TechStyle’s Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are Better than the Rest

For Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, the idea of fashion and style is something that will give them the chance to truly help people. They want everyone to know about fashion and how it can be helpful for those who want something that is convenient. The technology-related part of their business is what gives them the convenience factor that no other company has to offer. The men like to offer the convenience factor because it is part of what has made their business what it is today. Other fashion companies are not convenient and don’t have the same competitive edge TechStyle is willing to offer their customers. There is a process that people will need to go through if they are going to use one of the TechStyle brands. They have to make sure they have an account with whichever company they are using. The accounts are free and it’s completely free for people to sign up. From there, they have to take a style quiz to show the brand what they are interested in and what they would like to get from the brand. It is what has helped the brand make all of the right choices for their customers.

By taking the style quiz, customers will be able to have a personal stylist. The stylist can choose clothes that are just right for each person. The clothes, shoes and beauty products will depend on the answers each person has from the quiz. The brand will decide what will work for each person and then the customer is able to select whether they think it is something they would be interested or not. The convenience factor comes from not having to shop, but customers can shop a reverse showroom of products that will be perfect for them if they want.

The customers need to make sure they have chosen all the things they want to purchase if they’re going to use a TechStyle brand. Once they have made their selections, products will be automatically shipped to them. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler didn’t invent the idea of online shopping, but they did streamline it to make sure it was going to be something people could benefit from. When they did this, they knew things would work best for their customers. They also knew things would change the way most people looked at fashion and beauty while they were shopping online.

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