Kevin Seawright Helps Launch a Program for the Local Youth

Kevin Seawright, the Chief Financial Officer and the Executive Vice President of Newark Community Development Corporation, will be participating in a program that will help employ local youth this upcoming summer. The Newark Community Development Corporation will be teaming up with NewarkWorks and other organizations in the area to help facilitate this summer program.

The name of the program is The Summer Youth Employment Plan, and it “aims to provide six weeks of paid summer work experience to Newark student residents,” and “boost college graduation rates in the local community.”

Applicants were required to apply online for the first time in the program, and Seawright has stated that this was a great decision as he has seen great results already.

“As of Monday, we had 350 youth applications already in… We have turned what is traditionally a six-week process into a 30-minute event,” said Seawright in a recent interview.

Seawright and partners of The Summer Youth Employment Plan hope to not only provide employment opportunities for students, but they also hope to teach them about finance and increase students’ financial literacy, which is one of the big issues facing many Americans. Partners of the program, Santander Bank and TD Bank, hope to tackle this issue by teaching kids about finance at a young age. That way, they will have a better chance of managing their assets and be able to achieve their personal financial goals as they get older and enter the workforce.

The program starts on July 5th and ends on August 16th. The students will be paid minimum wage for their work.

They will not only get valuable real-life experience of being part of a workforce, but also make friends, meet new people, learn what it is like to work as a team, and be able to manage their finances correctly and efficiently.

Kevin Seawright said on Twitter he hopes that this will help many students achieve success in their future and will help facilitate a better future for generations to come.

“This is an event myself and the rest of the Newark CEDC team are really proud to be a part of… It gives us hope for the future of this incredible city,” said Seawright.   Check out another side of Kevin you might not expect, on SoundCloud.

What to Do About the Refugee Crisis: George Soros Speaks

The original article for the information contained herein is from Marketwatch.

George Soros points out that the EU has yet to agree on a single comprehensive policy to help asylum seekers. If nothing is done soon, this crisis could balloon into something even larger. The reason that there has not been progress is that each country is currently being selfish and self-focused. The real sufferers are the refugees.

A solid, cohesive plan on is needed that covers all the issues surrounding this crisis. Europe does, after all, have the ability to absorb the sheer amount of people. Now Europe needs to cooperate in order to do it.

Syria must be the primary focus on
, at least from now. This is because many of the problems are coming out of Syria. Refugees apart from this crisis must also receive aid. For this aim, the United Nations can play a large role. The work can be distributed among many states to ease the burden on individuals. This way, Syria can see some relief from this disaster.

This can be accomplished in six steps:
1.The EU must agree to accept at least 1 million refugees every year. This may take around 15,000 euros per refugee but it is needed.

2. Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan need funding. This way, the refugees there can have a better chance at surviving.

3. Asylum seeker require a lot of help. To expedite this, a special agency should be formed. The EU must form this agency in coordination with a border force that ensures that the procedure to process migrants is easier and quicker. As a consequence of streamlining this process, the migrants can begin to work faster and start contributing to their host economies.

4. Italy and Greece play vital roles in this crisis as buffer states. It is essential that travel is aided to these countries for travel onward to other European nations. By ensuring safe passage to Italy and Greece all the way to the frontlines of the battles on, refugees will have more hope of survival. Turkey is a key frontline state in achieving this goal.

5. Finances are needed to fund the asylum seekers. The EU must appropriately designate funding so that operations stay current and effective.

6. NGO’s and other non-profit entities (such as church groups) need to come together to provide help for this crisis. However, they will also require funding. They require infrastructure.

The worst part of the crisis in Syria is how preventable it was. Europe had time to foresee it. Previous plans put forward, like that of Viktor Orbán, simply don’t tackle the issues correctly. They place national security and border patrol at higher priority than the experience of the refugees. Human suffering needs to be limited.

George Soros is a business expert and citizen of Hungary and the United States. He founded Soros Fund Management.

George Soros is an avid philanthropist. He helped Eastern Europe throw off communism and become capitalistic. He successfully chairs Open Society Foundations as well.

Reviewing White Shark Media’s Development Model

White Shark Media as a company has always gone the extra mile to satisfy their customers. Being a marketing firm, they understand the importance of maintaining good publicity and building a strong brand.

The company offers AdWords and management services in the US, Canada and in Europe. As part of their daily interactions, White Shark Media understands the need to engage and retain clients who form part of their stakeholders. Communication happens to be one of the most efficient ways to achieve this goal for a small firm like White Shark Media.

Their main clients include small and medium companies seeking Google analytics services as well as the formulation, evaluation and management of new or existing campaigns. Numbers do not lie, with their services in high demand they have managed to keep many clients happy. says that professionalism is perhaps the trait that stands out most about this company. Customer testimonials reveal how White Shark Media engage and involve the client in every stage of the project. Furthermore, their communication loop serves all stakeholders and keeps them afloat with real-time developments. Read more at

However, White Shark Media as a company were no always such smooth operators according to their Facebook page. They had to embrace criticism levelled towards them from clients and other stakeholders. This move came from the realization that just like human beings, organizations err in their operations. Most of the areas they felt they could improve include communication, staff training, and motivation, industry expertise and relevance as well as performance.

Some of the key adjustments that White Shark Media made include making communication with all stakeholders an important daily mandate. Also, they made sure all clients understood all details relating to their projects. This way, the client could feel comfortable with the implementation of such campaigns. Another factor that significantly improved the customer experience was attaching each project to a designated employee. The staff, on the other hand, links directly with the client and are required to schedule monthly progress evaluation meetings.

The White Shark Media success story provides vital lessons to other firms on embracing complaints and constructive criticism. For more information on how the company overturned complaints to compliments click

Clients can attest to the exceptional customer experience at White Shark Media where even the CEO takes a proactive role in shaping their corporate brand. Furthermore, their thoroughly formulated campaigns guarantee relevant solutions for the problem at hand.

How WEN by Chaz Produces Healthy Looking Hair

In an effort to help make people aware of how well the WEN hair shampoo products work, a young woman decided to post an article on Bustle detailing her personal experience. She separates the article by days, where she writes about the condition of her hair as she uses the new shampoo. She does state that she skipped using the shampoo for one day and noticed her hair became more greasy. As the young woman chronicles her week long experience, she also takes photos to show on Facebook the difference the shampoo has made. At the conclusion of the article she does state the shampoo definitely gave her hair more body and shine when she used it every day.

Why WEN Works

The reason why the young woman discovered Wen hair worked to help give her limp, greasy hair more body and shine, is because the product is made to gently cleanse the hair and scalp without removing the hair’s natural oils. Chaz Dean, the creator of the WEN hair line of products, actually chose to call the product a cleansing conditioner rather than a shampoo. This is because it conditions as it cleans, so hair always remains soft and manageable.

Wen hair also comes in several different formulas to address the specific issues people might have with their hair. The young woman who wrote the article on Bustle chose the fig formula to help get rid of the oily texture her hair had in order to have more body and shine. The cleansers also come in varieties to address issues with frizzy hair, unruly hair and dry hair. The ingredients in all of the cleansing conditioners were combined to replace the different hair care products people use to control their hair. One bottle of WEN replaces the shampoos, conditioners and detanglers people buy in order to have healthy looking hair.



Keith Mann’s Partnership With Uncommon Schools

The business community in the United States has always been in support of philanthropic activities especially education. Over the years, many business entities have come together to raise funds to support a cause. One of the biggest ways that this has been done is raising funds meant to sponsor those from less privileged families to get an education.

The financial community in New York led by the astute entrepreneur Keith Mann met at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden to raise funds towards a scholarship program to support the Uncommon Schools. Through Dynamics Search Partners, Keith has been working with the Uncommon Schools since 2013. He has been able to interact with the students at the school and impressed by their zeal and determination to join college and pursue their dreams. Through this scholarship program, the young students will get to realize their dreams by pursuing college degree. The importance of this is that, it will equip the young people with requisite entrepreneurial knowledge that would enable them implement innovative business ideas in the future.

Through Keith Mann and others in the financial sector, the initiative managed to raise about twenty thousand dollars that would be used for this project. Interested students are required to show their creativity by penning down an essay that would show what they would do with the college degree and how they would transform the business community and the society if they got the scholarship opportunity.

Keith Mann is the founder of Dynamics Search Partners located in the city of New York. He has actively been involved in charitable activities like the Keith and Keel Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. Apart from this, he is also the Chief Executive Officer of Dynamics Search Partners based in New York. The firm primarily focuses on hedge fund compensation and alternative investment practices. The firm works with like-minded investment firms in America, Europe and Asia. He has been successful in helping institutions and wealthy individuals to invest their funds gaining a substantial stake in private companies and earning them profits.

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Avi Weisfogel Starts Go Fund Me Campaign

Like many people around the globe, Avi Weisfogel wants to help people in any way possible. The New Jersey based dentist wants to offer his services to people in need. Avi Weisfogel knows the importance of a good smile. He also knows that medical conditions can make it hard for people to feel good about their looks. Certain medical conditions can make it nearly impossible for them to function as they go about their daily activities and even make it harder to get a job or feel comfortable around others. A child with a medical issue of this kind may grow up to be an adult with even more problems.

Helping People In Need

One of the world’s leading free care organizations is a charity effort called Operation Smile. Operation Smile is based on the idea that no one should suffer as a result of a birth defect such as cleft palate or cleft lips that make it hard for them to have a functional life. To that end, those at Operation Smile go around the globe to perform surgical procedures for those who need them. The company offers special assistance for children who might otherwise grow up with the stigma of a birth defect that may hinder their ability to earn a living or even get a proper education.

Funding Operation Smile

As a dentist, Weisfogel knows how such problems can cause all kinds of unwanted problems. He knows that children need help to overcome this issue. This is why he has started a Go Fund Me campaign. In doing so, he hopes to draw attention to this issue and the need to help children around the world. Many children may not have access to surgery that can be performed quickly and easily with great results. Such a surgery is commonly performed in many first world nations usually fairly quickly in order to prevent the child from having additional problems as they grow older. Many children in less affluent nations are not as lucky. They may spend years with a problem of this sort, facing all kinds of problems including social ostracism. This is why he wants them to get the help they need from skilled and trained professionals in the field. Dr. Weisfogel is very hopeful that he can make a difference in people’s lives and truly help young people around the globe get the kind care they need.

Talk Fusion More Than Just Video Communication

In a recent study, it was proven that including video into a marketing email it was possible to increase marketing revenue by 40 percent. This study was done by the Relevancy Group which proves the power of video within marketing. Not only can one engage more audiences but opening rates are increased as well by up to 20 percent. This was found in a recent write up in the website.

We have moved away from simply relying on text to develop a brand as video becomes a lot more gratifying. We often use the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words then video is worth a lot more. Up to 1.8 million according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research. One company taking full advantage of this trend is the Florida based tech company Talk Fusion. They have positioned themselves well within the industry under the leadership and success of their CEO, Bob Reina.

Bob Reina had founded the company in 2007 with the simple idea of providing a software for a problem he had discovered several years earlier. He wanted to embed a simple video within an email but was told it was not possible. This led to the creation of Talk Fusion. The popularity of the software is attributed to the simplicity of the video email process. Often times, video marketing can be intimidating for new users. Talk Fusion with its video email application makes this process simple and extremely versatile. Talk Fusion provides up to a thousand different templates that can be selected by the user to customize their video email. it does not stop there as users can then shift to actually customizing their very own templates if they feel that they have gained the confidence to do so.

This article really shows the great importance of using video in today’s economy. Simple word emails without video just do not create the revenue possible with embedded video. Video makes sure that the product or brand is both entertaining as well as engaging to the audience.

Sanjay Shah Brings Two New Faces To The Board Of Trustees Of Autism Rocks

For those who don’t know who Sanjay Shah is, he is a prominent businessman and philanthropist. A surprising fact about him is the fact that he has one of the most brilliant minds in the world of business, yet he never went to any business school. As a matter of fact, Sanjay Shah went to medical school. However, after school, he opted to plunge into the financial world. He started off as a banker and worked for a number of banks such as the Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. His career as a banker was, however, short-lived thanks to the economic crisis the world faced in 2009. He thought it prudent to start his own company instead of looking for another job. He founded his company, Solo Capital, a financial investment business in the year 2011.The company quickly rose to become one of the greatest investment firms in the world.

Sanjay Shah is not only an extraordinary businessman. He is also a notable philanthropist. In 2011, his son, then four years old, was diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder. This moved Sanjay Shah to do something. He founded a non-profit organization to help raise awareness about autism. The organization is called Autism Rocks. Not only does Autism Rocks raise money to raise awareness but it also raises money to help in research. The organization raises money by holding concerts, and there have been numerous famous musicians who have shown commitment to the organization’s cause. A huge chunk of the money raised goes to the Cambridge University Autism Research Center.

Recently, Sanjay Shah made a press release through PR Newswire where he announced two new members to the Board of Trustees of Autism Rocks. According to the press release, Sanjay Shah had appointed Will Best and Pete Best to the board. Sanjay Shah believes that the two brothers are best suited to bring new insight to the board. In the press release, Sanjay Shah is quoted saying that since the organization is flourishing all around the world, the two brothers will play a huge role in helping to oversee the mechanics behind the organization.

James Dondero Looking to Argentina to Profit

Highland Capital Management is considered to be an investment firm ahead of its time. Highland Capital Management is run by James Dondero who has over 30 years of investment experience and now offers every client a credit-based solution based upon their unique needs. Highland Capital Management holds over $19 billion in assets which includes both credit hedge funds as well as emerging market credit funds. James Dondero is the co-founder of this 20 year old company and has been the company’s leader ever since day one. In recent news, with Argentina’s new return to the international bonds market, Highland Capital Management plans to be one of the country’s new prominent investors.

Dondero and his Dallas-based company is one of the biggest holders of Argentina’s $4 billion of notes that are due in 2033. Highland Capital’s plan to invest in the firm is seen as an international positive as the country will be able to sell off some of their overall debt in order to pay for certain settlements. Mr. Dondero specifically states that the company plans to hold their original bonds; however, the company is also looking to buy some of the new issuance. The company is optimistic on their inference as to where Argentina will price the debt as well as where the debt is the most likely to trade.

The overall amount of debt that Argentina plans to issue is around $12 billion that plans to yield around 7.5 to 8 percent in mid-April. Argentina plans to sell three bonds that will yield the maturity of 5, 10 as well as 30 years. It is predicted that the debt will fall around 6 percent in short term. This will improve the country’s overall outlook for the country’s fiscal as well as monetary situation. The debts that will be sold in mid-April will be the mark of the country’s re-entrance into the international bonds market since 2001.

Jim Dondero of Highland Capital Management will be one of the first representatives from investment firms to make their move. Mr. Dondero states that he saw resource-rich the country is and that investing more into the country will make a potential trading partner out of Argentina. As an expert in the investment firm, Mr. Dondero and his team continue to have innovative ideas as to how to increase the company’s current $19 billion is assets that are kept safe within the investment firm.

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Philanthropist Charles Koch Donates Handsomely to George Mason University

George Mason has received a lot of attention lately due the large donations that the University has received from billionaire Charles Koch. It is reported, according to tax records, that the public school has so far received over $48 million since 2011. In 2014 alone, it received 16 million dollars – a third of its total donations received that year. The donations made go to the Mercatus Center and Institute for Humane Studies located at the school.

While Koch does donate to other universities and schools in America, none of them receives over $1 million yearly. The fact that one school receives such large donations has attracted a lot of attention from stakeholders in education. This concern stems from the fact that there is concern that large donations often come with conditions attached. This affects that integrity and independence of education.

Two GMU students, Colin Nackerman and Parsons Samantha, have even led efforts to demand an explanation of the true nature of the university with Charles Koch. They have made numerous attempts to meet President Angel Cabrera but to no avail. Cabrera seems fine with individuals who support education by donating time and money.

The Koch Foundation has reiterated that its donations have no conditions attached. Other large donors in the country include Phil Knight, Nike co-founder, who announced a scholarship program worth $400 million to Stanford University. It is however true that the private donations made to public schools helps to fill funding gaps.

Charles Koch was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1935 and has three other brothers. After high school, he attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study engineering before joining his father’s company, then called Rock Island Oil and Refining Company. By then the company was still small and was largely dealing with oil. Charles and his brother David inherited the company and grew it into one of the wealthiest petrochemicals conglomerate in the world. Charles renamed it Koch Industries in honor of his father.

Today, Koch is ranked as one of the richest man alive with a huge net worth estimated at about $43 billion. He has two children with his wife and lives in his home town of Wichita, Kansas. He is a huge philanthropist with many annual donations to charities and schools. He is a well-known liberal and conservative, donates generously to various presidential campaigns that he supports and is a published author. His book, ‘The Science of Success,’ was published in 2007.