Michel Terpin- Conquering Roads in Brazil

After winning the second stage of the 24th edition of the Sertões Rally, Michel Terpins and Justo were the highlights in the category, and they finished fifth in the overall standings. “It was a very difficult stage and with very exhausting stretches. But we managed to have a very good pace and achieve a great result. We are only on the second day, there is still a lot of evidence ahead, “says Michel Terpins, who faced a dangerous Special with chasms and mountainous region.The pilots were aboard the T-Rex developed by the MEM team, in which it was the seventh participation of Michel Terpins in the Sertoes Rally. Confident in the first two victories in the previous stages, Michel Terpins and Justo faced a third stage full of adrenaline and a lot of emotion, made up of winding roads, erosions, and depressions.

It is worth remembering that the vehicle that the pilots were on board received the Carbon Free seal of the Green Initiative. Which means that the CO2 emitted by the vehicle during the seven stages will be compensated by planting trees in the Atlantic Forest.

Inside the rally, one of the qualities most adored is speed. As a result, it is very rare for folks to rule the activity for years as new and faster riders enter into the sport. An specific, Michel Terpins, defies this trend.

The Brazilian move driver has won almost every race he has participated in, and even at the age of 40, he will not seem to be to dwindle for a while. Michel Terpin was born more than three decades back into a sports family in Sao Paulo. In a young age, encouraged by his older close friend Rodrigo, he developed a great passion for rate. Under the tutelage of his father, Jack Terpin, who was a successful basketball player, Michel, and his brother made the transition to professional move drivers as adults. Although today is an attained rally driver, the reduction of Michel Terpin was actually in the category of motorcycles. At the prestigious Sertoes Rally 2002, he made his first appearance as a biker. Even though he is not on the podium, his performance has a long and successful race ahead of him. Shortly thereafter, however, he chose to make the change in the car rallies as a navigator for his brother Rodrigo. Together they are both parts of the Half truths Sertoes team and, recently, a T-Rex developed by MEM Motorsport.

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