Eric Lefkofsky an Entrepreneur of All Trades

Eric Lefkofsky is a very high profile entrepreneur. He has been involved within a wide variety of enterprises and startups. Two of his most successful enterprises includes Groupon and Tempus. Many people might be familiar with Groupon.


It is the coupon sharing/social media site that connects merchants and consumers together. is a relatively new medical company that is not as well- known as Groupon but it is more important in terms of finding ways to heal people with disease. Here is more detailed look at Groupon and Tempus which are two of Lefkofsky’s greatest accomplishments as an entrepreneur.


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Eric Lefkofsky started Groupon in 2008 with his partners Andrew Mason and Brad Keywell. This company had managed to generate the biggest IPO for an online company. Lefkofsky and his partners received a whopping $398 million dollars from this deal. He is now the chairman of this organization.


Eric Lefkofsky is also a co-founder of Tempus. This is a genome mapping organization that is responsible for creating a huge database that doctors can use to treat other patients in the future. Medical professionals use this technology to map out a person’s tumor so that they can figure out how to stop or to reduce its effect at the molecular level.


This company also gather molecular data that can be used to map out a person’s genome in the fight against cancer or other ailments. Once again, medical professionals can use this information to help people to fight certain diseases.


They also perform a wide variety of research activities which can also be used for this type of work. Lefkofsky is the CEO of this company and is fully committed to seeing it flourish like his other endeavors. Lefkosky has been involved within Uptake, LLC and LifeBank. This man has a great entrepreneur spirit and has been involved within many upstarts.


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