Brian Torchin Describes HCRC’s Vision

Brian Torchin graduated from the University of Delaware with his Bachelor’s Degree in exercise science, then continued his education at New York Chiropractic college. He graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1995 with a doctorate of Chiropractic degree. His degree was put to work after he was board certified when he became a practicing chiropractor.

Brian Torchin set up his own chiropractic business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While running his own clinic, Torchin was able to help many patients to manage their pain. With his skills and education, Dr. Torchin was of great assistance in helping those who were suffering.

While involved in his own practice, Dr. Torchin was able to familiarize, through his own experience as a chiropractic practitioner, the intricacies of the industry. Dr. Torchin learned how to run and maintain a quality chiropractic office, he also came to learn how difficult it can be to find jobs in the medical field because the job listings are not always made public.

According to Glassdoor, as Dr. Torchin came to the realization of the difficulty in finding jobs in the medical field, he became owner and president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors. The goal of HCRC and Torchin was to provide healthcare clients with the best care available.

A unique part of obtaining their goal is that HCRC has weekend and nights availability in order to create as quick response time as possible to communicate with clients and physicians. Positions that Health Care Recruitment Counselors staff fill range from dentists, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, urgent care providers, and more. HCRC also assists law firms to fill positions such as paralegals, administrators, attorneys, and secretaries.

The blog site that Torchin runs publishes tips that cover a wide variety of topics pertaining to the medical field, specifically in the context of hiring medical help.

Torchin also writes tips about running a friendly and successful medical office and clinic. Using social media is also another outlet for Torchin. His Facebook page advertises job openings publicly that might be otherwise missed.

Brian Torchin has the expertise and passion to assist medical centers hire the best available help.

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