Ian King Constantly Finds Ways of Saving People

It’s hardly uncommon for someone to ascribe personality to economics. Even the concept of bull and bear markets speaks to animism. But at the same time one doesn’t often see a bridge between psychology and economics. But when one does, he’s usually quick to make a name for himself. And that’s certainly been the case with Ian King.

Ian King’s made a name for himself with quite a few accomplishments in his twenty years of industry experience. But understanding the role of psychology in his accomplishments means looking at why he got into both subjects in the first place. Read this article at Release Fact.

His interest in psychology probably began from his early years working as a lifeguard. He’d save life after life in often turbulent conditions. And at one point, he notes that he became very aware of how routine this experience became. The turbulent waters became less an indescribable force. But more something that he’d learned to navigate to save people. And this is probably the motivation to learn about psychology and human behavior.

And it might well be what led him to economics while he was still studying psychology. Ian King was still all about saving people. But he’d come to see the primary method for doing so as rooted in money. Economic is just as significant a danger as stray currents. But it’s also something that can provide just as much enjoyment when worked with in the right way. And King had a unique vision. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Ian King.

He’d moved from lifeguarding to psychology. And from psychology to economics. All of this with an underlying motivation which centered around helping people. But there was one other thing he was certain of. Ian King knew that something big was on the horizon.

Around 2012 the economic industry suffered some truly significant issues. It was at that point that King recognized something. Some of those carefully honed instincts told him that this new danger had an ever newer solution. He saw that the economic system itself was showing its age in many respects. And he began carefully watching the rise of digital currencies. But unlike many peers, he brought all of those previously developed skills to the table.

It’s what launched him to create his own firm to help people work with cryptocurrencies once they’d reached public usability. And it’s what made him leap to join up with Banyan Hill Publishing when they saw just what a valuable resource he is. It’s there, as head editor for anything related to cryptocurrency, that he’s found a way to meld all of his skills together to help people.

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