Dr. Johanan Rand and the HCG Diet Program

Johanan Rand, MD trained extensively at the New York based Albert Einstein Medical Center. He studied nutritional principles at great length and has now established a practice focused on wellness programs and healthy aging. Dr. Johanan Rand has carefully developed a multi-faceted program for optimal wellness that is custom created for each patient along a few general principles.

Food in America is plentiful and often high in fat plus large in serving size. These combining factors plus the less active lifestyles that many Americans have adopted creates a situation where excess weight is a widespread issue throughout the country. This, of course, had led to a huge number of individuals trying “fad diets” which are ineffective and often dangerous. Dr. Johanan Rand has found a long-term, healthy weight loss solution (https://www.zocdoc.com/doctor/dov-rand-md).

The main key to the weight loss solution created by Dr. Johanan Rand centers around the hormone HCG. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin and is the hormone produced by women during pregnancy to help develop the maturing embryo. This hormone has shown to do many things in individuals who are dieting. It functions as an appetite suppressant which helps allow individuals to maintain a lower fat, smaller portion diet without feeling deprived. Additionally, it prevents the loss of muscle mass, known as degenerative muscle deterioration, which is common when individuals adopt caloric restrictions.

Dr. Johanan Rand cites the added benefits of HCG as including healthier insulin levels, increased energy, a reset to the metabolism and relearned eating habits, as well as improved self-confidence. Dr. Johanan Rand states that his patients often experience rapid weight loss. The weight loss is, in fact, often so rapid that it outweighs the occasional hunger pain or inconvenience of eating more healthy choices, therefore pushing them on to success. The sense of reward over seeing their new slimmer bodies becomes a stronger motivating factor than any other pull to revert back to old eating habits. Of course, the HCG program cannot offer any sort of magical solution, but it is known to be highly effective for improving health and creating long-term weight loss in dedicated individuals.


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