Chris Burch’s Latest Venture Caters to Everyone

When Chris Burch first came up with the idea for Nihiwatu, he wanted it to be an inclusive resort. He felt there was a need for a resort like Nihiwatu because there was nothing else in the world like it ( The resort combines luxury with affordability which makes it great for nearly any budget. Chris Burch dedicates his businesses to luxury, but he wanted to make that type of luxury accessible to anyone who wanted it. He wanted people to feel better about who they were since they could afford to visit a luxury resort.

Since Nihiwatu is more than a once in a lifetime opportunity, Chris Burch felt it would be important to make it something people could enjoy no matter what. In fact, he wanted others to realize they could keep coming back. The price made it feasible for people to visit multiple times. The resort is so luxurious, most people want to keep coming back no matter what. When Nihiwatu first opened, Chris Burch worried he didn’t achieve his goal. Now that thousands of people take interest in it, he knows he did the right thing. It is a resort people can feel good about visiting because of the affordability aspect.

As long as Chris Burch can keep profiting from Nihiwatu, he plans to keep it going. He hopes to add different resorts for people to enjoy. If they know what they can do at each of these resorts, they’ll have a chance to do better in the future. They’ll also make all the right choices for their own lives as long as they can see the luxury options Nihiwatu has available to them. For Chris Burch, the point of the business is to always make people see how things will change and how things will get better if he can keep working.

Chris Burch is a businessman. He has spent a lot of time working on different businesses. He knows how important it is to choose the right company and the right way to accommodate people. He also knows what it means to have a successful business. As the founder of Tory Burch, Chris Burch knows success. He has been successful, he knows what it takes to create a company that is set to become even better and he tries to always push forward so people can see how good things will get no matter what issues come up in their industry.  More about his creative vision and output on

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