The Hollywood Success of Lawrence Bender

October 10th, 2003 theaters around the country played the film Kill Bill vol. 1. From all the projects worked on by Hollywood producer Lawrence Bender, this movie is probably my favorite. A comfortable mixture of comedy, action, creative dialogue, and suspension of disbelief come together to create a memorable experience, and help build the brand that we know today as a “Tarantino Film.”

The opening scene hooks us with the early 70s stylized credits, accompanied by music fit for the theme and feel. However, the big seller here is the chemistry filled dialogue between star actress Uma Thurman’s character, whose name is kept secret from the audience until later in the franchise, and the deadly Bill, who is portrayed by David Carradine. It paints a picture of a blood-spattered bride, betrayed by former lover Bill, who in a fierce act of jealousy orders a hit on the only woman he ever loved.

The Kill Bill franchise brought a unique feel, and touch to the art of movie making. It showcases the keen eye Lawrence Bender has for casting, budgeting, marketing, and profit generation for a major Hollywood production. This skill set would generate a considerable amount of success for the renowned producer, and he would continue his work for audiences around the world to enjoy.

Prior to the release of Kill Bill, Lawrence Bender had already developed a reputation for producing these kinds of films. He had produced a slasher in 1989 titled Intruder, starring Bruce Campbell. His previous work with Tarantino in Reservoir Dogs had been nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature, and Pulp Fiction would earn him a nomination for an Academy Award. Later nominations for an Academy Award would include his films Good Will Hunting and Inglourious Basterds.

Aside from his life as a Hollywood Household name, Lawrence Bender has developed a reputation as a political activist as well. He is a founding member of Global Zero, a recipient of the Torch of Liberty Award from the ACLU, and throws fundraisers for political and social causes in Los Angeles.

Chris Burch Has Some Key Advice Regarding Advertising:

This first thing that often comes to mind when people think about the world of business is logistics, regulations and page upon page of numbers. The truth of the matter is that the business world is a far more dynamic entity than this. Perhaps the factor of biggest importance in business is the building of relationships. Success in business is largely based on the ability to be engaging.

Investment expert Chris Burch has an ingrained philosophy that business should be fun and so should advertising. A great example is major sporting attractions. These events draw a much broader audience in than just the hardcore sports fan. Often this is due to creative advertising. Many viewers will tune in just to watch the commercials. Unlike advertisements from the early days of television, today’s advertisers have a strong understanding that messages can be conveyed to the public through entertainment, rather than just stating why a particular product is superior.

Chris Burch also has a philosophy on how important it is to make an impression. At the center of the traditional business is the concept of affordability and reliability. Factors such as this are high priorities for all sizes of businesses but consumers are often swayed toward a specific product for reasons other than these. It is critical for a company to carefully consider its branding in order to make sure and make a big impression. This is because exciting and recognizable branding stands out to the consumer market. People are much more likely to remember products from a company that makes an effort to entertain with factors such as its logo. Entertaining slogans are also critical as they stick in the head of the consumer.

Chris Burch is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. He has a career in business that stretches back 40 years in the investment sector. Throughout his entrepreneurial career, Chris has maintained a set of business values that include applying imagination, creativity and taking advantage of market opportunities, check for an additional article.

Chris Burch’s firm Burch Creative Capital specializes in the support and development of lifestyle and consumer goods. These brands range from apparel and home furnishings to retail and hospitality.  More on

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Dr. Jennifer Walden: Trailblazer In A Predominantly Male Field

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an exemplary female surgeon is the male dominated field of plastic surgery. She is a major supporter of women’s causes and proud to employ a team of 16 women. Since the practice features a clientele which leans heavily on the female side as well, the team strives to create an atmosphere which empowers individuals while ensuring that the tone of the office is one of comfort, support, and no judgement. The office manager at Dr. Walden’s Texas-based office likes to utilize the description “strong women supporting strong women” to create an image of their team.

A proud mother of twin boys, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a firm believer that women can have both a fulfilling career life and a loving family life, as well. She underwent several unsuccessful rounds of intrauterine insemination before eventually conceiving via IVF. Despite the fact that conceiving her boys was not an easy or straightforward task, Dr. Walden is grateful for the procedures and says, “They are my life’s greatest blessing” when speaking about her twins.

Dr. Walden was born and raised in Austin, Texas where she grew to establish her medical practice. Walden champions the city for being traditionally more demonstrative of support than the average town when it comes to showing encouragement of female owned businesses. She also celebrates the wide variety of successful businesses in the Austin area and the enjoyably diverse community. Walden is optimistic about the financial future of her medical office as the number of individuals seeking cosmetic services in the area is steadily growing.

As an active member of her community, Dr. Jennifer Walden has been recognized as runner-up for Austin’s Woman of the Year as voted by the Austin Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She also supports the funding of local teachers through the Eanes Education Foundation and contributions to Forest Trails Elementary School. She offers backing to abused children through membership in the Guardian Angel Society and helps with local childhood hunger through the Junior League’s Food for Tummies Program which provides weekend sustenance to qualifying elementary school children.

Chris Burch Talks about Attracting Investors

Getting investors is the most important part of any startup that can’t fund itself. Investors aren’t in the business of just handing out money, so knowing how to persuade them into investing is an essential skill. One of the hardest places to find investors is in New York.

As hard as it may be, it can also be just as easy. New York is a booming business city, the second strongest city for startups. The first thing entrepreneurs need to understand is that there are two types of investors: good angel investors and venture capitalists.

Venture capitalists usually offer more money per investor, whereas angel investors have more seed-focused goals. They want in on the company as a long-term investor, not just to make their money back and get out like capitalists. There are plenty of both floating around in the Big Apple, and entrepreneurs need to know which are best for them beforehand.

There are one mistake startups make when pitching to potential investors. They tend to over explain things before the investors actually ask them any questions. Investors only want to know one thing: what does the company have to offer? If a startup can’t quickly answer that question, they risk losing potential investors’ attention.

If someone like their idea, they’ll ask to speak with them again. The first introduction should be short and to the point. Don’t fumble words and drag out explanation and bore someone who may not have the necessary funds or connections to even invest in a company like that.

This advice comes from Chris Burch, a renowned New York entrepreneur. Burch’s started several successful companies and plans on investing in many more before he retires. After decades of successfully building a shining portfolio for himself, he’s now giving back to young entrepreneurs that remind him of himself.

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He remembers what it’s like to struggle to find investors and get ideas off the ground. He writes advice blogs so that anyone can read them and have tips to find success. More on

Chris Burch’s Take On Getting Venture Capital Investors For A Business

Chris Burch is the founder of business incubator Burch Creative Capital and owner of several hotel properties including Nihiwatu Resort, one of the top vacation places in the world. He recently posted on Medium on how new business ideas can get the attention of venture capital investors as the plans are drawn up. Burch had four steps to do this summed up in keep things simple, don’t let rejections discourage you, don’t be afraid of not having all the answers and don’t get caught up in too much fancy jargon.

Chris Burch says the investors you pitch your ideas to usually are either venture capitalists or angel investors, both of which are similar but angel investors usually are more flexible in supplying capital. They still need to be won over, and to do so you shouldn’t get too caught up in all the little details. You have to assume that when you first meet an investor and want to introduce them to your business, you won’t have much time to do it. You want to make sure they understand what the business could do for them while not going into too much of the intricate details.

Chris Burch didn’t have any venture capitalists funding his first business which was a casual apparel brand known as Eagle Eye Apparel first established in 1978. But he did become adept at turning profits at the company and later sold it for $60 million, more on  He became interested in seed funding many other businesses, and brands that came out of his portfolio include his former wife Tory Burch’s company, Ellen DeGeneres’s lifestyle products found on her e-commerce site, Poppin office space management, Voss Water, Pypestream and Powermat. He also was a former investor in the Internet Capital Group and the Guggenheim Partners private equity firm.

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Chris Burch made real estate a big part of his business holdings around 2004 when he bought some of the shares in Alan Faena’s Hotel + Universe resort. He also started a building supply company in upstate New York known as J. Christopher and bought several homes on Long Island and Nantucket that he flipped for millions. Burch invested $30 million in Nihiwatu Resort to turn it into an elaborate and glamorous property, and he’s also given to several community organizations and healthcare foundations like the Rothman Institute’s orthopedic studies center.

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Gobuyside Helping Companies Hire Right Talent As Per Their Requirement

Companies these days are searching for talent that would help them grow at an accelerated pace and ensure that they can outdo the competition. To achieve a better position in their industry, the companies in the rat race to hire better talent. It has made the world of recruitment and staffing highly competitive as well as challenging. When it comes to finding highly talented executives for the investment and finance companies, there was no specific talent pool to search from earlier. However, it all changed with the introduction of Gobuyside, a comprehensive recruitment firm with the particular focus on finance, hedge-funding, and investment based companies. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

Arjun Kapur is the founder and managing partner at GoBuyside, and while working for the finance sector for many years, he concluded that there is no specific platform through which the companies can find the right talent for the job in the finance sector. There is a huge gap that is widening with time in the field of finance regarding recruitment and staffing, and it is this gap that Arjun Kapur aimed at filling. It is how Gobuyside was formed, which currently is active in over 16 countries and has its network spread over 10,000 firms.

More than 500 clients, including some of the top Fortune 500 firms, rely on Gobuyside to find the right talent for their company. It has proved to be an efficient platform that delivers consistently for its clients, and it is not only affordable, but also time-saving. Some of the clients had to search for months to find the right candidate to fill the executive positions without any certainty. However, with Gobuyside, the clients can find the right candidate that fulfills their requirements with ease in record time. It has become a go-to platform for any recruitment in the finance sector. The growth of Gobuyside has been vertical in the last few years, and it continues to be consistent.


The presence of Gobuyside is in 52 cities globally, and it continues to grow at an exponential pace. The primary aim of Gobuyside is to become a recruiting platform that can provide the companies with diverse talent pool to search from. The customized fashion in which the Gobuyside and its team manage the recruitment of its clients ensures that the clients don’t have to burden themselves with having to filter through the talent.

Gobuyside understands the meaning of having the right talent at work in your company, and the difference it can make. Having positioned itself in some of the global commercial hubs across the globe, Gobuyside is well-connected with some of the top corporations in the world. Many of the companies have praised the proprietary recruiting technology and platform of Gobuyside, which has made it easier for the companies to meet the right talent without wasting time. The clients of Gobuyside have also recorded consistent growth in their revenue as well as performance with the help of hiring the right talent through Gobuyside. It has proved to be a gamechanger in the field of recruitment and staffing solutions. Visit Ziprecruiter for career and employment opportunities at GoBuyside.

A Delightful Overview of IC System

IC System is a private company that was founded in 1938. It provides accounts receivable management services to many customers globally. The founders of this great company were Ruth and Jack Erickson. In the last years, the company has gone through three generations through the Erickson family. IC System is leading in innovation surrounding accounts receivables. It was the first company to replace the typewriters with computers in the U.S. It stills leads in their endeavor to adherence in regulatory and compliance standards in the U.S. The secret is in the utilization of the state-of-the-art collections tools in preserving their reputation. It is one of the safest and secure agencies in the collection industry. Its headquarter of IC System is the outside of St. Paul in Minnesota. They have not changed their terms of service as it were in the beginning with more honest and ethical dimensions.

IC System is committed to improving the outcomes in their customer finances and carrying out the roles & responsibilities of their clients. Moreover, they offer training services to the representatives of the company, IC System, to use consumer friendly & ethical means in a bid to help in the maintenance of perfect relationships with the clients. Resulting from the ethical approach in their business, IC System was nominated as a finalist during the BBB Torch Award for Ethics in three years consecutively (2013, 2014, and 2015). The core values of IC System is to offer guidance to the serving team and ensure that they keep good contact with the business and develop a good office culture. They include treating people with respect & dignity, carrying out tasks with integrity, delivering great results that are beyond expectations, being proud of who they are & what they do, and finding better means and ways of handling tasks creatively. These values are demonstrated among the co-workers, and individuals within the company. The better you demonstrate value, the higher the chances of being nominated for the Core Value Award. IC System is a firm believer in changing a community through setting standards and giving back. They have a charity committee called Employee Charitable Help organization that entails the workers who are committed to serving the community.


Perry Mandera Started The Custom Companies Inc

Perry Mandera has worked in the transportation industry over 30 years as an executive. Perry Mandera founded The Custom Companies, Inc., in Northlake, Illinois. Along with his professional activities, Perry Mandera belongs to the Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC) an organization that gave him the Bishop Shell Award in 2010 and the Citizen of the Year Award in 2011.

The nonprofit organization is working hand in hand with the Police Atlantic League and the ISCC to reduce crimes and juvenile delinquencies. Also, the ISCC is working to build trust in the community between the neighborhoods and the police force, as well. Part of the organization’s work is to provide hands-on training for local law enforcement in the Chicago area (

Since the ISCC started, it has been hosting free seminars on different topics like gang violence, which is a problem facing many people living in the Chicago area. Also, Perry Mandera’s nonprofit organization has different kinds of other training seminars on how to protect yourself from being a victim of violence. The ISCC along with the Illinois legislation is helping pass laws to keep juvenile sex offenders, underage drug and alcohol offenders, domestic violent offenders and drunk drivers off Chicago streets.

Perry Mandera not only has helped the people in the Chicago area, but he has been giving to different organizations throughout the United States as well. After graduating from high school in 1975, Perry Mandera joined the Marine Corps Reserves. When he served in the Marine Corp, he was assigned to driving trucks. After serving in the Marine Corp he decided to seek a career in the transportation industry as an executive. In 1984, he was elected as a Republican Ward Committeeman to the 26th Ward in Chicago. As the youngest person to be elected in Chicago, he served four years from 1984 to 1988.

Since Perry Mandera started The Custom Companies, Inc. his business has grown throughout the United States (Gazetteday). The company serves thousands of customers meeting the needs of many different organizations and small businesses. The company has exceeded over $200 million in sales. The Custom Company, Inc. employs several hundreds of people nationwide throughout the United States as well.


The Renowned Businessman in Brazil’s Mall Sector- Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is an influential businessman from Paraiba in Brazil who excels in the mall business. He is the founder of one of the largest mall in Brazil that he opened in 1989. The mall which is known as Manaira Shopping Mall is located in Paraiba along the north coast of Joao Pessoa. Roberto Santiago went to Pio X Marist College before enrolling at the University Center of Joao Pessoa for a degree in Business Administration. His first business was a cartonnage company which involved the manufacturing of cardboard in making cartons for his clients.


About the Manaira Shopping Mall Amenities


Roberto Santiago managed to save from his cartonnage business to acquire a piece of land at the region of Paraiba. Moreover, he started the construction of the Manaira Shopping Mall in 1987 which was completed in 1989. Over the years the mall has grown popular and has undergone several major expansion phases to fit the international standards. The mall has 11 movie theatres which are equipped with the latest technology systems besides having a VIP room. It also has a gaming area, food court with several restaurants, a college, and banks.


Further, one of its significant features is the concert room which is known as the Domus Hall that was established in 2009. The hall is located on the rooftop of the building, and it occupies two floors. It is popularly known in the region as it has hosted a number of events by celebrity artists from both Brazil and the international community. The second floor is built with private cabins and has changing rooms and music to entertain guests. Again, its capacity fits 10,000 people when standing and 4,000 people when seated. Additionally, the hall does not only host events but can also be hired for events such as weddings or private events among others.


Roberto Santiago’s plan for the mall was to offer facilities that satisfy the whole family where they comprise of adult and children’s activities. The game sections and open restaurants are part of the recreational places where the families can spend their leisure time. He also incorporated space designated for a diverse range of activities where even corporates can exhibit their businesses or participate in various projects. Manaira shopping mall has over 300 stores and a car parking space of over 3000 vehicles while the floor space covers 75,000 square meters.


Roberto Santiago’s other Business Engagements


Robert Santiago also owns another shopping mall that was launched in November 2014. The mall which is known as the Mangabeira Shopping Mall is currently the biggest in the region of Joao Pessoa. It further has a modern architecture with an area space of 53,000 square meters, 212 shops, and a parking lot capacity of over 3000 cars. Besides, just like Manaira Shopping Mall the Mangabeira Mall also harbors leisure amenities for adults and children. In addition, Roberto Santiago wears many hats whereby apart from being a successful businessman he is a sportsman as well and has even won some trophies in various championships.


In Pursuit Of Senior-Living Greatness: Sussex Healthcare

Sussex healthcare is one of the leading organizations that specializes in providing medical services for seniors. This organization has been at the top of its game for quite some time, and it is highly ranked among the top healthcare organizations in the U.K.

When it comes to providing the very best living standards for the elderly, Sussex Healthcare outperforms everyone else by leaps and bounds. This community offers a warm and inviting environment for each and all residents. There is also 24-hour support, which can handle any and all issues. “Why is Sussex Healthcare the best option?” Well, this answer is very simple. Sussex Healthcare specializes in a plethora of healthcare issues such as:

Physical Disability
Elderly Care
Acquired-Brain Injury Care
Terminal Illness
And others

Under the community’s policy group, the management team is highly educated and is highly experienced. This is a first-class management team that possesses all of the trimmings. As of 2018, this organization has stepped-up its game even more by hiring Amanda Morgan-Taylor as its new CEO. Taylor’s professional career started back in 1984. During this time, she was working as a service manager. By implementing this extraordinary woman into the program, Sussex Healthcare will be improving in every aspect of the business because Taylor has a positive history of managing a number of healthcare organizations. The future is looking even more brighter for Sussex Healthcare thanks to this fine addition.

As of the old saying goes, “a body at rest stays at rest and a body in motion stays in motion.” This organization has a number of physical activities that helps to keep the residents physically strong. On top of that, the organization has numerous mental activities for keeping the mind sharp. Sussex Healthcare is definitely setting the tone for the future, and it’s changing the status quo.

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