Madison Street Capital Releases 2016 M&A Overview

Multi-billion dollar mergers and acquisitions (M&A) often make headline news in the financial section of newspapers, but even the amount of M&A activity between mid-sized enterprises can be a definitive sign indicating the health of the economy. The strength of the stock market is often a motivating factor during bursts of M&A activity. Madison Street Capital (MSC) has released its fourth edition of the hedge fund industry M&A overview and has noted particularly that while only thirty-two hedge fund deals were closed in 2014, that number rose to forty-two in 2015. In a article, Karl D’Cunha, MSC’s Senior Managing Director, speculated on key drivers that will continue to create momentum in 2016.

• A wave of transactions during 2015’s fourth quarter may be positioning 2016 as a record year for hedge fund m&A transactions. Transaction volume was up twenty-seven percent according to AUM (Assets Under Management)

• Despite mediocre 2015 hedge fund strategy performances, industry assets are at an all time high. 2016 will see more non-traditional M&A transactions such as incubator deals, PE stakes, and revenue share stakes.

• Institutional investors seeking higher returns are looking to alternate assest management sectors to offset higher operational costs and pressure to lower fees.

• Although the hedge fund industry is highly fragmented at the present time, 2016 will offer more opportunity for consolidation in the form of opportunistic partnerships that will bridge the product offering distribution.

Madison Street Capital is a privately held international middle market investment banking firm, located in Chicago, IL. As a corporate finance and merger & acquisitions (M&A) advisory firm, the company has built upon a team of exceptional professionals that combine experience and extensive relationships which have made MSC one of the worlds premiere investment banking firms. With offices in North America, Africa and Asia the firm offers a wide variety of additional financial services including corporate restructuring, buy side and sell side PE services and business valuation and financial reporting services.

With a current in-house deal count of over one hundred exclusive contracts, their strategy of analyzing each clients unique needs to select the best match between buyer and seller along with arranging the appropriate financing and creating a capitalization structure that optimizes the clients potential has set the firm apart as unparalleled leaders in the industry. Their client profile includes companies with revenue ranging from $10 million to $500 million annually, in industry sectors from aviation, IT, real estate, energy, consumer goods and more.

As a commitment to building strong businesses in communities, MSC has partnered with United Way to make a difference in local and global communities by helping families become economically independent and to assist communities to overcome financial instability.

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Investor Igor Cornelsen Thinks Rio Is Facing Another Crisis Due To Overbuilding For The Olympics

Brazil is betting that the Summer Olympics in Rio will stimulate the country’s economy. Brazil needs stimulating, according to former bank executive and investment manager, Igor Cornelsen. Cornelsen is familiar with the challenges Brazil is facing in 2016. Mr. Cornelsen no longer lives in Brazil, but he has extensive portfolio of assets in that country. Igor was one of the top bankers in Brazil for years. He worked for several of the top banks, and he helped foreign corporation set up businesses in Brazil. Cornelsen is now the managing director of the investment firm he founded when he moved to South Florida, Bainbridge Investments Inc.

Cornelsen is known on Facebook for his astute predictions about the financial health of Brazil. He played an instrumental role in changing banking regulations in 2008, and he helped establish a working middle class that could afford to borrow money. Before that time, loans in Brazil were not practical. The banks charged exorbitant interest rates and they wanted more than enough collateral to guarantee the loans. Cornelsen was instrumental in convincing the central bank to lower rates so more businesses and people could borrow money.

The recession is certainly one of the main issues in Brazil, but Cornelsen sees another challenge in Rio that could produce another drop in real estate prices in that city. Cornelsen recently talked about Rio’s mayor and his concern over the overproduction of apartments in the city. Several thousand news apartments were built in anticipation of the demand for them during and after the Olympics. According to the mayor, only 300 apartments have been sold. Mr. Cornelsen thinks the Zika virus, as well as Rio’s inability to prepare for the games in the manner that was expected by the Olympic committee, may have something to do with the lack of interest.

It appears Rio will be faced with empty apartments, inflation, unemployment, and a government that is still deciding what to do about their economic debacle. Banks are also reluctant to issues new mortgages. That complicates the situation even more. Real estate prices in big cities across the country are dropping. It may be time for some foreign investors to take advantage of the weak Brazilian currency and the strong dollar and invest in properties that will be put up for sale at ridiculously low prices, according to Cornelsen.

But in spite of all the challenges, Igor believes investors shouldn’t turn their backs on Brazil. There are great investment opportunities for the investors that are willing to wait. Cornelsen recommends investing in several assets that have a history of producing returns in a difficult economy. Igor knows what those assets are because most of them are in his portfolio.

Madison Street Capital Offers A Look At Hedge Fund Values Around America

Madison Street Capital is a Wall Street valuation firm that often researches the values of every company in several industries. The hedge fund industry is growing quite a lot, and the industry itself has been subject to change quite a bit. Change in the hedge fund industry is the subject of a study by Madison Street Capital concerning trends in the industry. This article explains how the hedge fund industry is changing in 2016.

#1: The Values In The Industry Are High

Madison Street Capital has been looking at the value of every major fund in the industry, and the company shows that hedge funds are growing at incredible rates. Values have never been higher in the industry, and there are several companies that have debuted new funds in the past year. Madison Street has done quite a lot of work to keep up with rising values in the industry, but it appears that customer levels are down.

#2: Where Did The Customers Go?

Madison Street has found that some customers have left the hedge fund industry because of a hard year in 2015. The 2015 year saw many customers look for new ways to invest their money, and Madison Street Capital is reporting a massive difference between the growth of the industry’s value and the loss of customers. Customers have many options for investing, and some have chosen to go elsewhere.

#3: Will The Industry Continue To Grow?

The industry will continue to grow providing that 2016 is a better year for the financial markets. The American financial markets are poised for a rebound, and Madison Street Capital is working with many companies that are merging or selling to other companies. Madison Street offers valuation services for every client, and the sales made in the industry are often handled by the staff at Madison Street Capital. The intellectual capital that Madison Street holds is helpful for their clients and partners.

Madison Street Capital is a valuation company that helps companies around America complete transactions. The company takes it upon itself to check the value of every company they work with, and their study of the hedge fund industry shows that the industry is growing in interesting ways. The hedge fund world is growing in value while it is losing customers, and the US markets will likely recover in 2016. Madison Street has all the information needed to make wise investment choices, and it appears that customers are using this information to their advantage.

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So Many Premium Foods To Choose From With Beneful

No one can love or care for a dog as much as my family. We really go above and beyond the call of duty with our dog to provide him with good foods and to take him on long trips when we go on walks. He gets plenty of exercise, just like a dog needs to stay healthy. He wouldn’t have that energy to run and play if it weren’t for the types of food that we keep buying for him, and he loves the food that we buy. It makes us feel better about being pet owners, so I thought we should pass some of that information along to other people in this post.

The Daily Herald has an article that they recently put on their site that pertains to this exact issue. They went into premium dog food manufacturing facilities like Purinastore to see what they were up to when they make their products, and what they found was shocking. It looks like the premium companies actually care about their products after all. We can rest easy at night knowing that these companies even hire people to taste their foods before they sell them for animal consumption.

The first thing that pops into my mind when I think of high quality dog food is Beneful. They are a premium company, and like the best premium companies out there, they use real, high quality ingredients in their foods. They don’t mess around with the flavors of chicken. Instead, they use real chicken in their products! They have other real meats to choose from as well. They have products made with real beef or salmon.

The Chopped Blends that Beneful offers are by far my favorite dog food on the market. I can’t believe how well made this dog food is, and I have honestly thought of trying it for myself to see what it tastes like because it smells so good to me. My dog likes all of the Beneful Chopped Blends, but they have more to choose from! If you would like to see the Daily Herald’s article, click this link.



Incorporation Battle of Olympic Valley in Seize Fire

One of the North Tahoe community members, and current CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings, Andy Wirth has been in the press recently for his involvement of the incorporation battle in the Olympic Valley. He is a strong opponent of incorporation as he believes it will result in both a drop in services rendered, like road maintenance and snow plowing as well as higher tax rates. Both of which would be detrimental for the community and its business’s. The Olympic Valley community has seen business plummet over recent years. The incorporation and lack of decent snow fall have been the cause. The group that was for the incorporation believe that Andy Wirth had his own motive to appose the incorporation. He was planning to improve real estate by developing both commercial and residential properties as well as building a gondola service which connected two resorts which are separated by a mountain ridge. This has been the dream of visitors for years and may soon become a reality. The incorporation has been halted and but progress can only be made with cohesive community work as well as problem solving according to Andy Wirth. Wounds are healing but the future will bring better fortune for the North Tahoe community and its resorts. It will return to former glory thanks to business men and active community members like Andy Wirth. If you would like to read the full article you will find it here.

Andy Wirth is not only involved in the Olympic Valley community he also heads up a group known as the Wounded Warrior support. The a life changing journey he has pledged his efforts to raise awareness for the Navy Seals Foundation. Andy Wirth put together a team for the Ironman Lake Tahoe in 2015 to raise awareness for a cause close to his heart.

A year and a half ago Andy sustained serious injuries during a ski diving accident. The return to health was made possible through Andy Wirth’s accidental meeting with a group of Navy Seals. They shared their stories and spirit with him and allowed him to find the courage to come back from this debilitating accident. The money raised for the Navy Seal members and their family goes to both immediate and long term support. Their stories and challenges gave Andy new life during his recovery.

Source: the Reno Gazette Journal

Marcio Alaor BMG CEO Reports On City Index As Researched By Endeavor Entrepreneurs

In the month of December, Endeavor, an association supporting business people, discharged the record of the most entrepreneurial urban communities in Brazil. Marcio Alaor official of BMG, said the record examined 32 urban areas in all districts of the nation keeping in mind the end goal to highlight the most arranged urban areas for business development in light of 55 particular lists.

Specialists refer to the level and highlight the significance of it to the urban areas that try to enhance nature and developing conditions for business people. Marcio Alaor BMG demonstrates that the quantity of urban communities studied in the list expanded by more than fifty percent since its first version in 2014 and included remarks with proposals and change opportunities with model urban areas for motivation in the arrangement of these issues. The urban areas investigated and extensive organizations can profit by being founded on Try file to open branches, grow, look for associations and build up business relations. Additionally, Marcio Alaor demonstrates that the file displays the qualities and difficulties of every city inside of the accompanying columns: Administrative Environment, Access to Capital Business sector, Development, Base, Human Capital and Entrepreneurial Society.

Initially in the general positioning is the city of São Paulo, this city that has the biggest business sector in the nation and home to the central station of the majority of the huge organizations. Marcio Alaor notice that, as per the aftereffects of the List, “the São Paulo thinks more than 60% of all funding interests in the nation” and that “his most noteworthy test is in Human Capital, where it possesses the twentieth position 32 urban communities. ”

At that point to Sao Paulo, the general positioning introduced by Try highlights, all together, the urban communities:

second place – Florianopolis with the most elevated rate of study, highlighting the quantity of instructors and specialists and driving the Development column;

third place – Triumph, with an incredible harmony between the columns and second position in the column Human Capital;

fourth place – Recife, with focal points in human capital by having the biggest extent of supporters in the Specialized Training and Administrative Environment for giving low expense rates and encouraged bureaucratic procedures for organizations;

fifth spot – Campinas with the fourth best framework for having the Viracopos air terminal is the nation’s biggest burden focus and has a tremendous potential to be the biggest in Latin America .

The official of Banco BMG demonstrates that the Attempt organization has, as distributed in the dispatch of the List, enthusiasm for offering urban communities some assistance with studying to propel the pointers and turn out to be more helpful environment for the foundation and development of organizations and consequently the residential business sector. The exploration report, clarifies Marcio Alaor BMG, is isolated into four sections, specifically: General Positioning of the best urban areas to embrace in Brazil, Positioning by appraised column Positioning by district of Brazil and itemizing of urban communities and best neighborhood practices and Globa

Autism Rocks: A New Spin On Charity

Autism Rocks is a charity dedicated to raising money for autism. More specifically it wants to raise money for autism research. The charity is solely interested in autism research for two reasons. The first reason is that there are many wonderful charities that exist solely to support anyone effected by autism so that need is already being met. The second reason is that by researching the disease more, additional findings will be made and the charities that already support those effected by autism will be able to better support their beneficiaries.

Autism Rocks raises money through a very unique method. The charity hosts private concerts in London and asks the attendees, rather than buying the ticket, to donate at least 500 pounds to the charity. They have managed to raise significant funds using this method. However, the charity is looking at diversifying what it does. They are still wanting to continue with private concerts but they would like to host them in a variety of cities and not just London. The charity also wants to diversify the crowd. Instead of just inviting the wealthy to the concert, the charity wants to have a competition so that individuals can win tickets to the concert. Another big project that the charity wants to work on is producing a CD that is a compilation of different artists. The proceeds from the CD would then go to the charity.

The excitement and drive behind the charity all comes from one person, Sanjay Shah. Shah has had a successful career in finance but an old passion of his was promoting concerts. Shah came across the opportunity to pick up the old passion when his company, Solo Capital, started having so much success that he was able to take a backseat and spend more time with his family.

Around the same time that Shah became semi-retired, his son was diagnosed with autism. Shah wanted to be able to help him and decided that raising money for autism research would be his best shot at helping his son.

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Kyle Bass and the Art of Investment Gambling

When anyone stops to thing about it, investing is more or less a form of gambling. There is never a guarantee payoff in the end. Now, there are some investments with a better chance of a payoff than others, yet these are typically safer investments and pay off just a small percentage point. For individuals who are looking at making a large amount of money with their investment they need to invest in more opportunities some might believe “risky.” That is exactly what Kyle Bass does, as he is known as an investment gambler. However, he does not just randomly go about investing in anything. He knows information about the different areas he is putting his money and goes off of market research and an educated guess. This has helped him become a widely successful investor. He isn’t right all the time, but when he is right, the investments pay off big time.

There are different times where Kyle has proven to be right on the money with his investments. However, what did he do to make it into the big time? One of the prime examples of his investments include when he gambled and invested against the housing market. He looked at the numbers and analyzed all of the different financial figures and believed that the housing market would collapse. So, he invested against where everyone else was putting their money. It truly was the definition of a gamble investment. He’d either be right and receive a massive payoff or he wouldn’t be right and he’s lose every cent he put into the investment. He proved to be right, and as just one of a few people who saw the collapse coming, he made out exceptionally well. Whenever there is a negative for some people it can be turned into a positive for others. It just depends on how someone plays their cards.

Kyle is always giving his own investment advice as he wants to help other individuals who are looking to make these investment gambles. He recently came out and stated he believed the emerging markets would continue to struggle. These areas of the world typically do well when other areas of the world are struggling. This is because the inexpensive investments are seen as safer opportunities and ways to grow income. Due to this, while some people continue to put their money into these emerging markets, Kyle believes it simply is not the right time to do it. Therefore, he is telling everyone to wait on the investments and to bide their time.

Kyle Bass is a master investor when it comes to gamble investments. With these it is all about finding the right investments to pay off.

OrganoGold is Continuing to Rise to the Challenge

If you are a person who embraces better health care through alternative treatments and medicine, then you will want to research what Organo Gold is all about and the man who put this better alternative treatment in today’s marketplace. This man is Bernardo T. Chua, and he is from the Philippines. This man is responsible for bringing to the American people extended health and wellness found only in the ancient Ganoderma mushroom. Chua’s ancestors knew all about this healthy food source, and now this sound source is offered worldwide.

Organo Gold is a natural product formulated for health and wellness. Organo Gold and its products contain ancient herbs and plants derived from years of study and effect outcomes. Ingredients such as Ganoderma is a magical ingredient born from a great mushroom used for centuries in Chinese medicine.

Ganoderma mushrooms grow and thrive in large trees in Asia’s high mountainous areas. The Ganoderma lucidum known as the ‘Wonder Mushroom’ has great healing properties. This fungus, long known as one of the top most ranking herbs in ancient Chinese medicine continues in today’s society and for thousands of years in China, the Ganoderma mushroom assured a long life with a strong and healthy body.

The downside to this is that people can purchase Ganoderma spores improperly harvested and who would know, except for the ones in the know, collecting this unique food source correctly.

The ORGANO Corporation uses only the correctly processes this mushroom through the latest technologies and adds it to all of their products, including an extensive line of cocoa products, nutritional supplements, coffees and teas.

Bernardo T. Chua has devoted his life to the worthy cause of enhancing health and wellness and gone on to market his product with Gano Excel. His company extends to Hong Kong, The United States, and Canada, where consumers can rest assured they are purchasing only the highest quality of harvested Ganoderma in capsule form, coffees, and other organic food products.

The ancient Chinese saw remarkable results of people using Ganoderma over the centuries. China has seen a great decrease and elimination of all the diseases it is said to reduce such as but no limited to diabetes, gout, and psoriasis. However, the FDA in the United States did not see it this way and brought some pressure on Chua’s company offering organic food items. If it were not through the tireless efforts of Chua; his company recovered from this pressure by rewarding and bringing to light that milk protein is one ingredient in some of his products. Chua uses a unique multi-level form of marketing and a distribution network on a wholesale basis stamped with affordable retail prices.

Because of this small set back, Chua forged ahead and changed its branding to ORGANO and continued selling the products he and his Chinese ancestors have used over centuries and continue to use without hesitation, because of the stunning effects his organic products have on the health of people everywhere.  Bernardo Chua is known for speeches as much as anything else, and remains an important leader when it comes to healthy coffee.

Why Status Labs Is Changing The World Of Digital Media

Status Labs is one of the few companies in the world that delivers top notch marketing and reputation management. Known for being a famous digital marketing and a quality public relations agency, it is in their work as a professional reputation management team where they have excelled. Working with more than 1,500 clients for the past few years across 35 different countries, Status Labs has made it their goal to help any person or business with their online reputation using efficient advertising and marketing tactics that can save their brand. Saving your business is not that easy to do, and it’s all about effectively handling different marketing platforms.

Why Status Labs Is Changing The World Of Digital Media

They bring their world class marketing experts into one business, and they all come together to deliver public relations services, digital marketing promotions, and every ounce of reputation management to help with your business. There are countless people who help behind the scenes to work on every client and their work needed in order to grow their brand and keep away from all the horrible reviews about their brand.

Darius Fisher is the man behind this company, and he has spent many of his years perfecting his secrets and developments to help benefit people and their businesses by protecting their brand. Bringing together some of the latest in marketing and public relations, their team is capable of helping you on developing your brand and reaching your fan base as effectively as possible. It has never been so easy to save your business from horrible reviews than it is today with the help of Darius and his approach to managing scandals and stressed out customers. If you are looking for a way to save time and avoid future stress, this is definitely the way to go.

Status Labs is capable of providing you with an experience you will probably never get. Status Labs is an ever-growing company who can help you with your business and future endeavors, and they can help guide your brand to grow efficiently no matter how bad your reputation may be.