Perry Mandera Started The Custom Companies Inc

Perry Mandera has worked in the transportation industry over 30 years as an executive. Perry Mandera founded The Custom Companies, Inc., in Northlake, Illinois. Along with his professional activities, Perry Mandera belongs to the Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC) an organization that gave him the Bishop Shell Award in 2010 and the Citizen of the Year Award in 2011.

The nonprofit organization is working hand in hand with the Police Atlantic League and the ISCC to reduce crimes and juvenile delinquencies. Also, the ISCC is working to build trust in the community between the neighborhoods and the police force, as well. Part of the organization’s work is to provide hands-on training for local law enforcement in the Chicago area (

Since the ISCC started, it has been hosting free seminars on different topics like gang violence, which is a problem facing many people living in the Chicago area. Also, Perry Mandera’s nonprofit organization has different kinds of other training seminars on how to protect yourself from being a victim of violence. The ISCC along with the Illinois legislation is helping pass laws to keep juvenile sex offenders, underage drug and alcohol offenders, domestic violent offenders and drunk drivers off Chicago streets.

Perry Mandera not only has helped the people in the Chicago area, but he has been giving to different organizations throughout the United States as well. After graduating from high school in 1975, Perry Mandera joined the Marine Corps Reserves. When he served in the Marine Corp, he was assigned to driving trucks. After serving in the Marine Corp he decided to seek a career in the transportation industry as an executive. In 1984, he was elected as a Republican Ward Committeeman to the 26th Ward in Chicago. As the youngest person to be elected in Chicago, he served four years from 1984 to 1988.

Since Perry Mandera started The Custom Companies, Inc. his business has grown throughout the United States (Gazetteday). The company serves thousands of customers meeting the needs of many different organizations and small businesses. The company has exceeded over $200 million in sales. The Custom Company, Inc. employs several hundreds of people nationwide throughout the United States as well.


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