ClassDojo: What Is It, and Why Do You Need It?

It’s hard to feel connected with your childrens’ school lives. Nowadays, everything from homework questions to science projects are created and finished, in their majority, online. Often, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to schedule a meeting with your child’s educator to go over their progress and the overall enjoyment of your child’s education.

This is the inspiration for the newest in educational technology: the ClassDojo app. Using this app, parents, teachers, students, and other educators will be able to communicate anytime, without the need to share personal contact information.

There are four different segments of the ClassDojo app, the first being the online Classroom. This is the section in which parents work together with both teachers and students to create the perfect, ideal classroom. It can be personalized to fit every student’s individual needs, so you won’t have to compromise with your child’s learning methods.

Messages is the place you’ll be able to communicate with teachers and other members of the educational staff. You can reach your child’s teacher at almost any time, except for the specially marked “Quiet Hours.”

Stories are the fun part for students and parents alike. Here, you’ll be able to watch and share videos, pictures, and other media with your child. He or she will be able to share work and other aspects of their school day that you just won’t have access to anywhere else. It’s the best way to watch your child grow and learn, every day.

Last but certainly not least, Big Ideas can help both you and your child’s teacher work together to teach your child the big things in life. With plenty of videos made by award-winning designers, you’re sure to “revamp” your style when it comes to your children’s education.

ClassDojo will soon be an indispensable part of your child’s education. Why not give it a try, and start communicating with your child and their teachers now?

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