How Securus Technologies Changed the Way Jails Protect Officers

I can say from experience that working in a jail is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. On any given day, inmates are looking for any opportunity to make a name for themselves at the expense of officers. If we were to put down our guard for a second, inmates could really make a bad situation a life-threatening one.


To help make my life safer in the jail, there are several things that we as officers do to combat the efforts of the inmates. The violence escalates when you add drugs and weapons to the mix, and these items are easily accessible to inmates even in jail. Ask any inmate, they will tell you that they can get their hands on drugs and weapons more easily when in jail than on the streets. This is where we focus our efforts each day.


My team works the visitors section of the jail each day to make sure tat these people are not trying to bring things into the jail that put us all at risk. Even with a strong police presence, many visitors will risk going to jail themselves in order to supply the inmates with what they need. If an order comes down from high-level gang members, soldiers on the street jump to do whatever is asked of them.


Recently, Securus Technologies installed a communication system for the inmates that gives us a deeper ability to monitor calls unlike any time in the past. Now when inmates talk, regardless how they try to disguise the conversation, the LBS software tips us off to something happening. On a number of occasions we discovered who was giving the orders, who was bringing the drugs, and when they were going to make an attempt.


Securus Technologies allows our officers in the jail an added layer of protection.


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