The Hope Of USHEALTH Advisors

There are times when people need someone to help them and their families in troubling situations. That’s where USHEALTH comes in. USHEALTH Advisors is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of the inhabitants of the world. It was first founded in 2010 by Troy McQuagge. He continues to serve as its president and CEO. Since then they have volunteered on countless rescue and repair projects and secured housing for thousands of displaced people. It has targeted certain organizations for clothing donations, such as The Crisis Nursery to whom they donated thousands of dollars’ worth of shoes in 2011. They have also given monetarily to certain organizations; in 2012 they gave a $25,000 donation to HOPEKids Arizona. The following year they gave the HOPEIKids branch in North Texas $45,000. And those are just examples; there are many.


Spokespeople for the company are abundantly clear that getting money for what they do is secondary; their service for needy people and communities is primary. Its very being is geared to help other people in need wherever they may be in the world. There are individual representatives of USHEALTH with their own offices all across the country. Each of these also instigates their own philanthropic works in their specific areas. They will do anything of assistance, whether this means hands on labor, giving money, or rendering advice and counsel. USHEALTH Advisors calls its extensive philanthropic services is HOPE services. They are looking for ever more ways of extending their HOPE services to the population of the world.

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