Graham Edwards’ secrete to success

Every leader has a secrete to his success. For some it is their discipline, for some it is their attention to detail and for others their people skills. Regardless of what their secret is, their success is as a result of them banking on their unique strengths. Graham Edwards is the current CEO of Telereal Trillium (Glassdoor). He is a graduate of Cambridge University where he studied economics. This has played a great part in his success. It has given him the academic knowledge needed for him to hold the positions he has held.

Graham Edwards’ desire for growth has been his secrete for success. There is no position that he has held and left it like he found it. When he was appointed the CEO of Telereal in 2001, the first major milestone he achieved was a transaction that saw Telereal acquire properties worth over 2 billion pounds from BT ( This was an expansion for Telereal. It meant the company was now worth much more and the profits went through the roof. As of 2009, Graham has lead the company to a point of making over a billion in one financial year. This was made possible by the acquisition of Tirilium from its former owners.

It is this desire to always be on the move that has made him one of the best in his field. He inspires his employees to do as he does; grow. He aims to better what he is already good at every single day. Because of this, he has seen Telereal Trillium be one of the best companies of its kind in the world.

Graham Edwards is also a philanthropist. Instead of focusing on his success alone, Mr Edwards takes time to consider other people’s welfare as well. He is not only a giver at heart but also encourages his peers to get into philanthropy. He is on the board of many philanthropic boards such as One Voice Europe, British Friends of the Hebrew University and Pennies. Using his position in these boards, he has inspired many to give towards the needy in the society and has given millions of his own fortune to see the course of these organizations through.


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