Hussain Sajwani, the Knowledgeable DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani is the sought after businessman who runs the show at DAMAC Properties. He functions as its Chairman and Director. The DAMAC owner knows the ins and outs of the property development division. That’s what qualifies him to take on such massive roles. Hussain Sajwani was in the United States for his college experience. He learned all about industrial engineering and economics at the University of Washington. He was born in lively Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in the fifties.

Hussain Sajwani initiated a career in catering in the 1980s. The DAMAC owner did extremely well, too. His catering company is going strong to this day. It accommodates 200 plus separate projects. It provides customers with thousands and thousands of meals each day of the week. It accommodates people in many diverse regions of the planet. These include African and the Middle East.

According to, this industrious DAMAC owner is never lazy even for a second. His days often consist of discussions with the people who are part of his management crew. He does anything and everything he can to remain in the loop with regard to the functioning of his company. He has many discussions with business collaborators as well. He strives to touch base with all kinds of professionals who are part of his industry. Hussain Sajwani is a man who aims to enhance his career all of the time. He’s also someone who prioritizes being around the individuals who make up his family. He has a keen awareness of the value of an existence that has plenty of equilibrium.

Al Khaleej mentioned that Dubai is an enormous metropolis that in many ways serves as motivation for Hussain Sajwani and for his career. This painstaking DAMAC owner constantly aims to envision the way the city will appear and feel a couple of decades down the line. He finds Dubai to be a revitalizing place. He also finds social media and digital marketing to be just as compelling. Social media is a topic that has enthralled Sajwani since the start. This acclaimed entrepreneur is fond of traveling and learning about all types of subjects.

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