Can Chris Burch Enter The Hotel Industry?

Chris Burch has proven himself as one of the most successful fashion tycoons out there ( Nobody else seems to have gone as far or to have accumulated the same level of respect. He’s made his creative vision into a business with the potential to produce billions for many years to come. His success in this domain is something rather unique. Most people who try to go this far aren’t able to muster up the acumen and talent needed. Now that he’s proven himself in the world of fashion, he has plans to go into the world of hospitality in order to provide something very different from others out there. The world certainly wants to see what Chris Burch can offer them, but time will tell if his hotel takes off (

Nihiwatu is a rather distinct idea for a hotel. It isn’t what many people have grown to expect but it offers something that is desperately needed in the market but simply can’t be found. His creativity came out with this hotel and he doesn’t hesitate to give it his all. That attention to detail is why Chris Burch is able to get so far ahead of others in pretty much any business he decides to get into. It’s why his ventures into finance and cinema have been just as successful as his fashion endeavors, check That level of success in so many different areas is what separates him from the pack.

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Hospitality is a business with a strong history behind it. In order to truly understand how to win he has taken what he learned from fashion and chooses to apply it in this new domain. The extent that his ideas will lead to success is going to be difficult to determine until the ideas are fully fleshed out for us all. Nihiwatu has so much going for it and it’s only going to get better over time. Chris Burch wants to use this as a test of his next investments. If he can get to the goal he is aiming for, he’ll use this to create an entire branch of his empire. Creativity and adaption is how every entrepreneur manages to stay relevant for a long time. Those who do not learn will eventually see themselves fall. That lesson has helped Chris Burch realize he has the ability to take his endeavors to an entirely new level on his own terms.


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