The Pivotal Role of Graham Edwards at Telereal Trillium

Graham Edwards Telereal became the CEO of Telereal Trillium since its formation in 2001. Edward has a business interest in real estate, mining, software, engineering, and water. He attended the Cambridge University where he studied economics. Graham is also an active philanthropist. Currently, he is on the board of Portland Trust, UJIA, and One Voice Europe among others.

Graham Edward plays a pivotal role at Telereal Trillium. Since he became the CEO, the deal he set at the company has influenced the culture as well as the makeup of the company in many ways. The culture of realizing what was previously of unseen value as well as of the strategic growth by the use of partnerships has yielded a company with many property holdings.

To understand the impact Edward Graham Telereal has had to the company; you have to consider the deal that started it all in 2001. This deal saw the BT seal a 30-year partnership with Telereal Trillium that later led the company to acquire 6,700 properties that had a floor of 59.2 million square feet.

The company deals with commercial holdings management as well as investment. It has its headquarters in London ( The company had £ 3.2 billion for managing buildings such as job centers for job and Pensions Department. It also had the management of property that was used by DVLA.

Apart from the company paying the whole UK corporation tax last year, it directed its £163 million profits as share dividends to the parent company that is located on the British Virgin Island. As from 2010, the Telereal group has been able to give £673 million as shares payments to the parent company.

As Telereal Trillium is planning to change the global economy in future rapidly, it is profoundly influenced by the role of Graham Edwards in the company. His role as a CEO has seen the company rise and progress towards owning many holdings and generating great revenues. His tenure has also seen the establishment and refinement of the culture of the company whose priority is the development of talent as well as the potential that is within the employees.


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