Cancer Treatment Centers of America takes a Holistic Approach in Diagnosing Cancer

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has united with Allscripts and NantHealth towards implementing a technical solution that is customed to assist Eviti to access the workflows of clinics of Allscripts Sunrise Electronic Health Record (EHR). The technical support will be efficient in informing matters concerning cancer treatment without interrupting with the workflow of the physician. The direct Interface has been developed through a critical consideration of different oncologists who are spread across the nation, and it also integrates data collected regarding cancer care in it.

The system has been designed with the patient in mind, and it reduces chances of clinician guesswork during their work routine. It has also improved care delivery and transparency. The system also creates a platform where patient and their clinical teams can discuss treatment progress. This creates patient confidence, improves efficiency, and the quality of care. Additionally, this integration of the Eviti Solution with Allscripts Sunrise EHR for Clinical Pathways has also improved record-keeping especially those regarding cancer evidence-based treatment.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), is located in Boca Raton, Fl. It has a network of five primary hospitals spread across the US that mainly focus on serving cancer patients. It was founded by Richard J Stephenson, who was motivated after the death of her mother due to cancer. It is an accredited center, and it earns full standard compliance from the Joint Commission and other relevant bodies.

The CTCA is mainly recognized due to its approach to treating cancer. It uses integrative treatment model through conventional methods such as chemotherapy, surgery, and immunotherapy. Additionally, it also offers evidence-informed therapies to manage side effects of cancer. It is staffed with cancer experts who are very knowledgeable with using leading-edge technologies and other advanced treatment methods. It achieves all these under one roof. It is a holistic reliable cancer treatment center.

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