NGP VAN talks how to have a successful rally

In the blog ‘Organizing 101, How to hold a great Campaign Rally’ published on January 18th, 2018 by Gabby Weiss are several tips and tricks to how to hold a good rally and to know if one would be right for you. NGP Van was founded in 2010 and mostly used by members of the democratic party as a voter database. NGP VAN also offers web hosting service provider. In this blog, NGP VAN speaks directly to anyone thinking that holding rally might be beneficial for whatever cause they have been looking to raise awareness for. As NGP VAN points out rallies were spotlighted in the 2016 presidential election causing people to take another look at all the good they can do. NGP VAN is quick to point out that organizers need to make sure that a rally is right for them as they can take up a lot of time and resources. Weiss also points out that timing for the rallies is an important feature as it can easily translate into votes if done at the right time.

After deciding that a rally would be the right thing for the candidate or issue planning comes into focus. Writing about things like location, visuals, and even the sound system Weiss goes into detail on what NGP VAN followers would need to have to be able to hold a successful rally. Finally taking into account advertising for the event and turning the energy from the rally into action to help whatever candidate or cause the rally was intended to support, Weiss delves into every aspect of the before and after rally process.

This blog shows exactly what any candidate would need to be able to decide to hold a rally and be successful at it which keeps right in step with NGP VAN’s goals to help candidates with political or social campaigns. This blog is an easy to read and understand how to guide for anyone from the most experiences politician to the newest ones to allow them to be able to hold a successful rally.

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