Jeff Aronin—Pharmaceutical CEO with a Purpose

Paragon Biosciences hosts multiple different companies in it’s portfolio . Led by CEO Jeff Aronin, Paragon prides itself in treating some of the most traumatic, rare, and untreated diseases in the world. Their mission is to simply help people by aiding people in living longer and healthier lives. To meet patients’ needs they have dedicated an enormous amount of time to researching and understanding rare diseases and the science behind them. With their intense focus on building great companies entirely focused on patient care, they have been able to develop drugs and treat conditions that others have not.

In the Paragon Biosciences portfolio you will find companies like Castle Creek, Harmony Biosciences, Decade, and Precision BP. Each of these companies are dedicated to treating patients but in different ways. First, let’s start with Castle Creek, which is a biopharmaceutical company that helps those with debilitating dermatological conditions. They are focused on the development of different therapies that can help treat the serious and usually rare conditions.

Next, there is Harmony Biosciences, which is focused on people with central nervous system disorders and sleep disorders. They are focused on the development of new drugs that address the concerns of these disorders. Third, we have Decade, which is a research company that is dedicated to focusing on Alzheimer’s disease and trying to improve life for those who are dealing with it. Then we have Precision BP, which is focused solely on research and development of oncology diseases that are also rare (

Though the success of these companies is based on the teamwork and dedication found at Paragon Biosciences, we can’t help but attribute a lot of the success to its CEO Jeff Aronin. Not only is Aronin the CEO of the company but he has also serves as the non-executive chairman for two of the portfolio companies including Castle Creek and Harmony Biosciences.

Much of his success at Paragon can be attributed to the fact that this was not Jeff’s first rodeo as a CEO, as he has also been the CEO at other companies like Ovation Pharmaceuticals.



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