Jeffry Schneider Takes Personal Wellness to a Whole New Level

Jeffry Schneider is a business executive who can really inspire you. He is a well-rounded individual who takes physical fitness and overall wellness seriously. As CEO of a company, he obviously lives a fast-paced and busy life. You may be even tempted to think that he has no time to hit the gym and participate in wellness programs but Jeffry has surprised many people. Out of his busy schedule characterized by endless meetings, appointments and traveling, he always creates some time for physical fitness and personal wellness. He wakes up every morning before sunrise (sometimes before his alarm) to hit the gym. If he is in a place where he can’t access a gym, he runs and jogs at the nearest park.

Jeffry’s lifestyle is something that is hard to maintain. It requires a great deal of commitment, self-discipline and vision. He finds his ability to think clearly and rationally has improved significantly. Not to mention, he has become more immune to illness, happier and more contented with life.

We can all learn from what Jeffry is doing with his life. All we need to do is to recognize the importance of wellness programs.

Importance of Wellness Programs

A wellness program, whether done individually or in a group, comes with a lot of benefits. It boosts overall health, improves cognitive function, reduces stress levels and increases the rate of productivity at the workplace.

Research shows that individuals who exercise regularly as part of their wellness program are less likely to request sick leaves than those who do not exercise at all. Wellness programs show employees that their overall health is important. It also gives them the feeling that their employers are mindful about their well-being. Consequentially, they will have a positive attitude about the company and feel part and parcel with its vision and mission. There will be reduced cases of underperformance, absenteeism, lack of motivation and reduced level of focus.

Eating well and exercising regularly increases performance significantly. The brain focuses better on tasks at hand and the body feels more energized and motivated to work. According to a workforce study report, employees who participate in wellness programs at the workplace are more satisfied in their jobs than those who don’t. Not to mention, programs that involve group activities make the employees to become more connected with their employers. They start to form meaningful relationships and engage everyone at work.

More About Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry is a business man, a philanthropist and an adventurer. He owns a company based in Austin, Texas. Jeffry is an outgoing and likeable person who will not hesitate to share his personal experience with his readers on his personal blog. He mainly shares about his traveling experiences across the nation and talks about his lifestyle. He encourages people to embrace healthy lifestyles and work towards enhancing their personal wellness.

Jeffry Schneider has been an active supporter of philanthropy in Texas and other parts of the country. He contributes every year to programs that are helping the less fortunate. Much of his career and personal life is driven by the desire to live a peaceful and healthy life and better the lives of others. Jeffry currently lives in Austin, Texas.

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