Chris Burch Acquires Indonesian Resort

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who has been involved in both the real estate and fashion industries during his career. After building successful clothing companies, he looked to add yet another addition to his real estate portfolio. Burch would collaborate with hotelier James McBride to purchase a hostel located on the Indonesian island of Sumba in 2012. Burch would help acquire the property by investing $39 million into the project. He and McBride would renovate the hostel into a resort and name it Nihiwatu three years later in 2015. Putting together this resort resulted in one of the very best in the world as Travel & Leisure named it in its recent 2016 rankings. With the addition of this resort, Burch has been able to increase his investment holdings and his overall wealth.  More of this on

Shortly after investing in the resort, Chris sat down for an interview to talk about this latest project. During the interview, he expressed his satisfaction with its completion. He has stated that the resort has turned out to become a much better establishment than he ever expected. As a result, he believes that this will become a great addition to his children to enjoy. Along with being a gift to his children, Burch looks to make this resort a charitable investment as a way of giving back to the community. Chris has also said that the resort has been a great investment because it allows people to access a number of amenities that are not usually available at other resorts. The Nihiwatu resort offers butlers as well as spas under waterfalls which create a very unique and luxurious environment.

Over the years Chris Burch has been heavily involved in the real estate and fashion industries. When he was attending college, he first got involved in the fashion industry by purchasing sweaters and then selling them door to door on campus. After experiencing some success, Chris would then establish his own fashion label by creating his own brand of sweaters. The business was a success and he would later become the co chairman of a company known as Tory Burch. For an update of his recent timeline activities, head over to

He would later establish another company known as Burch Creative Capital, learn more about the company, click on this. This company was the parent company of all of his fashion apparel businesses as well as his real estate holdings. Some of the real estate holdings that Burch has acquired over the years include a hotel in Argentina as well as a hospitality property located in South Beach.  Related article on

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