Anthony Petrello Hosts A Reception For Tommy Tune

Tony Petrello is probably best pictured in the company of businessmen and big investors since his company, Nabors Industries has extensive list of clients on Wall Street and in the oil industry. But he also has had the company of various celebrities including Broadway actor Tommy Tune who has won several Tony awards and has played a big role in several notable productions. Tune is originally from Houston where Nabors Industries is based, and when he returned home to do a performance for the home crowd, Petrello welcomed him to his large estate in the suburbs. Petrello lived in close proximity to Broadway as a child and he was honored to have Tune meet his family.

Tony Petrello has had tremendous influence in the oil industry as Chairman of the world’s largest land-based rig fleet and offshore modular rig holders. Petrello has overseen development and growth strategy initiatives at the company since 2011 when he took over upon the death of former CEO Eugene Isenberg, but he had helped it with financial management as Chief Operating Officer in the previous 20 years at the company. 2013 saw many changes made to the company, but as part of those changes Petrello was given a new contract which paid out millions in bonuses that year and made his total earnings to $68.7 million making him the top-paid CEO that year.

Tony Petrello’s proximity to Broadway was a childhood spent in New Jersey during which he was a top mathematics student according to a college roommate at Yale University. Petrello’s top grades earned him a scholarship to Yale where he also was a personal assistant to Professor Serge Lange, a mathematician who developed many algebraic theories. But after earning both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the field, he chose to go into law instead of a career in mathematics. Petrello went to Baker & McKenzie after completing his JD and passing the bar, and he spent 13 years practicing in tax law, securities and other corporate governance. Nabors was a client at the firm and offered him the position as chief operating officer in 1991.

Anthony Petrello has had many philanthropies he’s been involved in, but the two he’s been most known for have been supporting hurricane victims in the aftermath of Harvey’s destruction, and being a trustee at the Texas Children’s Hospital. Petrello gave over $170,000 to victims this last fall when it hit, he’s given $7 million to the TCH. The $7 million given to TCH has specifically been part of an endeavor to bring hope to young children affected by brain diseases.

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