven by the quality of ideas emanating from Europe. Nealry every big American company has a European counterpart.

Highlands Capital Management is an SEC certified global investment firm based in Dallas Texas. It has specialized in high-risk, high-yield bonds and securities trading. It has since formation in 1993 went on a growth spell and today manages around $ 21 billion. It also has offices all over the world, and its European office is based in London. James Dondero administers it.It is also well known for its pioneer financial products it has created. These include Collectivized Debts Obligation that it established in 1996.It is well known for its ability to leverage technology to drive its growth.

James Jim Dondero and Mike Okada founded the company in 1993.Jim is still its president and drives its strategy direction. He is assisted in his efforts by Terry Jones. Dondero has in the last 21 years leveraged his experience to build a financial empire that stretches across the Atlantic. He is himself a graduate of the University of Virginia where he specialized in accounting and finance. He is also a certified credit professional and a chartered financial expert.

Jim started his career as a trainee stock analyst with Morgan training institute in 1984. He then joined American Express as a corporate bond trader in 1985. Jim through hard work was promoted to be a Portfolio Manager managing over $ 1 billion in fixed income assets. He later joined Protective life and grew it from inception to having over $ 2 billion in assets.

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Brad Reifler: How to Achieve Success

For those entrepreneurs who go on to achieve greatness in the business world, their success story often starts when they are quite young. Such is the case with Brad Reifler, who as a young man decided to venture out on his own and become a businessman and investor. While others may have thought he was in over his head, Brad always knew he had what it takes to make his dreams come true. After more than three decades of building a reputation as one of the world’s foremost entrepreneurs and investors, Brad has definitely shown others how to achieve success.

From the early 1980s when he founded Reifler Trading Company to his current role as founder and CEO of Forefront Capital Management, Brad has used a unique combination of ingenuity and determination to have his companies rise to the top. In many people’s opinion, there was no better example of this than his founding of Reifler Trading Company. While some had their doubts, Brad always knew the path he wanted to follow. Using his skills in institutional research, information dissemination, and global derivative services, he simply outworked others in his pursuit of business success. As a result of his willingness to be innovative while others stood pat, Brad saw his company become one of the world’s largest futures operations companies. In fact, when he sold it in 2000 to Refco, Inc. RTC was considered at the time to be one of the true entrepreneurial success stories of his generation.

After this successful venture, others would have sat back and relaxed. However, Brad is not like any other entrepreneur. Rather than be content with his success, he decided to take what he learned from RTC and start yet another investment company. Thus, his next venture Pali Capital was founded in 1995, and from the beginning he and others knew it was something special. Focusing on hedge funds, Pali allowed Brad to focus more on investment research and credit analysis, two areas that had always intrigued him. Knowing that if he mastered these areas he could once again outpace the competition, Brad went to work developing innovative sales strategies and creating a sales team consisting of only the best and brightest individuals. After getting his sales team to buy into his strategies, he and his team went to work. When it was all said and done, they had amassed an amazing $1 billion in commission income over a 13-year period, a figure that many in the industry thought was simply unattainable.

By continuing to use his exceptional communication skills and ability to develop sales strategies unlike any ever used, Brad has established himself and his companies as the blueprint for business success, and every project that he introduces seems to find the same level of success.

How Solo Capital Have Helped to Enhance Business Security and Stability


One of the main issues that a business person has to handle is the challenge of competition. More daunting is the fact that the modern business environment is full of changes that force businesses to adopt new systems that can help one to keep up with high competition. This is an issue that if addressed would to some extent guarantee easy time while managing a business. However, many investors lack the necessary skills and knowledge to handle such issues and this leads to poor decision making. Also laying weak strategies could lead to poor performance of a business. Most important to the attainment of success within a business is the presence of sufficient security, which Solo Capital has offered to many investors.

Solo Capital is a leading company that has invested in the field of business, allowing investors to secure their businesses while at the same time offering invaluable market details that can help a business to stand out. The company has been able to offer market data that is useful to different investors for decision making purposes. Solo Capitals is among few companies that have invested in research so as to come up with new ideas that can offer better business handling prowess. In less than five years, they have been able to earn a positive reputation, which has been contributed by their emphasis on quality.

Security is a major issue and many businesses transacting online face the challenge of losing critical information to the wrong persons. This could mean that with poor security online, businesses will not e able to attain the right performance record. Solo Capitals offers all the solutions that can allow investors to tread without fearing anything while online. They have some of the best packages for online security and have been able to design unique software that offers the best encryption.

According to their website, offering the best services and products is what has kept them moving string in the market. For this reason, they have been hiring the best professionals, who are dedicated to offering top class services that will leave all clients happy. Following the company on twitter will also allow you to get updates and information about developments in the business world. They also offer consultancy and advice to entrepreneurs on how to handle markets. You can also check on their facebook page for posts that will help you make better decisions depending on the state of the market.

Health and Wellness for Your Dog: Beneful

Dogs are “man’s best friend” and as such, we should be actively searching for the best to treat our loyalist companions to. PurinaStore’s Beneful Dog Food Line has just the products to satisfy you canine and ensure he is with you for many years to come. Looking for a playful companion? Consider giving your pup Beneful Dry Dog Food “Playful Life” (with real beef and egg). It is filled with an enormous amount of protein to help give your pet the strength it needs to be 100% each and every day. Is your dog struggling with their weight and remaining active? Beneful Dry Dog Food “Healthy Weight” cuts the calories for your dog so you don’t have to. Also, with ingredients like chicken, apples, carrots, and green beans, you pet is not missing out on the great tastes of the original version. Want to treat your dog to a gourmet meal? Beneful Wet Dog Chopped Blends provides dogs delicious tastes and wholesome ingredients. There are artificial fillers or preservatives here! Just real food that is geared towards delighting your dog’s palate. Worried about keeping your dog’s smile bright? Beneful Dog Treats “Healthy Smile Dental Ridges and Twists” helps reduce your pet’s plaque and tartar build up, ensuring that their teeth are supported and strong. Want to reward your pup for being good? Beneful’s “Baked Delights” Collection provides a scrumptious snack to your dog. Who knows, it might keep them away from your plate at mealtime.

What to Look for in a Good Assistant Living Facility

The Manse on Marsh has helped hundreds of families learn how to transition from everyday independent living to assisted living, it’s one of their best assets according to SeniorAdvisor. With years of experience, it is undeniable that they know all the proper steps to take when it comes to making a new life at an assisted living facility.

When it comes to you and your loved one feeling confident about the assistant living facility you are interested in, you must ask the right questions and get the right answers. Inquiring about staffing levels, and workload are just a few of the questions you should ask before making a decision. Knowing the right questions to ask will allow you and your family to make a solid decision based on the answers you get.

What to look for in Residents?

Residence are just as important as the staff.  That’s why you have to research the grounds, as well as the people that work there.  There are tons of great info resources out there that provide you with the important stats.  These are the people you will be living with, which means that you want to know as much as possible about them. How the residence appear can inform you on just how good the living facility is:

Do the residents appear happy to you?

Do they enjoy interacting with each other?

Are there group activities and or onsite activities that seem interesting to you?

Do any of the residence look like people you’d enjoy getting to know?

What to Look for in the Facility?

One of the things that you should keep in mind when it comes to the facility is the housekeeping. How often does the facility offer housekeeping for your room? You will want to make sure that the facility will help you to keep your living space clean as often as possible.

When you walk into the facility does it seem clean and fresh? Are there any unpleasant smells? Does it look as if it has been dusted and cleaned recently? Having a clean facility means that the staff, and residents take pride in their community.

Security is another thing you should ask about when visiting a facility. The facility should offer a safe and secure place, including around the clock security. This feature is important because more than likely you are currently having issues with feeling safe in your home due to lack of mobility.

Check the bathrooms and make sure that they are easily accessible, and have grab bars so that you can easily get in. This is important especially if you want to be able to bath yourself from time to time. Be sure to take a look at resident rooms to see if there is a way for you to contact staff in case of an emergency.

A great and happy staff is the number one thing that you and your family should keep in mind when choosing an assisted living facility. Pay attention to how they treat you during your visit, and be sure that you find out how they handle emergencies. If the staff doesn’t seem genuine or friendly, then more than likely you aren’t going to enjoy your stay. Stay away from facilities that have staff members who mistreat the residents, and who easily become overwhelmed.

The Manse on Marsh offers great resources and knowledge when it comes to transitioning to an assisted living space. Knowing what to expect and understand your own personal needs will help you make the best decision for you and your family.  Visit the website contact page if you’re interested in talking to them about the services offered.

Appreciating The Contribution of Real Estate Companies in Brazil

Managing a construction project until it comes to a successful ending is among daunting tasks any people have been forced to handle. It takes some skills and understanding to effectively handle the challenges that come with the construction industry. It is therefore necessary to work with trained professionals, who can offer guidance on the right discourse while building a house. Most importantly, you can choose a reliable real estate company, which will help you get your dreams actualized in time. Real estate companies have become more in the recent past and this can be explained as a result of the ever growing need for housing in Brazil. This has also posed a challenge to buyers as there are several unregistered companies that have been involved in fraudulent deals. It is necessary to first conduct due diligence so as to catch up with the right company for your needs.

Getting your house completed can sound as an expensive affair, but with the help of professionals, you can have the project completed without necessarily having to spend extravagantly. Real estate companies are composed of well trained professionals, who have all the know-how that is needed for the production of top quality work. They have people ranging from engineers, to managers who will make sure every aspect of the project is handled carefully.

Delegating the role of getting your future home to a real estate company assures you that you will be able to receive top quality work that will offer you the satisfaction you have been yearning to achieve. To get some information about companies you can work with, contact some of your friends who have had contact with the real estate industry. This is a good way to get referrals that will lead to the achievement of your dreams. Do not rush to hire anyone that comes your way before checking on their details to ascertain they are capable of offering what you need.

Professionals who have brought a change in the real estate industry can also be credited for their great work. On Twitter it’s pretty obvious that Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is a well trained expert on matters construction and his management skills have also proved invaluable to the industry. He is also a founder and the CEO of Garcia Cabral Holdings Ltd, which has just established a new website. The company has been offering solutions for different issues that have been facing the construction industry for many years, including their developments into the West Zone. He has helped to create a company that is dedicated to offering all the services that can allow customers to achieve their dreams.

There’s more information about the company on their LinkedIn page as well.

Chicago Property Taxes Keep Increasing In Some Chicago Neighborhoods

Property owners hate property tax increases. There is something unlawful about raising taxes on properties that have not be updated or remodel in over 100 years, but cities do it every year. Some Chicago neighborhoods are feeling the tax increase now. Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s new assessment was approved last year, and some property owners could see their property taxes increase by more than 48 percent this year.
That is the biggest residential tax increase in Cook County’s recent history. More than 184 neighborhoods in Chicago will be impacted by the property reassessments. The intersection of Halsted and Division streets seems to be the area that will feel the biggest tax increase, but people who live between the CTA’s North and Clybourn Red Line stop and its Chicago Avenue Brown Line stop will also have a big property tax increase.
The reason for the increase is a simple one. It is the inevitable result of the fast-moving pace of developments that are being built around the city. Several townhouse and condo developments have been completed recently and more are on the way. Plus commercial developments are still being built at a frantic pace.
Majeed Ekbal, the president of Expresso, and a very active real estate investor believes this is just the beginning of property tax increases around the city. Ekbal recently teamed up with three grocery giants in Chicago and opened Expresso, which is a delivery service. People can shop at home online and have their groceries and other purchases from specialty shops delivered for a $5 or $10 charge.
Majeed Ekbal is planning to open another location in South Chicago next year, because of the success of his North Side location. The one point Ekbal likes about the South Side is people spend money, but they are careful, so he is adjusting his delivery service to accommodate those customers. As far as new developments in Chicago, Majeed Ekbal says new construction will continue because of the demand to live in all parts of the city. There is a lot of new development going on the North Side, but the South Side is very active as well. In fact, properties are cheaper in the South, and developers like cheap properties. Visit Ekbal’s website for more information.

Highland Capital Wins HealthCare Award

Highland capital management was founded in 1993 by Mark Okada and James Dondero. It is a private equity company that deals with leveraged buyout and growth capital. This firm has its headquarters in Dallas, United States and has over 100 professional employees who help in offering clients with satisfactory services. Highland capital is recognizedglobally since its one of the industries that offers the best alternative credit strategies. Other than these services, the firm also offers alternative forms of investments which include short and long term equities, natural resources and emerging markets. This company is managing an approximate of $20 billion in its assets. This has been made possible by its affiliates together with the experienced managers.

Dondero is the chief executive officer of Highland Capital Management. He has a wide experience in credit markets for over 30years. Apart from founding Highland Capital, Jim served in Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary as the chief investment officer and within 1989 to 1993 he managed helping the firm grow in its operations to over $20billion. He has great experience in investment grade corporates, common stocks, preferred stocks, mortgage backed securities, high yield bonds among others.

From 1985 to 1989, Jim was able to manage approximately $1 billion for American Express. He also completed his training at JP Morgan which was aimed at improving on finance management. James went to university of Virginia where he had his focus on accounting and finance. Apart from this, he is also a Certified Managerial Accountant. Currently, Mr. Dondero works as the chairman of NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare Group and CCS Medical. His impressing achievements have also made him to be included in the board of directors of metro Goldwyn-Mayer and the American Banknote Corporation.

PR Newswire made it aware to the public the victory of Highland Capital in the long and short health care fund. James Dondero said that this winning of the HFMHedge Fund Performance Award was made possible by great determination and experience of Michael Gregory and his team in investment expertise. These performance awards recognize fund of funds, hedge funds and 40 act funds basing on both quantitative and qualitative factors. Michael Gregory is the head of Highland short/ long Healthcare Fund. This is largest investment sector of Highland Capital which holds over $3billion assets. This health sector team is made of specialists who are dedicated to work to the success of the company.

My Dog Loves Beneful Chopped Bits And Their Dry Food

When I first got my dog I never expected to care so much about her diet. I knew that having a puppy was a big responsibility, but I never knew how important nutrients are to her life. Her diet is important to her, just like my diet is important to me. If I eat junk food all the time, then I my life will reflect that choice. That is why I put a considerable amount of time into researching which food to get my dog before purchasing a big bag of dog food. I almost made that mistake, the mistake of just picking one of the bags of dog food at random. I also thought of just asking what the sales person thought and buying whatever they recommend, but I prefer to do my own research. I like to make conscious decisions in my life instead of being told what to buy. That is why I looked at the bags of dog food, and did my research. I decided to go with Beneful dog food because of what the bag says about their food. They have many different choices of dog food, so your dog will find something that he or she likes to eat.

Dry Dog Foods

If you like feeding your dog dry food or she likes to eat dry food, then you will like Beneful because they have eight different kinds of dry dog food to choose from. They have one for owners and dogs who are considering alternatives for a healthier weight choice. That one is called Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight. That might be something I get my dog when she gets older. We were on the dry puppy food from Beneful. She loved that one. It was called Target’s Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Puppy. It was made with real chicken, so my dog loved it, and I felt good about getting that food for her.

Their wet food is called Chopped Blends, and they have 20 different kinds of wet food. I like my dog to eat something that looks good and tastes good. I don’t taste it first, but I do look at it, and it passes the test for good looking food. I bought her the Chopped Blends with chicken, peas, carrots and wild rice. She loves that one and the one with salmon, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice.