Views from the Rooms of the Best Hotel in The World owned by Chris Burch

It has only taken Chris Burch four years to do the impossible. No one saw it coming. He’s transformed a deserted island in the middle of nowhere into the best hotel in the world. Again, in just four years. That particular property in Indonesia used to be owned by an American couple.

Introducing the Nahiwatu Resort

The seasoned investor and his partner, James McBride, went ahead and paid an undisclosed amount for the title lease. What’s known, is that the duo has spent over $30M in sprucing up the idyllic island in the middle of nowhere and heaven. Chris Burch confesses it was love at first sight affair when he first gazed upon the palatable beauty of the mystical island. Right there and then, he knew he had to buy it for his daughters and family. That special goes home is called the Nihiwatu, and it comes complete with waterslides, waterfalls, Jacuzzi, spas, nature trails and of course endless beachfront property views for Chris, his family, friends, and their guests.

To win such an auspicious award, the hotel and resort must have put in place all the desirable features, amenities, services and rates for their global clientele? They must have made a grand impression on the judges. Well, the answer is indeed a resounding yes. The Sumba-based resort island comes jam-packed with all the 7-star features and specs that will make your heart do a back flip in excitement. These include:-

Infinity Pools and Private Beach Villas

The entire complex follows a traditional Sumbanese theme. The room has a sophisticated toned down look, and the flowing white curtains blend in lovely with the heated wooden floors. The wooden cottages get made from local wood, and the drapes are also derived from locally assembled raw materials. This is indeed a positive thing as it acts to create employment opportunities to the nearby communities in remote Indonesia.

The beds are positioned to give you a front row uninterrupted view of the sunsets and the sunrises. The rooms come with a panoramic viewing experience, and they are the best retreat for someone who just feels like cutting off from the hectic world even just for a week or so. There’s also a five-star health and wellness facility on the island.   More reading on

About Chris Burch

The investment portfolio of Christopher Burch would not be complete without mentioning his investment firm, Creative Capital. The company also doubles up as accelerator incubator for aspiring entrepreneurs. The investor has spent the last four decades studying and earning lots of millions from various investments like the one mentioned above, Nahiwatu Island Resort. The resort recently got featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Additional article on

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A Quick Glance At The Wessex Institute’s History

The Wessex Institute of Technology is a private research groups that works with both private and public institutions. They are located at the New Forest National Park in the United Kingdom.Their location of New Forest is quite unique for an educational institution. The park was previously used as private hunting grounds for many generations of British royalty. The national park is now enjoyed by attendees and visitors of educational institute.

The Wessex Institute operates many research programs in collaboration with many European Universities. Universita di Siena, Universidad de Granada, University of Castilla-La Mancha, University of the West of England and UNICAMP Brazil are just examples of their international reach.The institute is very well known for their annual conferences. These conferences discuss climate change, technology, sustainable energy and other critical world issues. The conferences are held in several international locations with many of them held in Spain and the United Kingdom.

Chris Burch joins the hospitality industry in big style

It’s all good news as Investor and entrepreneur Chris Burch extends his investment portfolio to the hospitality industry. Mr. Burch recently launched his top-class resort on the remote Indonesian island of Sumba, a move that caught the global entertainment arena with an unexpected surprise.

The resort- named Nihiwatu- has sparkling features and some rare combination of cutting-edge entertainment facilities, making it stand out in the world. It has private villas with plunge pools strategically positioned to allow a rare view over the Nihi each and across the Indian Ocean. Apart from the plunge pools, the resort has numerous large indoor-outdoor entertainment arena attractively decorated with several world class entertainment facilities.

Outdoor entertainments include two, two-story tree houses connected by a bamboo bridge. These tree houses have a bedroom and a bathroom while the main tree house is frankly extended to accommodate a living room and a private infinity pool. Other outdoor entertainment activities include excursion trips to the nearby waterfall. Also, there is a one and a half trip that includes a walk to a blue lagoon where one can jump off the rocks and swim. Guests are also offered horse-riding trips as well as surfing facilities and training.

Indoor entertainment facilities at the Nihiwatu resort include spa treatments- though guests can also opt for beach spa treatment. The facility also avails yoga sessions in their wellness center with qualified trainers available to offer yoga classes.

Chris Burch bought the resort, then named beach hostel, in 2012 and since embarked on renovating the hostel together with his business partner James McBride. Costing approximately $30 million, the resort was opened in 2015, immediately attracting global attention and being rated the best hotel globally in 2016 by the Travel + Leisure.

Burch has named one of the villas ‘Raja Mandaka’ and made it his private home. He has also extended the profit proceeds to help the local community as part of the gain is directed to Sumba Foundation to help develop local community.  For a related article, go straight here.

About Chris Burch

Christopher Burch has invested in a variety of industries with a main interest in the fashion design and technology advancement. He has above 40 years of experience in entrepreneurial and investment industry, having founded several firms in the process, check this on  To keep updated with his timeline activities, click on

He is the founder and the CEO of the Burch Creative Capital. He also founded luxury fashion brand and Tory Burch company.  To keep updated with his timeline activities, click on

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Chris Burch Diversify his Investment Portfolio to Hospitality

Chris Burch is a renowned serial entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded several global brands. A few years ago, Burch and James McBride decided to venture into the hospitality industry and acquired a beach property on the Indonesian island. The two entrepreneurs spent about $30 million to redevelop the property, and was reopened in 2015 as a five star leisure facility called Nihiwatu. In 2016, Nihiwatu was voted as the top resort in the globe by Travel+Leisure.

Chris Burch has been very busy of late, dividing his time between the resort in Indonesia, and the Hamptons in Miami. There are 27 private villas at the resort, including a private home for the entrepreneur. The resort is nicknamed ‘The Edge of Wilderness’ is one of the largest employers on Sumba Island. Burch established Sumba Foundation to support various projects that benefit local community.

Chris Burch Other Investments

Chris Burch ventured into the business world in 1976 while still in college, and they invested $2,000 with his brother Bob to start Eagle’s Eye. Their business was successful and expanded to $165 million and was later acquired by Swire Group. The entrepreneur has invested in a range of local and global real estate ventures in Florida, Nantucket, New York, Palm Beach and Southampton, where he has developed luxury homes.   Additional article on

Chris founded an apparel company, C. Wonder in 2011 and later sold it to Xcel Brands. In mid 2014, he partnered with Ellen DeGeneres and started a lifestyle brand, ED, head over to   Towards the end of 2014, Chris launched another venture, Cocoon9 that focused on luxury homes. In addition, the homes had energy saving features, state of the art finishes and design as well as space saving features. Currently, the entrepreneur is engaged in development of other consumer and lifestyle brands including apparel, natural food, home furnishings and technology.  Related article here.

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In an article on Salary, the marketing and advertising world would not be complete without the presence of Lori Senecal. This woman is virtually a powerhouse in these fields. Lori Senecal works for Crispin Porter and Bogusky as a Global CEO.

The advertising and marketing guru says that a perfect advert is like having a great sense of style. Her creativity and style have assisted her in climbing the advertising and marketing world. She also points out that a good advertising takes time and creativity.

This means that one has to be patient and perform well in order to make it in the industry. To build her advertising career, Lori Senecal has been able to ensure that she builds her reputation consistently. A good advertising career is built by ensuring that your campaigns pay off and that you work with the right kind of team.

This coupled with supporting partners and clients will ensure that one builds a successful career in the industry. In an article on The Drum, Lori Senecal landed her first customer by her strong personal traits and ever since it has been an uphill task for her. Research has also helped her a lot in her advertising and marketing career.

Other companies that Lori Senecal has worked with:

Lori Senecal is well known in the advertising world and she has been able to work with world renowned companies. Before her present job, she worked for KBS (Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal) as an Executive Chairman. The hard-working advertising executive uses technology to solve business challenges.

More about Lori Senecal:

Lori grew up in Montreal, Canada and she is the last born of four girls. Due to her height while in school, she opted to be the gymnastics coach instead of being just a participant. Lori Senecal was able to do this even during her university education. She attributes this to her success in leading advertising campaigns.

This is because coaching taught her leadership, communication, and motivation and success traits early on in life. Her years as a coach also helped her in believing in herself even before she started her advertising career. Lori attended McGill University where she got her Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Finance. She is also fluent in French.

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Entrepreneur Chris Burch Builds The Best Resort In The World

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who has created brands like C. Wonder and Tory Burch that are recognized around the globe. He recently entered the hospitality industry when he, along with hotelier James McBride, bought a hotel on Sumba, one of the islands that make up Indonesia. The business partners then invested another $30 million into the property and reopened it in 2015. The hotel is now named Nihiwatu and, as a five-star resort, it was named by Travel + Leisure magazine as the best hotel in the entire world.  More of this on

When conducting an interview with Business Jet Traveler, Chris Burch made the comment that he built the hotel for his children. He also did it for the community living on Sumba, many of whom work for the hotel and others who profit from the wealthy clientele it attracts. Burch also owns a private residence on the property he named Raja Mendaka. There are another 26 private villas on the property which feature touches such as a butler in every room and spa that was built under a waterfall.

Chris Burch is the Founder of Burch Creative Capital and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. It is through Burch Creative Capital that he has launched a number of his brands that have taken the world by storm. He has built more than 50 companies that offer consumer high-end luxury products and services. As an innovator, Bursch has developed a detailed understanding of consumer behavior and how to provide products that are appealing and fashionable. Check this in this interview with Burch on  He is also an expert at sourcing the materials used in his products, as well as their development. Some of the brands he has launched include ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Pippin, TRADEMARK, and Cocoon9. He is also one of the people behind other brands such as Jawbone, Voss Water, and the luxurious Faena Hotel + Universe which is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Hop over to this important site.

It was in 1976 that Burch started his entrepreneurial career, while he was still a student at Ithaca College. Along with his brother, Bob, that founded Eagle’s Eye Apparel with an initial investment of $2,000. This investment grew into a company that was worth a staggering $165 million when the pair sold it to Swire Group. Chris Burch took his proceeds from the sale and put some of it into Internet Capital Group as one of its earliest investors. This also was a success and paid off when the company achieved its IPO.

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Shelon Lavin, OSI Family Man

Shelon Lavin didn’t start out in the food industry; he enjoyed a successful career as an investor, an executive in the banking industry and even started his own financial consulting firm before being a part of OSI. Lavin started in the meat industry in 1970, when he arranged a loan for Otto & Sons, and becoming a consultant. In the late 1970’s, Sheldon Levin was asked to come into OSI (changed from Otto & Sons) full time. OSI expanded in North America and Europe in the 70’s and in the 1980’s further expanded into South America and Taiwan; at this time Levin had a half controlling interest in OSI Group. Thirteen years later, when the last remaining partner retired, Lavin gained 100% voting control. He wouldn’t have stayed with OSI unless he could make it into something big, and he has. OSI now reaches South Africa, India, China, the Philippines, and Australia. Contact with Sheldon .

Even in his 80’s, Shelon Lavin is still active with not just OSI, but charities such as the Ronald McDonald House Charites, Jewish United Fund, United Negro College Fund, the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, Evans Scholarship Fund, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, and many other national and local charities. Lavin has won service awards for his work; President and Director of the Sheba Foundation, a family charitable foundation, Trustee for Ronald McDonald House Charities, Board member of Rush University Medical Center, Board member of the Goodman Theatre, and many other awards from his involvement in business and non-profit activities.OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award.

Shelon Lavin has a mind for business, and a passion for people. He was married for 55 years, until his wife passed away, and they have 3 children who have children of their own. He considers the OSI employee’s to be a part of his extended family, and is very proud to be a part of the OSI family. He is excited that OSI has gone global and continues to grow, as OSI now has more than 55 facilities in 16 countries, with no end in sight. for more .

James Dondero: Unmasking the Highland Capital Management President

James Dondero is a financial expert with in-depth knowledge of loan obligations. He is a man who has spent more than three decades dealing with matters relating to credit and equity markets. With his diverse experience in Accounting and Finance, Mr. Dondero has been able to come up with Highland Capital Management, a company that makes him a proud man. Since its inception in 1993, the company has been able to rise through the ranks, and it also happens to be one of the most recognized financial institutions on a global scale. James has proven to be excellent in his line of work, and to this end, he has received several awards in honor of his legacy. Besides, he has been fortunate enough to work for corporations like CCS Medical, NexBank, American Banknote, MGM Studios, and Cornerstone Healthcare.



James Dondero has a vibrant mind in solving complex financial matters. In his lifetime career, he has been able to help revive companies that were on the verge of collapse. Jim thinks before acting on any task put in his path. Under his leadership, Highland Capital Management LLC has been able to offer clients with the opportunity to access interesting investment ideas, so that they can improve their living standards. He portrays a rare quality that does not characterize most people whose origin comes from Texas. During his tenure as President, James Dondero has introduced the Highland Global Allocation Fund, a fund that holds less than two hundred securities.



Dondero, together with his robust team has been able to come to the rescue of the crumbling Argentinean economy. Severe debt had paralyzed the country in 2012, but the problem is now long solved thanks to Mr. Dondero. Presently, the economy of Argentina is improving with inflation levels decreasing at a rapid rate. Thus, Jim has presented his Highland Capital Management LLC to the rest of the world, and proven to us that it is a corporation under a competent management structure. Dondero has also been involved in philanthropy, primarily dealing with matters regarding technology. He believes that technology is the key to creating bright students, young people who can transform the world into a better place.

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