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Richard Blair, founder of Wealth Solutions. With a great expertise of 20+ years of experience in the financial industry, Richard Blair still continues his successful journey.

According to Datafox, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions hails from Austin, Texas. He was fond of education because most of his family members were teachers. He completed his bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston. As he had a natural tendency toward education and finance, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions realized that he could help people with their financial needs.

Immediately after his graduation in 1993, he started his financial service by giving his clients financial advice. Later, in 1994 he started his own independent financial industry named Wealth Solutions to provide his clients best possible financial advice without any conflict of interest.

Wealth Solutions is a registered Investment advisory firm that provides complete financial services to its clients. The major audience of this firm includes families, business owners, in Austin and nearby areas like Houston, New Braunfels, Marble falls, etc. He innovated a new positive vibe among the people of Austin through his comprehensive and personalized financial advice. It was a cause for the life changing decision of several businesses and families.

It’s not easy to determine the financial status of a country or family. Hence Richard Blair Wealth Solutions work according to the changing financial situation. They keep a specific beneficiary plan to set back people who suffer from financial crisis. Richard Blair’s goal was to help people in deriving their successful retirement plans. So, he worked on reducing the client’s distance between retirement and their peaceful living in it.

This firm also works on providing best retirement plans. They help people who have a huge retirement fund and keep it safe for their future. They have a consistent client database who seeks conservative and dynamic offers to secure their future.

Richard Blair, with his years of stunning experience in the financial industry has several certifications that include

  • Certified Estate and Trust specialist
  • Certified Income specialist
  • Certified Retirement income specialist
  • Certified Annuity specialist
  • Certified fund specialis
  • Certified tax specialist

All these certifications, help him to provide comprehensive advice on retirement plans, wealth strategies, how to invest in business ventures, how to preserve your wealth for future needs, how to achieve profits, and simple ways to accomplish personal financial goals.

Clients are happy and pursue their own retirement goals. So if anybody in Austin or nearby areas are in need of financial advice, contact Richard Blair. He can help you in fulfilling all your financial needs.

How To Take Charge Of Your Online Brand Reputation

There are many ways you can help ensure that your brand reputation remains positive. Perhaps the best way to achieve a positive brand reputation is to try and actually be what you try to stand for. If you can bridge the gap between what you want people to perceive you and what you actually do, then you have successfully built and managed your reputation. This is according to the Greek philosopher Socrates.

The first thing you should to build up brand presence and reputation is to have all of your employees act as ambassadors for your brand. Their activity both on line and in person should represent what you company stands for. If your employees are lost on the brand image, then how can you expect other to believe your own brand image and reputation? Your reputation starts within your own workforce.

A great way to build up an online reputation globally is to create content and market your brand locally. Create content that is unique to each region, language and culture where you are in. This will help get the message across to a larger audience and do so in a way that they understand you. Hire translators and create content that is unique to an area. This will impress people and reduce the chance of you offending someone by accident. Remember that different cultures can construe things very differently.

Another great tip that many companies ignore is that you need to be involved not only in the sales experience, but also post sales and support. Getting a product or service sold is important, but don’t forget the post sales experience. If you check back on customers after the sale, and offer product or service support you can be sure that your reputation will soar.

Being proactive is also vital in managing your online reputation. You should actively monitor your reputation on the web. Make improvements to your company, brand or customer interaction model if you see the need for it. Finally, be prepared for a crisis. Have a game plan in place to handle a major crisis for your brand reputation. An image crisis should not spell doom for your business.


The Brown Agency Is One Of The Best Model And Talent Agencies In The World

The first thing that you need if you are going to be a model in either press or print is an intense desire to work hard and the looks to go with that desire. You will also need to get some insight about what all you will need to learn about in order to get ahead. It is a good idea to get an instructor to teach you how to pose, walk, and the financial aspects of the business. After selecting the right modeling school to fit your needs, you will want to find a good photographer to take some shots of you for your portfolio. You want to also be sure to get some very flattering head shots from different angles. After you get your photos and portfolio together then you want to create a comp card. This is a collage of your favorite photos along with all of your information and sizes. You will have to attend casting calls and other events where you will be able to submit your information for consideration as well as give the agency a chance to see you in person.

If you want to work with a world-renowned modeling agency that has the some of the best talent in the world, then you want to work with the Brown Modeling Agency. They have been in business for many years and have the connections and the professional experience to get you working on some of the biggest runways in the world. Their models can be seen at New York Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, and Miami Swim Week just to name a few.

The Brown Modeling Agency now has a location in Austin that is thriving. There is a whole fresh culture with interesting fashion and music. For new aspiring models, there is an incredible opportunity in the city to excel at modeling. Regardless of what city the Brown Agency is located in, their models love working for their agency and have found incredible opportunities to show off their talent and to work with some of the most recognized brands in the world. If you are interested in becoming a Brown model, you can submit your information to one of their casting calls or you can submit your information online. If you have the chance to work with the agency, you can be sure that you will have some of the best career opportunities in the business.

Securus Technologies Strives To Keep Thousands Of Inmates Connected To Their Loved Ones

Do you feel like your not getting the quality calls you expect with your loved ones in a correctional institution? Thousands of people feel just like you and have complained about the rising costs of inmate calls. The Public Utility Commission and the federal government has put forth the effort to ensure that inmates get quality coverage that is reasonable priced. In fact, they ensure that all calls are monitored or receive proper surveillance. Inmate calls are processed over a secure network that guarantees your calls down to the millisecond. You no longer have to worry about that pesky automated assisted operator processing your call.


Securus Technologies is proud of their international Certification 1 approval through their partners that will allow them to expand their network. They will ensure that inmates receive quality calls on a global scale. Bad things happen to good people and Securus is there to help. Fortunately, their certification has allowed them to hire over 456,000+ IT professionals and train them in many aspects of inmate calls. They will be highly skilled and trained in security, communication, and customer service. Building a strong team will allow them to build a superior network that will help their customers. Watch more on


Securus Technologies


Telephone Debit Program


If you have a valid debit or credit card say goodbye to the effort of trying to locate an authorized inmate calling provider. You can pay over the phone from the convenience of the Securus website from any device.


Advanced Pay Options


Inmates and their families have the option of paying for many services in advance. Inmates can get Advance Pay options from their commissary and their loved ones have access through the Securus website. Join today and take part in many of their exclusive inmate service calling promotional options.


What You Should Know About Goettl and How They Treat Others

You may hear stories all of the time about individuals that truly take pride in serving others, but now it’s about the air conditioning company Goettl and how they helped a man in need. Donating money is always nice, but donating your time and your resources is a worthy cause at all times. An article was recently published about a Las Vegas, Nevada man that was facing the hot summer temperatures without air and without running water. This is when good Samaritans stepped in and chose to help 70 year old Jim Siler.

A water line had broken under Siler’s property along with a failing air conditioning system. The expense was more than Siler could afford, costing nearly $8,000 he wasn’t sure where to turn. Siler could only go outside to retrieve water in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. The worst part is that he would have to fill buckets and bring it back inside.

Clark County Social Services referred Siler to The Sunny Plumber as well as to Goettl Air Conditioning. These two businesses along with the Bishop Gorman Football Team reached out to help Siler make the repairs as well as some repairs around his home. Unfortunately, Siler had been hospitalized numerous times for health problems related to the sweltering temperatures, but Ken Goodrich, owner of Goettl Air Conditioning shared that the staff and football team shared their time and resources in order to help this man.

The recent article also quoted Goodrich as saying, “Giving back to those in our community is who need help is our obligation”. With donations exceeding $8,000 from both businesses, the work was done at Siler’s home, helping him to resume life in a more comfortable fashion and fewer risks to his health due to his living conditions.

Goettl Air Conditioning is located in Phoenix and Tuscon Arizona as well as operations in Las Vegas, Nevada. Goettl has only the most experienced technicians on staff, ready to service the needs of the community around the clock. They specialize in the installation and repair of UV germicidal lights, ductless mini splits, central heat and air units, furnaces, radiant heating systems, and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of their services.

Investment Advisory Services

In the modern times, people like investing their money in profitable ventures so that they can get good returns. A large group of investors prefers the stock market because it is steady on returns. Many investors come across this type of investment, but they do not know how to invest.

The stock market can be extremely risky in the investor is not careful. All the investment decisions that are related to the stock exchange are crucial, and factors such as risks and returns must be considered. Many individuals do not understand the market, and this lack of knowledge subjects them to many risks.

Despite these challenges, it is possible to invest in the stock market and make money. Even when the businessman does not have adequate knowledge about the condition of the market, it is possible to make significant profits if investment advisory services are involved. Investment advisory services are a paramount part of the financial department, and they help many clients in the modern times.

Investors and Business organizations that need to make paramount investment decisions consult these firms to get the best advice concerning their potential investment procedures. Some companies offer this information for free, but some of the charge a fixed percentage of the investment. The services provided by investment advisory companies plays a crucial role in guiding business and individuals towards the most profitable ventures.

There are different investment advisory services. Some of these include stock market analysis, research, tracking investments, investment guidance and recording the investments. In cases where the investor is not able to allot their time or track the upcoming changes in the market, the investment advisory firm plays an important role.

Without the right knowledge in the competitive and complex market, individuals and organizations cannot make the right decisions, and they might end up with massive losses. Investment advisory companies have the ability to plan, implement, strategize and give the proper structure of the portfolios. The main aim of the companies is to ensure that the client gets maximum profits in their investments.

According to Wealth Minder, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is one of the investment advisors in the world. He has worked in the industry for many years, acquiring the experience needed. He is the founder and also the CEO of a company known as Wealth Solutions. Under his leadership, the investment advisory company has been very successful. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has helped many governments, corporates, and individuals in making the right decisions on their investments.

Coworking Spaces Are Great Options For Self-Employed Entrepreneurs Living in the City


Coworking Spaces have hit the corporate scene and are becoming game changers for many traditional office workers and independent contractors. Working from home has usually been the norm for self-employed people, but coworking spaces provide several benefits that you don’t find at home. Such benefits include faster and more reliable internet connections, more structure in your day, having people around to network with, minimal distractions, and perhaps even less time commuting or dealing with service bills.


For some people, the sound of coworking spaces may not seem very attractive, but you still retain complete independence when doing your work. There are no obligations to show up on a particular day or time period to a coworking space, so if you need vacation time or time for medical appointments, you can take them at will. You also don’t have to get dressed up in a suit or tie if that’s not your thing. And often coworking spaces have suites such as gyms, spas, or coffee shops in the facility for work breaks or after hours.


One great coworking space that’s established a great reputation is Workville in New York City, which has offices for rent across Manhattan. This coworking space has all the amenities you could ask for of a coworking space including printers and copiers, office spaces to lease, conference rooms, mail service, coffee machines, and balconies with chairs and tables when you need a breath of fresh air. The office spaces are fully furnished and all you have to do is just bring yourself. Rooms can be reserved at Workville for special events such as seminars, banquets, private parties, or special hosting. The place also is located near Times Square and other big hubs of New York, and you can get 24/7 access to the premises. Workville offers tours if you give them a call, or get in touch with them on Facebook.

John Bancroft Accomplishes Company Growth of Badgemaster

John Bancroft, Founder of Badgemaster successfully accomplishes company growth by acquiring its leading competitor, Akorn Badge Company in August 2014. Akorn is a Scottish badge manufacturing company headquartered in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, Scotland. Owner of the acquired company, Jim Kent serves on the Board of Badgemaster and Jim McNiven joined the senior management team as part of the acquisition transaction. The agreement also included over 27,000 accounts and the termination of five jobs. This acquisition has made Badgemaster one of the leading badge manufacturing companies in the United Kingdom.

Badgemaster is headquartered in Newstead, Nottinghamshire and produces name badges to the banking, catering, healthcare and retail industries. Some of the most acclaimed clients include Argos, Boots, and Premier Inn. Badgemaster has experienced remarkable growth and currently employs more than 80 personnel. By 2013, the company generated over four million euros in revenue. Prior to John Bancroft establishing Badgemaster, he worked in the fashion industry at Sketchley Services as National Sales Manager.

In 1997, Nottinghamshire County Council acknowledged Bancroft by presenting him with the Bridge to Work Award. Nine years later, he was granted a Royal Warrant to provide badge products to the household of the Royal Family. John made the 2013 honorary list to attend an event celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. He attended the celebration at the Buckingham Palace and received the MBE Award for servicing businesses in Nottinghamshire.

John Bancroft and the Badgemaster Team continues to work on company’s growth and expand services in Scotland and Britain. Jim Niven, former general manager of Akorn is working with senior management to oversee the operations of the tens of thousands of accounts. Jim Kent is serving on the Board with John and plays an important role in making decisions for Badgemaster and its future growth.

Laidlaw’s Undesired Situation with an Amended Legal Motion

Relmada Therapeutics, a clinical-stage corporation developing novel therapies for the treatment of chronic pain, recently announced that it had filed a case to modify its grievance against Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd. The company had previously filed a case at the Nevada District Court and this motion was to amend it.

The current amendment includes a legal claim against Laidlaw’s breach of the fiduciary duty due to its actions of disclosing confidential intelligence since they were the Company’s investment banker. It is also seeking financial damages that they incurred while responding to Laidlaw’s misleading and false proxy materials in December 2015.

Nevada court had previously issued a brief restraining order and an injunction towards Laidlaw’s principles. James Ahern and Matthew Eitner are the directors of the company and are the ones responsible. Relmada’s Board of manager’s belief that they should be compensated for the damages and the responsible people be prevented from causing future harm. The company decided to write a letter to their clients to inform them about their actions.

Laidlaw is a firm that has a history of violating federal and state securities and financial regulations. This includes;

• Between 2007 and 2009, Laidlaw received more than 60 customer complaints and claims for damages, and Laidlaw was sanctioned by FINRA for inadequate reporting of certain of such complaints.
• It failed to implement and establish adequate policies relating compliance with regulations and rules concerning anti-money laundering.
• Failed to create straightforward policies relating email retention.
• They distributed and created exaggerated, misleading and incomplete communications with the public.
• Failed to maintain checks received and forwarded blotter.

James Ahern has been the Head of Capital Markets and Managing Partner of Laidlaw for more than thirty-six years. Mr. Ahern’s listed his education background as having studied at Assumption College from September 1998 to September 2002, but records say that he attended it from January 1999 to September 2000.

Kevin Seawright Helps Youth Find Jobs And Internships

Kevin Seawright, as chief financial officer of the non-profit Newark Economic Development Corporation helped implement plans to help city youth find employment. He worked alongside major financial banks and small businesses in the city of Newark to provide seasonal and part time employment offers for young people.

Under Seawright’s program college graduates could intern at financial institutions located in the city of Newark. They could gain skills and see what it is like to work in a professional financial institution. The financial institution could also offer the youth a permanent position.

As part of the program school age children and high school graduates could also apply for work in small businesses throughout the city of Newark. The work could be seasonal or part time, but just like the internships, it could lead to full time work. Newark is a city that is plagued by crime and unemployment. The program developed by Kevin Seawright addresses the issue of unemployment and crime. It does this by helping youth to stay off the streets and find meaningful work and opportunities instead.

Kevin Seawright also teamed up with banks headquartered in Newark to provide financial education to young people. As well as providing job opportunities and internships at local banks, they will teach people how to manage finances and give them the chance to open up checking and savings accounts. Mr. Seawright believes this will put people on the path to financial stability and freedom.

Mr. Kelvin Seawright has extensive experience in both the public and private sector. He worked for over seven years as the chief operating officer at the Baltimore City School District. In this post, Kevin Seawright oversaw daily operations for almost 200 schools and over 800 employees. Later, Mr. Seawright served as a campaign manager for a political campaign management firm called KLS Political Services for about eight months.

Kevin Seawright’s new full time occupation after leaving the city of Baltimore’s public school system as chief operating officer was vice president of finance and human capital at contractor, Tito Contractors. This is a DC based firm, where Kevin used his management, negotiation and financial skills to increase revenue and streamline operations at the company.

One of Kevin Seawright’s most recent jobs was working as the chief financial officer for the non profit organization, the Newark Economic Development Corporation.