Best Surfboard and Pool Stick For That Perfect Vacation

To be prepared to pack up for that perfect vacation, it is very important to bring along the best of the best in vacation gear.

Taking a trip near the beach and also enjoying the game of billiards, it pays to know what the best brands are for pool sticks and surfboards. Predator is a popular, well-known brand of pool stick. Anyone walking into a great game of billiards with a Predator stick will be respected as a serious player. One of their best pool sticks is the Predator Sport 2 Ice Sport Wrap w/Z-3 Shaft. This pool stick will certainly turn heads and help to win games.  Perfect for a game of pool, or aspiring girl singers looking for a fake mic stand when you’re having fun with friends at the bar.

Another notable brand is McDermott. A great example of their brand is the Standard Stain Emerald Green 20oz pool stick.

Loving the waves is the reason to find the best surfboard to take along on that memorable vacation. When shopping for that perfect surfboard, it matters whether the surfer is a beginner or an expert or someone in between. Jason Stevenson-JS is one of the most well-known brands. These surfboards are famous for their easier ability to control and their speed.

Another older, but as far as tried and true surfing brands is considered, is Channel Islands. They have been around since 1969 and their Average Joe model has already won a “Surfboard of the Year” award by SIMA.

With some knowledge and research, it is possible to find the best vacation gear to have the most wonderful vacation.

What Makes WEN By Chaz Unique?

The one major feature that makes WEN by Chaz Dean so unique as opposed to other shampoos and conditioners is simply that it is good for your hair. Many shampoos on the market today strip all the natural oils from your hair and leave it dead and dry. Then, the conditioner that is supposed to combat that just lays there and makes your hair look limp and lifeless.

WEN is actually a totally different option for healthier and more beautiful hair. It’s formulated using nothing but natural ingredients and botanicals that don’t do all that damaging natural oil stripping that other shampoos and haircare products do. In addition, the WEN Cleansing Conditioner is free of all those nasty sulfates that are in most products and that’s why it’s so perfect for your hair whether it’s thin or thick in nature.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one product that does everything, then WEN® Cleansing Conditioner is an excellent choice. It offers a 5-in-1 formula, which is super-effective at cleaning your hair thoroughly even though it doesn’t lather up like others do. It’s that lathering action, which WEN doesn’t have, that strips your hair. And, the best thing is that you don’t need five bottles of products but just one. The reason is that WEN® Cleansing Conditioner can replace not only your regular shampoo and conditioner, but also your leave-in conditioners, deep conditioners, and detanglers. So, from just one bottle, you will achieve better moisturizing, manageability, and strength.

If you love the smell of almonds and mint, then Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean will simply knock your socks off. From the moment you pop that cap, you’ll be enveloped in that sweet natural fragrance. Once you try it, you’ll never go back to regular shampoos and conditioners. Just ask any regular user of WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean and they’ll tell you the same thing. From your shower to your mirror, you’ll be singing the praises of this amazingly fragrant cleansing conditioner every day.

Importance of Using Wen by Chaz Product

Having a strong, healthy, heat resistant and dandruff free hair it requires you to use quality hair products. Wen by Chaz hair products are the best products to treat your hair. This products are designed and made to strengthen, nourish, refresh and protect your hair from harmful sun rays. They are made from a mixture of unique herbs and natural ingredients needed by your hair. Frequent use of Wen by Chaz hair care products helps ladies with different hair types while the ladies with damaged hair experience health improvement of their hair.

Wen hair products are rich with various ingredients which are meant to improve and maintain the appearance and health of your hair and also provides it with essential oils and nutrients. Wen hare products also have a conditioner which helps to keep your hair strong, moisturized, reduces splits, makes it flexible and keeps it moisturized. It is advisable to use Wen cleansing conditioner with dyed hair since it helps to improve the color retention, improved health and makes it easy to manage.

Wen hair products by Chaz Dean ( makes the hair easy to manage and makes your hair easy to brush, style, comb and prevent it from breakage hence it contains ingredients which keeps it moisturized and makes it strong. It is always good to apply styling anti- frizz cream for protection against frizz. This cream lasts seven to eight hours in tropical weather.


Hair is very important to ladies and that’s why Wen by Chaz hair products have the best hair products contains all natural nutrients to make sure your hair stays health, strong, smooth and attractive. Wen by Chaz conditioner is one of the best conditioners since it works as a deep conditioner, leave in conditioner, detangler and as a shampoo which saves their customers from spending much cash buying of number of hair products to complete different tasks. Wen products are Sephora available and can also be bought online thru


Equities First US Is a Preferred Method of Obtaining a Loan For Many

Equities First Holdings is a provider of lending solutions for both high-net worth individuals and businesses. If you are are entrepreneur, in a partnership, or working on forming a limited liability corporation, then you may be able to benefit from obtaining a loan. However, it is an essential necessity for you to know what amount of loan you will need, and what you will be utilizing it for.

Equities First Holdings is a preferred option of obtaining loans for many as the process of obtaining one through them is fairly easy in comparison to the options that are available with others. In the case that one is unsure about how long it may take them to pay off their loan, the providers will be able to give guidance whenever one needs. Also, the one who obtains a loan will be able to benefit greatly from the low interest rates that are offered by Equities First Holdings.

Capital is a necessity for operating any business. Oftentimes, people may need more capital than they currently have to get their business started. If you happen to be in such a category, please do not hesitate to contact one of the representatives who are available at the loan center so that you can receive the assistance that you need to get your first loan through them. The application process is quick and easy and you will receive assistance very quickly. Please do not neglect an opportunity that is available to you of making more capital with capital that you not only have, but also capital that you can acquire through a loan. Non-purpose loans are also available for high net-worth individuals if they are looking to potentially fund vacations, vehicle payments, or ordinary living expenses. Although they may not necessarily need the loan, they should know that it is available for them just like they are for anybody else.


The Contributions of Eric Pulier In Determining the Future of Entrepreneurial World

Many people have invested in different financial and entrepreneurial fields in the recent years. This has been facilitated with the increased number of investment priorities that have been witnessed with the rise and expansion of the global market. Many other professionals have also taken center stage in transforming these fields. Eric Pulier is a recognized business personality and entrepreneur that has invested in the financial world over many years. He is gifted with the gift of developing and spearheading the achievements of many companies globally. His skills of developing businesses from scratch to international levels have been witnessed by the rising number of companies he has participated in their establishment. Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey, United States of America. Due to his love for technology, he began computer programing when he was still in high school. This was his major contribution towards establishment of a company that would later grow into a recognized entity. He later joined Harvard University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English and American literature. He has been termed as one of the most innovative person to have attended the Harvard University.

After graduating from the university, he established a company called people doing things. This was a company that focused in finding solutions to everyday life challenges. The company focused in addressing life challenges using technology. The incorporation of technology in the company enabled health care and education system to find a platform in which they used to address their challenges. He also established Star bright World which is a social platform that has been used by people suffering from related diseases to air their views and sentiments. This has resulted in the development of proper healthcare and provision of improved services to patients.

Eric Pulier has participated in the philanthropic activities that have touched the lives of many people across the world. He has generously contributed towards the Painted Turtle which is an organization that deals with people suffering from chronic diseases. He also participated in the Clinton foundation where he has contributed towards ensuring effective cloud computing while significantly reducing the cost of operation in communities around US.

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Eric Lefkofsky an Entrepreneur of All Trades

Eric Lefkofsky is a very high profile entrepreneur. He has been involved within a wide variety of enterprises and startups. Two of his most successful enterprises includes Groupon and Tempus. Many people might be familiar with Groupon.


It is the coupon sharing/social media site that connects merchants and consumers together. is a relatively new medical company that is not as well- known as Groupon but it is more important in terms of finding ways to heal people with disease. Here is more detailed look at Groupon and Tempus which are two of Lefkofsky’s greatest accomplishments as an entrepreneur.


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Eric Lefkofsky started Groupon in 2008 with his partners Andrew Mason and Brad Keywell. This company had managed to generate the biggest IPO for an online company. Lefkofsky and his partners received a whopping $398 million dollars from this deal. He is now the chairman of this organization.


Eric Lefkofsky is also a co-founder of Tempus. This is a genome mapping organization that is responsible for creating a huge database that doctors can use to treat other patients in the future. Medical professionals use this technology to map out a person’s tumor so that they can figure out how to stop or to reduce its effect at the molecular level.


This company also gather molecular data that can be used to map out a person’s genome in the fight against cancer or other ailments. Once again, medical professionals can use this information to help people to fight certain diseases.


They also perform a wide variety of research activities which can also be used for this type of work. Lefkofsky is the CEO of this company and is fully committed to seeing it flourish like his other endeavors. Lefkosky has been involved within Uptake, LLC and LifeBank. This man has a great entrepreneur spirit and has been involved within many upstarts.


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How EOS Become Your Favorite Lip Balm

Over the past 7 years, EOS lip balms have quickly outgrown the popularity of other household lip balms, such as Chapstick and Blistex. According to Fast Company’s report, Evolution of Smooth’s explosive growth has also been due to the spheres being used by famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and other popular people. EOS has been featured on countless beauty magazines and can easily be found at most drug and department stores.

The EOS company is currently worth over a quater of a million dollars, sells around 1 million units every week and is the 2nd best-selling lip balm after Burt Bees.

Sanjiv Mehra is the co-founder and states that he and his business partners conducted consumer research and discovered that lip balms are primarily used by women as apart of their beauty regimen. EOS products have been tailored to meet this market.

The idea of the EOS lip balm sphere came about from a clay artist that created the shape. Mehra stated that he and his partners wanted to create an imaginative shape that was out of the ordinary. They also wanted to create a product that would not eventually go-out of style, but would become a staple item that people would use for a long period of time.

Mehra explains that selling the product to stores was difficult, as most chains felt as though consumers would be loyal to bigger brands such as Chapstick, and that men would not want to use the product. However, he eventually met with the female buyer at Walgreens that liked the idea of the product. EOS is now sold in Walgreens and Target stores across the United States. The products are also available online via the Evolution of Smooth website.

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They continued to promote the product through beauty bloggers and celebrities. Over the past 7 years they have experienced explosive growth and the numbers continue to grow. They also have a large social media following.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel – Owner of Dental Sleep Masters

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the Seminar Instructors at the Dental Sleep masers Company. He is also the founder of the company with the main aim of recognising the various forms of the medical condition and the different ways of treating it with dentistry. For this reason, he has also worked to develop high-end facility management platform. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has an extensive background in the determination and treatment o the sleep apnea medical disease which affects more than 30 percent of the American population. According to a recent study by the Medical Association of America, more than 89 percent of people suffering from sleep apnea are not diagnosed until it another medical condition sets aboard.

For more than 15 years of professional experience in the field of dentistry, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has worked to diversify his knowledge and study. While he was entering college, he promised himself that he would become one of the most prominent people in the United States in the world of dentistry. When he finished his studies, he was attracted to a field which no other person had determined his course. Sleep apnea has become one of the most troublesome medical conditions whose medicine is not yet discovered. While it is immune to medicine, certain treatment therapies have been found to work on the disease in various measures. For this reason, we might have noticed that this condition has many forms which can be treated in different treatments which Dr. Avi Weisfogel keeps discovering through the Dental Sleep Masters Company.

When he graduated from college, he decided p lay more focus on methods which can be used to treat the sleep apnea. Because this disease has few professionals handling the matter, he wanted to be paramount of all. He decided to found the Dental Sleep masters Company which has been recognized by the American Medical Society because of its contributions to the development of therapies which can be used to treat sleep apnea through dentistry. Dr. Avi Weisfogel also works with the company to have many professionals in the medical field trained on the various methods of treating the medical disease.



Wessex Institute of Technology And Its International Journals

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is a special organization in the scientific community that has the goal of developing knowledge transfer mechanisms that are mainly directed at exchanging information between professional users and academics within the technology industry. This is done through a variety of activities that include graduate programs, conference programs, software services, and publishing activities like books and journals.


WIT is well known for their five international journals. These journals include Design & Nature and Ecodynamics, Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements, Safety and Security Engineering, Sustainable Development and Planning, and Energy Production and Management. WIT also has three new journals on the horizon, Heritage Architecture, Environmental Impacts, and Transport Development and Integration.


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These journals discuss things like environmental problems, and social, economic, and scientific issues. The International Journal of Heritage Architecture is a publication that aims to address issues that are related to repairing and maintenance of cultural heritage. Other journals discuss transport systems, the socio-political challenges that are associated with energy production, and crisis management. Their Safety and Security Engineering journal covers topics like terrorism, IT security, risk management, protection and mitigation issues, and security engineering. The goal of their Design & Nature and Ecodynamics journal is to encourage and facilitate an inter-disciplinary relationship between arts and sciences.

How Roberto Santiago has Transformed Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping into an Exciting Shopping Center

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian entrepreneur and shrewd investor. He has several large, sophisticated, and well-architected projects to his name. Mr. Santiago has made a name for himself in the state of Paraiba over the last few years. He is popular for his exceptional business acumen, investments, and ability to exploit opportunities that the state of Paraiba has to offer.

Manaira Shopping

Manaira Shopping is a brainchild of Robert Santiago. It started operating in the Capital of Paraiba back in 1989. Mr. Santiago has expanded this shopping center on five times since opening it. Manaira is one of the biggest shopping centers in Joao Pessoa and offers the city with numerous exciting activities, especially leisure, fun, and entertainment.

What makes Manaira Shopping Center Unique?

If you want to experience a mind-blowing shopping experience that is full of fun, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is a perfect choice. Manaira is strategically positioned close to the beaches of the Joao Pessoa. It has over 280 unique stores. Roberto Santiago created this place with the aim of addressing the shopping needs and preference of clients under one roof.

This place has outperformed all the malls based in Brazil. In fact, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Center is more than just a mall – inside this beautiful center; you will find a movie theater, several restaurants, a fitness center, festivals, and bars and lounges. Manaira’s stores contain an extensive collection of men and women’s trendy outfits, jewelry, footwear, and perfume. Some stores contain furniture, sports supplies, watches, electronics, and hardware. Manaira Shopping Center harbors Cinepolis Movie Theater, which shows latest releases. Its restaurants offer fast food and fine dining on Major concerts, art fairs, cultural events, and festivals are held at the Dumus Hall that is located within Manaira Shopping Center.

The success of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is a reflection of Mr. Santiago’s creativity, determination, and personal commitment to the well-being of the community. When constructing the center, he was weighing the possibility of having many options under one roof. Manaira introduced technology, entertainment, and created many job opportunities. Therefore, the center has brought to the city significant social and economic development on It has also attracted many companies to the Manaira’s neighborhood as well as the city of Joao Pessoa, creating more opportunities for the residents.

Mr. Robert Santiago is also the brains behind the Paraiba-based Mangabeira Shopping on He launched the store back in 2014. The mall occupies 122 thousand square meters, with stores occupying 53 thousand square meters, three floors, and a parking space with over three thousand places. The mall utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and systems. Additionally, the lighting and climate of the mall are fully programmed. Mangabeira Shopping has a section for entertainment and leisure, consisting of children’s playground, wide food courts, lottery, and convenience stores.