Graham Edwards Telereal Revision

Graham Edward revision.

In 2001, Graham Edwin became the CEO of Telereal Trillium from its establishment. He set a deal that influences the makeup and culture of the company. Graham Edward is a former student at Cambridge University as an economics student. He has a good history of working on most of the world’s grandest investment fields.

He was the chief investment officer for Talisman Global Asset management. Graham Edward established Talisman as Pears FSA registered asset management arm during that tenure. He held a fund manager in Merrill Lynch Investment management. Graham Edward held the position of the head of finance in BT group Plc’s property management which prepared for his future role in the Telereal Trillium.


Telereal Trillium.

Telereal Trillium Company shapes the property market of United States significantly. It manages over $ six billion as one of the largest UK’s property company. Telereal Trillium Company started in 2001. Its origin was a contract signed by BT. The company of Graham Edwin focuses on developing  guiding business principles which drive the company’s success. It best serves its potential customers by removal of complexes of the industry and deliverance of straightforward solutions. Telereal Trillium’s philosophy is to enhance a conducive environment for talented people to fulfill their dreams and potential.


Telereal Trillium’s awards.

Under Graham Edwin’s, the company has received many awards under Edwin’s stewards. In 2006, Telereal Trillium received people’s rewards with investors. Telereal Trillium was among the most significant privately-owned companies identified by The Sunday Times. Norwood Property Lunch Property selected the company for the deal of the year. It received tomorrow’s people awards by Corporate Supporter.  Graham Edwin’s company depends on specific  guiding policies garnered through all the experiences.

Telereal Trillium currents offer variety of services to its clients from notable companies. They include; BT, Barclays, The Birmingham City Council, Virgin Media and Department for Work and Pensions.

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