Graham Edwards Continues to Grow Telereal

The real estate market in the United Kingdom is a very dynamic market that requires a lot of skill and expertise to manage. For those that are looking to invest in the UK real estate market, one company to try and mimic is Telereal Trillium. Telereal Trillium is a leading real estate investment firm that currently has more 8,000 properties under its ownership and management (

Telereal Trillium can provide a range of different services. While the company does own its own properties, it can also provide services to other investors as well. Telereal Trillium will be able to provide property management, leasing, and asset management services to real estate investors all over the UK. Telereal Trillium has found that their services can help anyone to receive a better return on investment (Glassdoor).

While Telereal Trillium has a very strong team of hundreds of real estate experts and professionals, Telereal Trillium is led by its founder and CEO, Graham Edwards. Graham Edwards founded Telereal Trillium in 2001 and has helped to make it grow into the organization that it is today.

Telereal Trillium was initially founded in 2001 when Edwards was able to negotiate the purchase of more than 6,700 properties all over the UK. This gave Telereal Trillium a great footing and portfolio to build on. Utilizing the services already acquired, the company has since been able to grow the company into one of the largest holders of real estate in the UK.

While Graham has overseen the real estate firm for more than 15 years, he also has a long and successful career before that point. Prior to starting the real estate company, he was the CIO of Talisman Global Asset Management. Talisman Global Asset Management was a registered asset manager that had a heavy focus on the real estate investment industry in countries all over Europe.

Before he started at Talisman Global Asset Management, Graham Edwards also involved in the real estate industry. He previously was an asset manager for a hedge fund that was part of Merrill Lynch. He is also involved with a number of major real estate organizations.


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