Knowledge For Men’s Podcast Features Entrepreneur, Josh Verne

Mr. Josh Verne was a featured guest of the Knowledge for Men’s Podcast that is hosted by Andrew Ferebee. He is the founder and chief executive officer of, which is a peer to peer sharing site for college students. During the interview, Josh discussed his career in business and what he has learned over the course of his career. Ferebee also asked Josh would advice he would give to new businessman as well as people in the business community. Below are some of the tips that Josh Verne discussed with Andrew Ferebee on the Knowledge for Men’s Podcast show.


When doing business deals, Josh Verne states that you need to think of creating win-win deals for everybody involved in the transaction. This should include you of course, the person you are doing the deal with such as a supplier or vendor and the final customer of the product who you sell the product or service to. By only thinking in terms of win-win deals in your business, you are assuring yourself that you will only take the best possible avenue for everybody involved in the deal. Such thinking will force you to make the very best decision, instead of the easiest one.


For those just starting out in business, Josh Verne says that you need to pursue a job that you feel passionate about. Having passion will motivate you to try your hardest at that job. Passion is also a requirement to be truly successful according to Josh Verne.


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