Mary Mcchesney Offers a Large Donation for Construction of New Planetarium

Mary McChesney who is a retired professor donated a one million United States Dollars to the current planetarium which is undergoing construction. The construction of this new planetarium is taking place at Orange College.

The funds which were donated are going to be used more specifically to fund the device which is used to show and most importantly demonstrate the rotation of the planet earth. This device is called Foucault Pendulum.

According to Glassdoor, the device will be the only one of its kind in the whole Orange County according to the officials at the Costa Mesa College. Mary McChesney who is 91 years of age said that the device would help many students in the college to learn. She also said that the neighboring community will also be able to benefit and hence opening a channel for a brighter future.

Mary also said that her love and passion for the college remains strong. She also stated that in her donation she honored her late friend and partner Adelyn Bonin who had passed away in January. Adelyn was a professor at Orange Coast College and had taught German till her retirement back in the year 1983. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

According to Doug Bennet, executive director of the Orange Coast College Foundation, before Mary’s retirement in the year 1983, Mary McChesney had taught many languages at the Orange Coast College, which are English and Spanish for a long period of 33 years.

He also added that Mary McChesney had been a very active contributor and donator to the Foundation at large. Interesting to note, Mr. Doug Bennet and Mary McChesney were considering the options of donating some money to the Planetarium although Bennet says that he did not think that Mary would offer such an enormous sum of money for the donation.

It is important to note that the planetarium under construction will be state of the art and it will be modernized with the appropriate technology. The auditorium in the planetarium will include more seats, actually 129 seats. Orange Coast College was founded in 1947 in Orange County, California. The school is quite huge, and it gets an intake of about 24,000 students.

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