Christopher Burch and Burch Creative Capital

Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of the New York, NY private investment company, Burch Creative Capital. He has had a hand in the success of 50 companies and is now involved in raising new companies like ED by Ellen DeGeneres. His winning philosophy is to find and invest in novel market opportunities.

His investments follow along the lines of his gift choices. In fact some of his gifts are made by companies in which he invests. Some of the gifts he’s picked out include a Barbour Gisburne Jacket, candy from Fatty Sundays, a Trademark Cooper Cage Tote, a U.S. Jaclean Zero-Gravity Massage Chair and a Snowe Home Candle Set. He takes his gift giving a step further by contributing a donation in the recipient’s name. This accentuates his love of creativity in both his gift giving and his work.  Additional article on

Burch’s Creative Capital hones in on creative ideas, investing capital so these ideas can be brought to the market. He believes his purpose is to pair creative ideas with funding. He supports an expanding range of products, primarily focused on improving one’s lifestyle. He regularly looks at products in home furnishings, hospitality, apparel, organic foods, lifestyle and technology.  Read his views on business related matters, click this.

Successful Business Ventures

His current investments lie in the following products:

  • Voss Water-water from Aruba Mount Voss
  • Jawbone-wearable technology such as headphones
  • Next Jump-e-commerce company managing loyalty programs
  • Powermat-company licensing IP and wireless power
  • Tory Burch-well designed, clothing, handbags, shoes and jewelry
  • Faena Hotel + Universe-luxury group of hotels in Buenos Aires and Miami Beach
  • Poppin-office furniture and supplies
  • Ed by Ellen DeGeneres-Ellen’s line of clothing and accessories
  • Cocoon9-prefab homes
  • Nihi Sumba Island- an Indonesian Luxury resort, 50 minutes from Bali
  • TRADEMARK-handbags

He’s got his hand in a variety of ventures. This constant movement appears to be the level of activity he requires to be fulfilled. He also co-owns the luxury Nihi Sumba Island resort. He partnered with Ellen DeGeneres to launch ED. And, he has still more lifestyle products that he has invested in: Brad’s Raw Foods, Chubbies, Little Duck Organics, Blink Health, Soludos and BaubleBar. His business gets the benefit of his eagle focus, love of creativity, business acumen and determination. Christopher Burch is one of the reasons why they’re all profiting.  Refer to for a related article.

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