Beneful at Pet Smart

Beneful is a brand of dog food that was created by Nestle Purina Petcare. Beneful has a variety of meals for dogs, including beef stew, salmon, and chopped lamb with vegetables. They also have a selection of tender and crunchy dog treats that no dog can resist, called Break ‘N Bites. This brand of dog food can be found in many stores, but most commonly at Pet Smart. Pet Smart is franchise of pet stores across the U.S. that sell tons of items for pets including toys, grooming items, and food. Beneful is available in both in Pet Smart stores and online.


Beneful dry dog food is made with real meats including chicken, salmon, and beef. The meats are made into different meals that cater to your dog’s specific needs, like heathy weight and playfulness. They are available Pet Smart stores as well as online on the Pet food website, in prices ranging from 5.99 to 16.99, and even up to 30 dollars, depending on the size.


Beneful features a variety of prepared meals that are irresistible to any dog. These prepared meals feature meats like chicken, beef, salmon, turkey and lamb, vegetables like carrots, peas, and tomatoes, and rice. Beneful Prepared Meals are sold in Pet Smart stores and the Pet Smart website for around 1.89 per can.


Break ‘N Bites are a series of dog treats created by Beneful. They feature both tender and crunchy treats that come in flavors like beef and chicken. They also have a series of mini treats, called BenefulIncredibites. They have crunchy, meaty, and dental Incredibite treats. Beneful’s treats range in price from 5.99 to 15.99, depending on the size.

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