Sentient Technologies in Partnership to Develop their Product Further

Digital Operative, Inc. is a digital agency works with other businesses and specializes in growing their e-commerce revenue. The company offers a number of services such as website design, conversion rate optimization or CRO, digital marketing, and technology.

The company of Digital Operative, Inc. recently stepped into a partnership with another business called Sentient Technologies. The company of Sentient Technology has a product called Sentient Ascend. The patented product is a solution for CRO which is powered by artificial intelligence. Sentient Ascend needs scalable testing programs in order to for e-commerce companies to be able to utilize it for faster growth and digital optimization. Sentient Ascend offers the ability to set up a few experiments at the same time. The program compresses conversion rates and test cycles, and it can take up information worth up to a year. It compresses the data down to the volume of one week to make it more scaled down and comprehensive for users. The result is optimized commerce and a gain in conversion rate up 40 percent. The CRO solution of Sentient Ascend also offers a choice of testing options between multiple pages or one page. There is also a single page option for application support. As a whole, Sentient Ascend tests and analyzes dozens of ideas and possibly millions of page designs over the course of hours. It can also discover interactions which are not based on human intellect but on an artificial one. The possibilities of what Sentient Ascend can do are nearly endless.

Sentient Technologies created products centered on scaled artificial intelligence. The platform of Sentient Technologies combines a multitude of AI disciplines such as neuroevolution, deep learning, as well as evolutionary AI and creates a blend with unmatched scale. The company of Sentient Technologies provides its services to business in a full range of industries such as health care, food production, and much more.

Together with Digital Operative, Inc., the companies will excel and accomplish something revolutionary for e-commerce businesses. Digital Operative, Inc. has a deep understanding of consumer behavior. Nowadays, consumers are agile and well-informed. Buyers browse a multitude of channels every day- they compare prices and quality, read thousands of reviews, and discuss potential purchases and retail businesses. Digital Operative, Inc. offers fully integrated services exactly because of that knowledge of consumer behavior. The company does analytics as well as digital design, marketing strategy and more.

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