The Investments of Chris Burch

Chris Burch has spent a better part of his life co-founding and founding well known retail brands around the world. He has managed this feat with the assistance of close friends such as C. Wonder. He has now cast his eye on another industry as he is investing in the hospitality industry. Together with a long-term friend known as James McBridge, they decided to buy a beach hostel in Sumba six years ago. For starters, Sumba is an Island that is located in Indonesia. The two decided to invest over $30 million in the hostel through renovation and acquisition and managed to transform the hostel into a five-star resort.

At the end of the project, a resort known as Nihiwatu was opened three years ago. This is not just a normal hotel, but it’s a high-class hotel that emerged top as the best hotel worldwide. The hotel was nominated in the category of Travel and Leisure two years ago. Some years ago, Chris Burch had an opportunity to speak to the Business Jet Traveler about why he bought the restaurant. He said that he bought Nihiwatu just for his children and future generation. He said that he wanted to invest in something that would show a sense of giving back to the community. He said that the place offers him a beautiful palette that allows him to do things that cannot be performed elsewhere. For instance, he said that he was able to build a spa below a waterfall.

He said that he was surprised by the success that had been realized from Nihiwatu. Chris Burch says that many are the times that businesses perform worse than expected. A recent article written in the Wall Street Journal talked about the way that Chris Burch spends his time. The article explained that you could find the investor in a variety of places such as Hamptons, Miami and the Indonesian resort ( There is a private residence for Chris Burch in the Indonesian resort, and the home is known as Raja Mendaka.

Other companies that have been established by Chris Burch include Burch Creative Capital where he the chief executive officer (  Another firm that has been established by Chris Burch is Tory Burch LLC. He manages to make these investments through the Guggenheim Partners. Chris Burch has shares in the Faena Hotel plus Universe that is located in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires. He co-owns this venture with Alan Faena and Philippe Stark.  More on

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