Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu Resort Purchase Becomes World’s Top Dream Vacation Place

If you’ve always wanted a vacation to a place that has the most inviting beaches, surrounding scenery that brings fresh air and beautiful trees and nature trails in the background, and hotels built among them that have old design mixed with modern comforts, that’s what you’ll find at Nihiwatu Resort. This 5-star hotel is found at Sumba Island and is owned mostly by billionaire entrepreneur Chris Burch ( Burch has long been a venture capital investor in unique innovative companies, but this property has become his biggest real estate investment to date. Travel & Leisure has listed it as number one in world class destinations, and Burch also had a house built on the property with a pool that’s overlooking the ocean.

Chris Burch conducts most of his entrepreneurship through Burch Creative Capital, a venture firm he established in 2008. He’s also a blogger and hosts podcasts throughout the year through which he expresses not only business ideas, but also ideas for other followers on a variety of subjects. Among the companies he’s invested in are some that he’s purchased gift items from, and some of those items he recommends his followers buy include a Snowe Home candle set, sweet treats from Fatty Sunday’s or Pretzables and a Zero-Gravity US Jaclean massage chair with ultra comfort. Burch reached billionaire status in 2012, but he began his journey there nearly 40 years before.

The Entrepreneurial Journey

Chris Burch began as a fashion businessman when he started Eagle Eye Apparel in the 1970s. He was in his second year at Ithaca College when he started buying factory-made sweaters with custom designs, and he sold them for $5 profits around the campus and town neighborhoods. The small business grew into a larger fashion retail company known as Eagle Eye apparel that drove in millions of dollars in sales. Burch sold this company in 1998 and started buying other small companies through a tech-based investment firm known as The Internet Capital Group, and he served on the Board of Directors of Guggenheim Partners for many years. In 2004, he funded the start of the Tory Burch fashion brand and owned about 30% up till 2012 when he sold it off.

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Chris Burch started his hotel investments when he teamed up with the Faena Group to construct their Hotel + Universe in Buenos Aires. He also joined the co-op board and became their president at the Pierre Hotel and also made some million-dollar residential purchases in New York, Massachusetts and Florida.  Check for related reading.  Burch is also a former trustee and $1.3 million donor to the Tilton private school.

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