Forefront Capital Creates Sector To Help Non-Accredited Investors

Forefront Capital is on a mission to close the gap between the 1 percent and the rest of us when it comes to investing, and they are starting with helping everyone learn the secret of how to turn money into more money. The company has created a new division, Forefront Income Trust, and it is different than any other investment program around because it caters specifically to the non-accredited investors.

Forefront Capital, founded by Brad Reifler who is also the CEO, spent the beginning of his career catering to that special 1 percent, accredited investors who make $200,000 a year or more with a net worth of more than 1$ million. In the early 80’s he founded Reifler Trading Company, a firm that managed hundreds of millions of dollars. It became one of the largest independent operations, and in 2000 Brad Reifler sold the business to Refco Inc.

Reifler has spent his career expanding himself in a professional field to a man who’s name can be trusted in the financial industry. He also founded Pali Capital prior to founding Forefront Capital. While working, he realized that his initial goal of focusing on the accredited investors could make a big financial gain, but there was an even more lucrative market if he could find a way to work with non-accredited investors. This is where Forefront Income Trust comes in. He is steadily shifting all his focus to the larger sector of non-accredited investors and has a key plan that is designed to work for them.

Nearly half of the middle class has less than $6,000 in savings, with the help of Reifler and Forefront Income Trust, he plans to help them turn that savings into something bigger with as little risk as possible.

As Reifler has stated, the 99 percent are overlooked in the investment world, it generally doesn’t consider them smart enough to invest in higher risk products, but Reifler thinks that idea is completely wrong. Over the last 3 decades there has been an increase in general public knowledge when it comes to the stock market, and Reifler intends to help the average middle class family invest and increase their earning potential. Forefront Income Trust will allow non-accredited investors to begin investing with as little as $2,500. Their products aren’t correlated to the stock market meaning the allow more diversification withing the portfolio. Though it is important to note that these investments are considered high risk, Forefront Income Trust has created a structure that makes the risks a little safer.

Self Expression, Fashion and Fitness

With fashion and style, people often think that they have to have a certain look in order to be stylish. Another misconception is that they have to put together a bunch of trends in order to be stylish. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work out for them. Style is all about self expression. However, in order for one to have her own unique style, there has to be a wide variety of pieces available for her to choose from. It doesn’t matter what category clothes that she shops in. Even athletic clothes like Fabletics’ should allow room for one to be able to explore her own style. However, sports clothes have often been known to be lacking in variety.

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Fortunately, Kate Hudson has put together a line of clothing that has brought forth a lot of unique pieces that women can not only wear to the gym, but also to a night out on the town. This line is called Fabletics, a subsidiary of JustFab. Fabletics allows women to choose from clothing that fit better and enhance performance during a workout. Women will also feel better about themselves in the fits that they wear. They will come to accept themselves as well.

Fabletics has gained Kate Hudson a lot of recognition. As a result, she has gone on interviews that have been published on publications like Elle Magazine. Kate Hudson herself is known as being a stylish celebrity. She puts together a lot of simple and elegant outfits that fit her perfectly. She also encourages others to find something that expresses who they really are. This not only helps them look better, but learn how to accept who they are. Fabletics helps people learn how to be themselves. When people put together a style that they like, they will also get compliments from others about their style. Source:

What is Driving the NYC Real Estate Market Upwards?

Predictions are that the NYC real estate market will continue to climb despite earlier predictions of a softening in the market. Buyers and sellers should be aware of these trends and consult with a high quality real estate broker to provide assistance in understanding the changing market.

The anticipated rise is part of what is expected to be a flight to quality assets of which investments in the United States are thought of in the best regard. The global economy is partly in shambles as a result of the Brexit vote results which caused significant shifts in the European economic picture. The vote knocked down the pound and the US dollar rose. Further uncertainty in both the European Union and Britain will likely lead to further adjustments and uncertainty in coming months.

Emerging markets have also been experiencing tailwinds. China is experiencing the lowest growth that it has had in decades and their inflation, as well as new market regulations is leading many internationals investors to run from these markets. Brazil is experiencing lingering problems from the Zika virus and the Middle east and other countries such as Russia and Venezuela are experiencing challenges related to the collapse of oil prices.

That leaves the US market as the most stable in the world but equities have risen to all time highs and the Federal Reserve has already lowered interest rates to close to the bottom disadvantaging interest rates. That leaves the real estate market as the most attractive remaining option and NYC real estate seems like the best option for many investors.

NYC is experiencing positive demographic trends with a rising population and job growth. Low interest rates also make real estate attractive for purchase. High prices put a burden on buyers and finding a gem in the market can be difficult without the right real estate agent. That’s where a high quality real estate agent like Town Residential Real Estate can come in.

Town Residential was founded in New York City and has an local specialty. Their professionals live and breathe the local market and the firm is run by specialists who write articles on and even publish newsletters on the local market. Their expertise can help buyers locate high quality real estate at attractive prices before they elevate further.

Danilo Diaz Granados and His Many Hats

Danilo Diaz Granados has had an amazing career journey which started at a private equity investing firm in Miami Florida. His position at the company was as an account advisor. Danilo’s roles were to assess hedge funds, international investment-to-return matters relating to energy efficiency, fine arts, real estate, startups and merchandising. He also evaluated demographic, social and creative factors that involved potential investment openings. He later moved to Fireman Capital Partners in 2015, a popular financial planning firm with its offices outside of Boston, Massachusetts in Middlesex County.

Relying on his career experience and entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Danilo co-founded Toys for Boys and Edge of Glory Films, both located in the city of Miami. He serves as director for both companies. Toys for Boys is a high-end boutique that puts together timepieces, exotic autos and elements of modern art in a luxurious and meaningful manner. It is a unique shop in its category as it protects the privacy of its customers by providing private viewing. In his position as a producer at Edge of Glory Films, Mr. Danilo is in charge of production, editing, promotion and communications distribution. The business’s aim is to promote Hispanic media to the people of the United States.

In addition to running the two companies above, Mr. Danilo also holds a management position at Movilway where he began working in 2012. Movilway specializes in prepaid mobile payments and its headquarters are in Madrid Spain. It belongs to a group made up of three companies. They include Movilway, Sure Destiny and Celestics which form the Celestics Group. At the company, Danilo works alongside the CEO Fernando Fiksman, CFO Jose Luis Riera and Dan Cohen the general manager.

Mr. Danilo has a rich educational background. He attended Babson College between 2007 and 2010, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics and entrepreneurship.

As it can be seen, Mr. Danilo is a man who contributes enormously to the society. Not only does he dedicate his efforts to working for others but has also created companies that other than offering essential services to the community, also create employment.  Be sure to follow Danilo on social media through his Twitter @DaniloDiaz_G1, as well as his personal Facebook.

Danilo Diaz Granados Is A 21st-Century Hispanic Entrepreneur

The Hispanic population in the United States is the fastest growing ethnic group. Over the last forty years, the Hispanic population has increased from six percent to more than 20 percent of the total population. Men like Danilo Diaz Granados are taking advantage of that change by catering to that vast market by offering them products that suit their new position in the social structure of the United States.

Danilo Diaz Granados is a graduate of Babson College in Wellesley Massachusetts. He earned a degree in economics and honed his entrepreneurial skills while he attended that school. Granados moved to Miami and became an investment advisor in the Hispanic market. While he was helping his clients invest, he noticed there was a void in the retail market for people like his clients that had money and liked the finer things in life. Thanks to completing some high-dollar investments for clients, Granados had enough money to start a retail business that sold fine art, expensive jewelry, exotic automobiles, and other expensive merchandise in one store. Danilo called his business Toys for Boys. Toys for Boys was a hit for wealthy Hispanic men that didn’t have enough time to shop but had enough money to buy whatever they wanted.

But Granados didn’t stop there. It’s clear from Twitter, Danilo always loved films and filmmaking. He took several courses while he was in college, and he always said he would open a film company when he had enough money to do so. Granados founded Edge of Glory Films, CrunchBase tells us, a film company that showcased the interests and the challenges that Hispanics face in the 21st century. Danilo is the editor, production director, promoter and distributor for his company.

The investment industry has always been an important part of his life so, in 2015, Granados went to work for Fireman Capital Partners in Miami. Granados is in charge of researching global issues that influence hedge fund investments, and the development of innovative startup businesses in the Hispanic community. Danilo also does environmental analysis work as well as researching social and demographic factors that change the direction of investment opportunities and retail ventures.

How Does A Devco Loan Change A Broken Neighborhood?

Devco has been reported by the Press of Atlantic City as having the best development plans for the people of New Jersey. They have come up with something that is changing the way people approach the way they develop their communities. They have a lot of broken and burned out communities that are in need of help, but they cannot get any better without any kind of development. The only way to do that is to get a loan from Devco that is going to build something like a casino or hotel to make the area more palatable to people who will want to build housing and bring their businesses.

“There will be a lot more jobs in the area, and then the area will have a lot of help with the development of a new economy” says Chris Paladino of Devco. All the people in the area will be able to get jobs, and they will be able to afford better housing. It basically brings the whole area back to life, and it prevents the area from having all the crime and other problems that have happened in the past. That is something that people need to remember when Devco gets involved, and they also help figure out how big the tax base will be.

The tax base is going to be something that people will be able to count on to make the schools better, and it will help with services in the community. One broken neighborhood can be made into something that anyone would want to visit because of the hotels and casinos. The tourism that comes into the area is going to create a lot of profits for the community, and it is going to bring people to the area that might not have even heard of it before the development.


The Best California Resorts For Your Next Ski Vacation


Vacationers that are looking for a great time will certainly have fun when they check out Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows resorts. These are the best ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe region. They are west coast treasures that are bound to be a joy for families that are trying to find something that everyone can enjoy.

When families come they can enroll their children in a camp for kids. There are also other activities like roller skating and Lake Tahoe bike rentals. Families will really enjoy the thrill of seeing the beautiful trails at these resorts when they take the bike paths. This gives vacationers the chance to see some beautiful scenery while they are out on a ride together.

The sky jump is also something that is very popular as well. This is a thing that many of the kids will embrace. Many adults may find themselves taking interest in the indoor wall climbing. This is an activity that gets the heart rate going while working out every muscle in the body. People that want to workout at a slower pace will enjoy the Wanderlust Yoga Studio. This gives participants the chance to practice yoga while taking in the majestic landscape of the Squaw Valley.

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows also have a wonderful golf course that is perfect for people that are trying to perfect their game while they are on vacation. People that like music may enjoy the Brews, Jazz and Funk Fest. This is one of those summer activities that people look forward to during the month of August.

The number of activities that are available through the California resorts like the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows vacation spots are numerous. There are even some workshops at this resort for poets as well. The Broken Arrow Sky Race is also another event that is popular here. It is good for runners that want to take in a nice view as they race through a loop that finishes in the Squaw Valley.

California Ski Resorts are very popular because these vacations spots are quite large. The large amount of space allows the resort to house a lot of different activity centers. Skiing is obviously one of the core activities, but this is not the only thing that people have access to. The activities are boundless for people that book vacations at the Squaw Valley Ski Resorts.


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