Chris Burch a diverse investor making it big

Chris Burch a diverse investor making it big.

Chris Burch has been the mastermind behind investing and cofounding retail brands that have been recognized internationally. Chris Burch has however directed his energy and attention elsewhere, on hospitality. In 2012, Burch together with a friend, James McBridge who is a hotelier, they bought a hostel on the beach on the island of Sumba in Indonesia. This beach hostel was previously owned by a couple from New Jersey and Burch and James McBridge spent about $30 million to do a makeover and renovations on the hostel.

In 2015, the hostel was reopened under a new name Nihiwatu which is now a five-star resort. Being in operation for only a year it was ranked as the best hotel in the whole wide world by Travel + Leisure. Chris Burch told Business Jet Traveller that he had bought the resort for his children and he was positive that it would be something they preserve and for the purpose of giving back to the community. He also added that it was a place so beautiful and you could do things that cannot be done elsewhere or go to places no one has ever been before. Chris Burch remarks that the resort had turned into something more than he had expected.

Chris Burch spends most of his time either in Miami, the Hamptons or in Nihiwatu. The Indonesian resort consists of 27 private villas which also includes his private home. The section of his private home has a main house with four villas each of which has a private plunge pool.

Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital and he is also the chief executive officer of the firm. His entrepreneurial values and visions have been manifested through the company. Chris Burch has had a hand in the coming up of over 50 companies in the period he has been an investor and entrepreneur. He combines his understanding of the behavior of consumers and knowledge of international and direct sourcing he has built a name for himself of connecting innovation to impact. The portfolio for Creative Capital’s brand is getting bigger with the addition of newly established brands which consist of Nihiwatu, Cocoon9, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin and TRADEMARK (

Chris Burch has made his investments diverse and his organization is focused on developing a number of brands for consumer and lifestyle products ( These products range from hospitality, home furnishings and retail to technology industries and those industries that deal with organic food.

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Attorney Jeff Herman Supports Senate Bill S.809

A group of advocates called New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators is trying to get the New York legislature to pass Senate Bill S.809, the Child Victims Act. This law would eliminate the statute of limitations for children victimized by sexual predators. This coalition of activists has received a boost from two high profile individuals who have joined them in their fight. Actor Corey Feldman and Sarah Powers-Barnhard of the U.S. volleyball team are hoping their high profile status will force the Senate Republicans to pass the Child Victims Act.

Senate bill S.809 introduced by Brad Hoylman, a Democrat from Manhattan, would eliminate both civil and criminal statute of limitations in child abuse cases in New York State. Currently, there is a one-year window to allow civil action lawsuits, so an additional provision of the Senate Bill would extend for up to 50 years, the current one-year window.

This legislation, designed to help victims of child abuse, is the type of legislation that Attorney Jeff Herman, a nationally known trial lawyer and the founder and manager of Herman Law would support. His law firm prides itself on being the “voice for victims,” and for the past 25 years, Attorney Jeff Herman has worked as an advocate for people who have survived rape, sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation. In those 25 years, Attorney Jeff Herman and Herman Law have represented more than 1,000 victims.

Attorney Jeff Herman is a passionate advocate for his clients, and the focus of his representation is not to obtain monetary awards but to find justice for the victims. He has nevertheless been successful in seven recent cases, of receiving more than $25 million in restitution for his clients.

Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal sponsored a version of the Child Victims Act and Governor Cuomo has included the bill as one of his top priorities this year. According to a 2018 Quinnipiac Poll, 90.6 percent of New York citizens support passage of this bill.

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Heal N Soothe Restores the Body to What it Once Was

Heal N Soothe is a unique product that uses the power of systemic enzymes to work throughout the body to help repair, injured tissues, help improve memory loss, and even prevent cancer. It also speeds up the recovery time that it takes for the body to heal from sprains, bruises, surgery, joint pain, surgery, or anything else that requires healing. These systemic enzymes provide the body with a type of therapy that is very effective in reducing pain and inflammation without the side effects of many medications that are used to treat pain and swelling.

Heal N Soothe contains many powerful and natural ingredients such as bromelain, turmeric extract, papain, Boswellia extract, and rutin. It also contains proteolytic systemic enzymes, Mojave yucca root, ginger extract, devil’s claw, and citrus bioflavonoids. These ingredients combined are very effective in treating pain and swelling and also offer many other health benefits.

Citrus bioflavonoids protect the body from oxidative damage, devil’s claw is an effective treatment for arthritis, and ginger extract has been used for thousands of years to treat nausea. Mojave yucca root is an anti-inflammatory and is a digestive aid. Rutin is an anti-oxidant, and Boswellia extract promotes healthy blood flow. Papain and turmeric extract has been used to treat many different ailments for thousand so years and destroys free radicals that cause pain and swelling. Bromelain was first discovered in 1957 and has since been used to reduce swelling and inflammation and is also very useful in ridding the body of dangerous wastes and toxins. Proteolytic systemic enzymes boost immune, respiratory, and cardiovascular function and cleanses the blood, It also breaks down scar tissue and helps to fight inflammation.

Heal N Soothe was developed to help offer some relief from pain and inflammation when adjustments to diet alone are just not enough. Unfortunately, many of the food we eat and the ingredients in them actually worsen the symptoms of pain and inflammation and Heal N Soothe is an effective way to combat these symptoms. At about $50 a bottle which will last about a month, this is a product that will fit in your budget and will make life much nicer without the discomfort and swelling that daily tasks may trigger. When used over time, this product will have more time to heal and strengthen your body so that you can enjoy life without the hindrance of pain, swelling, or inflammation.

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Chris Burch: At The Nexus Of Innovation And Implementation

Investor, entrepreneur and fashion mogul Chris Burch and his partners have built a paradise in Indonesia. Called Nihiwatu, the five-star resort has everything vacationers need to relax and enjoy the pleasures of the planet, check With 27 private villas, two two-story treehouses, incredible white sand beaches and spectacular views of the Indian Ocean, Nihiwatu is a sight to behold. Guests can get private surfing lessons, spa treatments under a waterfall, on the beach or in their villa, yoga classes, swim in private plunge pools or the blue lagoon, go horseback riding on the beach, eat exotic dishes and much more.

Burch started off his business career selling sweaters door-to-door while at Ithaca College through a company he founded with his brother Bob called Eagle’s Eye. Almost overnight, his staff and his customer base grew and he was able to increase and diversify the apparel he sold. Before he knew it, Chris Burch had sold the company for $165 million to the Swipe Group. Flush with cash, Burch invested in an emerging company called the Internet Capital Group. The company flourished and Chris Burch continued to invest in start-ups including C. Wonder, Tory Burch, Jawbone, Cocoon9, Poppin, Voss Water and ED by Ellen DeGeneres (

Over the years, Chris Burch has also made wise investments in a variety of industries. They include organic food, prefab housing, technology, home décor, home furnishings, office supplies, women’s apparel and accessories, organic food, as well as consumer products and lifestyle and luxury brands. All those companies have done quite well. Chris Burch seems to have a knack for identifying companies poised for growth. Some say it’s his natural ability to understand consumer behavior and anticipate buying trends. He also help the companies in which he invests get optimum use from their sourcing infrastructure and better leverage their direct-to-consumer channels.

Burch’s ability to spot companies whose infrastructure, staff and technology puts them at the nexus of innovation and implementation is amazing. Chris Burch has also begun investing in the real estate and hospitality industries. He’s been developing luxury properties in Palm Beach, Florida, the Hamptons in New York as well as in Nantucket, off the coast of Massachusetts. Encouraged by the results of the Nihiwatu resort, Chris Burch and his team plan on building similar resorts in Costa Rica as well as Nicaragua.  These days, many people see Chris Burch as the man with the magic touch.

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The Brown Agency Blends Theatrics and Commercial Modeling to Create an Innovative Brand

Thanks to Wilhelmina Austin’s acquisition of Heyman Talent-South back in 2015, the Brown Agency has become the number one fashion and print modeling agency in the Austin area. At the time of the acquisition, the two agency giants combined forces under a new name, The Brown Agency–likely named after Wilhelmina Austin owner, Justin Brown, who oversaw Wilhelmina Austin since it’s implementation in 2010.


Brown Agency initially made the decision to set up shop in Austin, because the area was a relatively untapped market of models and designers. The area was a hub for up and coming designers at the time.


Justin Brown is no stranger to fashion. He paid his way through college by modeling and working for an agency. In college, he studied business management. After college Brown worked a modeling trainer and agent. This level of support has carried through to today, as The Brown Agency prides itself on the high-quality of training and coaching they provide for their clients.


Under the Brown Agency, the founder of Heyman Talent-South, Michael Bonnee now operates as the Brown Agency’s theatrical agent. Bonnee said in an interview that Heyman was operating successfully in the theatrical niche, while Wilhelmina veered toward the commercial side. Blending these elements together has allowed the Brown Agency to become relatively innovative within the fashion and talent scene.


Just one look at The Brown Agency’s Instagram page paints a stunningly sophisticated and highly professional looking portfolio. It’s clear that Brown’s lineup of models are quite skilled in their craft. Their poses are poised yet relaxed; their expressions look as natural as can be. Much of this can obviously be attributed to the Agency’s commitment to talent-development. Check out their website



Today, The Brown Agency represents models who work for impressive brands such as Dell, Toyota, Loreal and Louis Vuitton. They hold open calls every Thursday from 3-4pm at their Austin-based headquarters. Anyone who is interested in attending an open call session simply needs to bring their resume and some photos. Professional photos are not necessary for the open calls, according to The Brown Agency website.



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The Academy Of Art

New York City is a busy time each fall when Fashion Week takes place. Designers, reporters and celebrities gather at a variety of runway shows to view some of the most creative and unique designs around that year. A well known event held in NYC each year, Fashion Week has become an iconic part of New York City culture. It takes many designers all year to come up with their Fashion Week designs and each year, the Academy of Art University sends some of its best students and graduates to present a show and their designs. This past September was the school’s twenty-first Fashion Week show and there were nine designs showcased. Five of them were women’s designs, two were men’s designs and two more were collaborative efforts. Ten students participated in these designs throughout the year, all of whom had either a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree from the Academy of Art University.


What’s so impressive about the Academy of Art University is not just the impressive staff of professors that are teaching classes but there is also something to be said for the demographic of students that currently are attending classes here. The campus is a melting pot of sorts, with all walks of life attending classes some of which from as far as China and others from the East Coast of the United States. It is important that the school gives off a good impression. During Fashion Week there are a number of very prominent people that attend the shows and at any given show you can see some of the top designers pop in and check out what type of clothing is being showcased. Students and graduates understand how important it is to show their stuff; their style and everything they have learned during their college experience. This one runway show could give them their big break in the fashion world and it definitely is something that looks impressive on a resume or portfolio of designs. The next year will be spent working on another show of designs.

Richard Dwayne Blair: A Reputable Financial Advisor For Your Needs

Are you on the lookout for a trusted financial advisor or investment advisory firm? Do you want to choose one of the best investment or financial advisors in the industry? As a new investor, it is extremely important to consult a renowned investment professional or investment advisory firm.

When it comes to enlisting the services of a renowned investment advisory firm or professional, look no further than Richard Dwayne Blair. He works with clients to have a good understanding of their specialized investment needs. For example, he has worked with many clients in Autin, Texas and surrounding areas to select investment vehicles that are suitable for their situation.

Choosing a financial planner or money management expert is an important decision and requires careful planning. With so many professionals out there offering financial and investment assistance to clients, it is extremely important to do your research properly.

Richard Dwayne Blair is an experienced and reliable investment advisor and financial planner. Richard Dwayne Blair renders unbeatable advisory services to clients, using his Three Pillars Approach.

Any person who truly wants to receive top notch service and achieve financial success ought to get in touch with Richard Dwayne Blair right away. Richard Dwayne Blair has the industry resources to help you make the best decisions for your financial future. His vast experience in the financial services arena helps him to deliver the best possible service to his clients.

Learning to set investment or financial goals is a crucial step for those who want to improve their financial situation and secure their future.

If you are serious about managing your money properly and securing your financial future, Richard Dwayne Blair is ready to deliver the top notch advisory solution you need to meet your needs.

Richard Dwayne Blair aims to be the best professional that investors can rely on for help in managing their investments. In terms of his wealth building and financial management offerings, Richard Dwayne Blair provides customized investment plans and advice and can put you on the right path to success.


Glen Wakeman, MBA, entrepreneur, and businessman

Glen Wakeman is a productive member in the entrepreneur field. He is a brilliant businessman, successful entrepreneur, fantastic public speaker, encouraging mentor, and all around nice guy. He has a passion for helping people succeed in their most advantageous dreams of entrepreneurship. With all that being said, here a little history on the businessman and his accomplishments so far.

The certified Six Sigma Black Belt received a Economics and Finance Bachelor’s degree from the University of Scranton in Scranton Pennsylvania. From there he went to the University of Chicago where he got his Master of Business Administration in Finance. The thorough education Glen Wakeman received set him up for a fruitful and bright future.

At his current business LaunchPad Holdings LLC. Mr. Wakeman likes to match good ideas and hardworking individuals with money and the resources they need to succeed. It is a rich and rewarding experience for everyone involved, especially when they succeed. This company is actually fully automated software that helps these entrepreneurs form a concrete plan from their business idea. It also have a plethora of information that these people would not have otherwise. He says there are a lot of good ideas out there but they need far more structure so they can continue on. Glen is also the Chief Executive Officer of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. The brilliant businessman has also created a system that changes a business from struggling and inefficient to running smoothly and successful. Mr. Wakeman calls it his 5 step proven methodology that focuses on key points of a business to make it more functional including human capital, governance, risk management, execution, and leadership.

Glen Wakeman has worked for other companies in his vast career including GE Capital. At the thriving company Glen worked complex leadership and management positions in which he showed his vast skills and knowledge. Glen has traveled all over the world and has lived in 6 different countries. Mr. Wakeman lived in Latin America he was Chief Executive Officer of GE Money Latin America. He brought his A-game and grew it to 9 country operations from complete scratch.


How World-Renowned Pediatrician, Dr. Mark Holterman, Shifted Healthcare

Dr. Mark Holterman received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Yale University in 1980 and his M.D. and Ph.D. in immunology from the University of Virginia. After his surgical residencies at the University of Virginia and Seattle’s Children’s Hospital, Dr Mark Holterman conducted immunology research at the Clinical Institute of Montreal. As chief surgeon of Advocate Children’s Hospital, he continued his research. He teaches pediatric surgery to medical students at the University of Illinois.


Mariam Global Health

Dr. Mark Holterman works to advance medical knowledge, provide quality medical care for children worldwide, and disseminate information about the latest technological advances and surgical techniques. He’s especially interested in stem cell research. Dr. Holterman incorporated Mariam Global Health to improve health care internationally. He incorporated the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN), and he funds medical startups to increase the number of pediatric medical facilities in his International network. Mariam Global Health evaluates the feasibility of scientific research proposals based on their potential impact on world health. Dr. Holterman, through Mariam Global Health, funds research proposals, keeps costs down, and remains involved with the recipients to ensure their success.



In 2007, Ho Chi Minh City suffered a severe shortage of adequate surgeons and pediatricians. Their hospitals were overcrowded and unsanitary. Parents traveled long distances to bring their children into the city for emergency medical care. The International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam sends surgeons, medical doctors, technicians, and nurses to Viet Nam to improve necessary medical care to children in Vietnam. IPSAC-VN also pays for Vietnamese doctors to travel to the United States to work with American doctors on two month work visas. They perform surgery, use the latest technology, and conduct medical research. Doctors from the United States share the latest knowledge, medication, surgical techniques, and technology with Vietnamese medical personnel. IPSAC-VN broadens and improves the scope and standard of care in Vietnamese hospitals. IPSAC-VN strives to reduce hospital acquired infections and establish medical clinics in even the remote areas of Vietnam which lacked medical providers entirely in 2007.


Graham Edwards Real Estate Expert and Leader of Telereal Trillium

Located in London, Telereal Trillium manages commercial properties throughout the United Kingdom. Graham Edwards is the CEO of Telereal Trillium and has served as an executive with the company since its inception in 2001. Edwards studied economics at Cambridge University. Graham Edwards is well known as a philanthropist throughout the United Kingdom. He serves on the board of several philanthropic organizations including One Voice Europe,British Friends of the Hebrew University, and Portland Trust. Before working as an executive at Telereal Trillium, Edwards was CIO of Talisman Global Asset Management.

Telereal Trillium has thrived under Edwards’ leadership. One of the most important developments that took place under his management was the strategic partnership that the company formed with British Telecomholdings. This partnership set the tone for many of the decisions that the company has made over the years. Most assuredly this partnership encouraged Telereal Trillium to realize the untapped value and opportunity for expansion that often comes with partnerships. One of the key aspects of this partnership was allowing BT properties to be vacated over time instead of all at once. This gave Telereal Trillium the ability to slowly transition and gradually adjust its business strategy.

Telereal Trillium has also excelled under the leadership provided by Edwards as it relates to acquisitions. Edwards was instrumental in the acquisition of Trillium in 2009. The purchase of Trillium and its property holdings positively impacted the company’s ability to successfully expand. Edwards has consistently proved himself as dynamic leader who acts with integrity using sound business principles. Telereal Trillium is renowned throughout the United Kingdom for the time it invest in ensuring that its clients are completely satisfied with their commercial property acquisitions.

In addition to the aforementioned impact of Graham Edwards, Telereal Trillium has acquired many awards under his leadership. These awards include the Corporate Supporter of the Year (2016). Telereal Trillium continues to succeed as a commercial property manager. Graham Edwards Telereal’s effective leadership style has been essential to the sustained growth and expansion of Telereal Trillium. Edwards has positioned the firm to have substantial success and growth well into the future.