Jeff Aronin’s Achievements

Jeff Aronin is the CEO and founder of Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC. He created the company in 2000 after feeling that there was a way he could treat those who had unmet goals. Jeff Aronin graduated from the Northern Illinois University with a degree and MBA. He then joined the healthcare industry before starting his own company.


One day he was treating a child, and the situation made him make a lifetime decision. He was undecided between using medicine or a complex surgery on the child. He, however, chose to give medication a try. In the process, he saved the child from the complex process of surgery and improved the child’s condition. This encounter helped improve his passion for his patients. His core belief and drive is to help people lead a better life. He has achieved this by commercializing medicines to meet the unmet needs of patients.


The focus he has on drug development and patients is what sets apart his company from the rest. Most of the companies in pharmaceutical space and biotech are less concerned with addressing minor diseases. In 2009, Lundbeck offered to buy Ovation. The company was sold for $900 million. Lundbeck kept Jeff Aronin as CEO to assist in the transition. Due to his massive contribution, the company continues to enjoy a successful spell.

Aronin is also a leading incubator and investor in biotech companies. Paragon is focused on bringing medication to the market by building companies and identifying unmet needs. Paragon has helped build companies such as Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals.


Harmony Biosciences deals with disorders that affect the central nervous system. Castle Creek deals with genetic dermatology conditions. These companies have continued to prosper with the hope that one day they will meet the needs of patients.


Jeff Aronin has supported the community in many ways. He has achieved this in partnership with Paragon Biosciences which shares the same vision. Jeff Aronin is a board member of the World Business Chicago that creates a partnership between private companies and the city to ensure growth. He was appointed to this position by Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago. He also serves as a member of the board of directors of Discover Financial Services. He has built a foundation that does research and patience advocacy for overlooked diseases.


Dr. Dov Rand May be the Key to Low Testosterone

Guys, let’s talk sex. If you are older, especially in your post-40s, you have noticed some issues with sex by now. It really does happen to all of us. Every single man that has ever and will ever exist is going to start slowing down by the time they hit their mid-40s. The question now is, what can we do about it? How do you prevent sexual issues from putting you down? Well, testosterone is a tricky thing; it has to do with more than sex as well, testosterone is responsible for appetite, depression, anxiety, and weight gain. Before you go clicking that half-priced Viagra email, let’s take a look at some of your options. This article will focus on one specific health clinic, the Healthy Aging Medical Center, and the work they are doing in testosterone related areas.


Dr. Dov Rand and his team run the Healthy Aging Medical Center. The center has a primary focus on dieting and hormones For years, Rand has been famous for his HCG diet and works with women in weight loss, but behind the curtains, Dr. Dov Rand and his team have been doing some incredible work with testosterone. See, when Rand treats patients for weight-loss he introduces them to hormones. His entire practice is built on his views and theories on hormonal imbalances, so it’s no surprise that, since inception, the practice has been treating erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues.


The reason that Dr. Dov Rand’s testosterone treatment is such a bid deal is the way that the testosterone is administered. See, most places that specifically treat male testosterone issues use synthetic hormones. While these can temporarily cause some benefits, they are terrible for you in the long run. Because Dr. Rand’s clinic is so hyper-focused on hormones, Dr. Rand started introducing bioidentical hormones a while back. Basically, these are hormones that are identical to the hormones naturally produced by the body.


So, for men with testosterone issues (basically any of us over 40), these bioidentical hormones are a breakthrough. Dr. Rand may not know that he is sitting on a gold mine. So far, the results that he has been having with male patients are incredible. If these results continue, he may just have on of the greatest medical breakthroughs of some time on his hand. Well, let’s hope he does; no-one likes not being able to perform.


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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Helps Dr. Johanan Rand Heal Patients


Stansberry Research and Notable Analysts and Editors

Steve Eisman is the name of a fund manager who has many admirers in his field. The Big Short was a movie and novel that discussed him. The feature film did so well that it even racked up a nomination for an Academy Award. Eisman scored a lot of money wagering against American financial institutions back in 2008 when the monetary world was more than a little shaky.


He believes that stock market prices are going to go up now. He’s actually believed that since President Donald Trump won back at the end of 2016. His attitude regarding prices going up is only getting stronger by the day as well. Eisman indicates that his feelings regarding the situation have gotten stronger and more intense with the passing of time. Corrections can be tough on anyone. He doesn’t dispute that the bull market remains intact as of now, though.


Stansberry Research is a company that has more than 500,000 passionate subscribers in all different nooks and crannies of the globe. It has more than 70,000 subscribers who are part of the designated “lifetime” category. The team members at Stansberry Research all together have lots of analyst knowledge. They’ve collectively been working as analysts for beyond 175 years total. Stansberry Research presents helpful “Stansberry Portfolio Solutions.” The objective behind this is to aid individuals who want to handle their portfolios better and more efficiently. People who get this option can pick between three distinctive portfolio tiers. They can get more than 40 investment suggestions at a time.


This respected financial company specializes in software that can cater to all kinds of requirements. It specializes in useful financial details as well. It accommodates millions everywhere. It helps investors who are eager to change their situations fully. The analysts and investors who represent Stansberry Research are all equipped with distinctive investment methods and viewpoints. Some of the exceptional talents on the staff at Stansberry Research are Mike DiBiase, Austin Root, Vic Lederman, Ross Hendricks and Amanda Cuocci. These individuals analyze and edit a vast array of newsletters. These newsletters often have many enthusiasts, too.

Beamridge’s sr. partner Lee May runs for the success of young boxers.

The UK based construction company Beamridge is a proud sponsor of Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. It has been involved with the improvement of the boxing club throughout the years including charity boxing events at Grosvenor House in 2016 and 2017. The latest strive for support comes from the Sr. Partner Lee May’s running a sponsored 10K with the hopes to raise money to put towards a minibus for the club.


Beamridge was established in 2013 with a view of innovation and ingenuity in construction. Their approach is geared towards sustainable construction with deep concern on their waste management. Towards their people, the company strives to have an injury free environment. Care and concern for people is a cornerstone principle in their culture, which expands beyond the business into their charitable work and support of organizations of the like of Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club.


Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club combines state of the art boxing gym with traditional values. The club supports both boxers that want to practice the sport to stay fit, as well as those interested in competitive boxing. The club has developed boxers to compete in the local championships, as well as international success stories through a staff of ABA-accredited trainers and CRB checked volunteers.


All monies raised by the sponsored 10K that Sr. Partner Lee May will rise will be destined to the Minibus with a target of 20,000 pounds. As an avid boxing fan, Lee May’s sponsored run has deep personal meaning, aiming to support young boxers be more successful in competing in local tournaments as well as different European venues.

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Hussain Sajwani Real Estate Dynasty Looks for more Money Making Opportunity

The Trump Organization is a real estate Empire that developer Hussain Sajwani is trying to you continually assist his own personal real estate empire through a mutual relationship.

Recently both Hussain and Donald Trump spent the New Year’s Eve day together at the Trump International Golf Club where they were able to rack over 2 billion dollars in active sales. While some say it will be a conflict of interests and also how Trump spoke about not doing any new business deals with him being in office it’s told by who say that with two whose business deals are able to be done through the daughter trump Ivanka and Trump’s two sons Donald Jr. and Eric. Trump’s real estate empire is more of a brand in this allows for Hussain to expand his business in business relationships with Trump while in office can still be done. The wife of Hussain and Trump’s daughter Ivanka are have said to be good friends, getting in touch through emailing each other in their homes, even having the occasional dinner or lunches together in the city of New York.

All of Donald Trump’s children are wealthy foreigners with connections throughout the world in Central Asia, Turkey, South America, and more and have been able to conduct business meetings in over 13 countries since the year 2010. Hussain, the DAMAC Owner, even remembers interacting with the Ivanka while she was pregnant and still dedicated to a project that she had even though it was only days before her delivery. Actually days after giving birth she had actually called and spoke with Hussain desiring communication about the next business venture.

Trump had stated he would be handing over the business during his election to his younger generation of business minded children. While some were trying to see the relations and interests of the United States in Middle East possibly blending in together Hussain (@hussainsajwani) had to communicate with many that the basis of the relationship with himself and Donald Trump is strictly not of political issues or positions, but merely to expand his fortune and organization for himself family and nation.

DAMAC Properties Dubai Company details:

The Chainsmokers Honor The Life Of Avicii

The Chainsmokers and an artist they have collaborated with in the past, Halsey, joined up to honor Swedish DJ and producer Avicii. This took place at the May 2018 Billboard Music Awards. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers joined up to tell the crowd gathered at the Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas that Avicii had inspired a lot of people in the EDM community including themselves and they appreciated him for that.

Their talking about Avicci took place when The Chainsmokers and Halsey were presenting the award for the Top Hot 100 Song of 2018 which was won by Luis Fonsi for his song “Despacito”. Halsey also chimed in saying that Avicii was a joy to work with and that made the tragedy of his death more painful for her and everyone else. She said that his death was a reminder that everyone should love and support the people they know, especially those who have a mental illness they are struggling with.

It was just a month earlier that Avicii had died when he was just 28 years old. His family eventually let everyone know that he had committed suicide. It’s possible some of his music, which had been recorded but not released, may be released at a later time according to the team behind his record label, Geffen Records.

The Chainsmokers came to prominence in 2014 when they had their first big hit, “#Selfie”. They started to release songs on a monthly basis and have now also put out three full albums. These are “Bouquet”, “Collage”, and “Memories…Do Not Open”. They took a break of about 10 months and started releasing music again in January 2018. Some of their biggest hits include “Closer”, ” Roses”, “Don’t Let Me Down”, and “Paris”.

The first song The Chainsmokers released in 2018 was “Sick Boy” which was a change of style for them. This has since been followed up by a few more singles such as “You Owe Me” and “Everyone Hates Me”. They were recently named by Billboard as the #1 musicians on their Billboard Dance 100.

All You Need to Know About Glen Wakeman

Glen is a traveler who has vast experience in the art of travel. Additionally, He has worked for General Electric for more than 20 years. During his career at General Electric, he served in six various countries. Moreover, he managed to come up with a new division known as General Electric Money Latin America. The firm demonstrated substantial growth from a one-man operation to 17,000 people across the globe.

Glen’s Travel

Glen states that throughout all his travels in Asia, Europe and America, he has learned that there are numerous ways to approach certain things. He adds that trips can make you find many ways to succeed. Moreover, you can learn different value system from various people that you interact with.

He continues to talk about the benefits and the success of travels. He is known for saying that the world is massive and have the diverse culture and different ways of approaching a problem. If you travel more, you will be able to learn different cultures and ways to deal with certain things. The exposure of the many ways to solve something exposes you by instilling methodologies to attend to certain ordeals. Travel can help you in the following ways

Relaxing and to Relief Stress

Today, we work in a very stressful environment. Thus, you need to cool down to enhance your concentration. Research has indicated that vacation plays a fundamental role in stress relief.

Language Learning

If you travel more, you will realize that there are many languages you need to know. This will smoothen your interaction when in a foreign country. If it’s investment, you will be able to understand the key details.

Enhances Skills

As discussed, you can learn various ways on how to approach multiple challenges. The world is an enormous place with different cultures. Every culture has their way to solve problems. This equips you with experience to handle various situations.

Working internationally helps one to reach their traveling aspirations. Glen realized the benefits of traveling when working in Brazil. He came across what many travelers weren’t aware of. Glens advocates the benefits of visiting on his social media pages.

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What Makes IC System The First Among Equals?

In our millennial age, we have thousands of companies in the marketing competing to deliver the same product to their customers. The better a company present its products, services, and ideology to its customers the higher it is soaring. Many agencies are in the market having decades in operation and being committed to their customers but as a matter of fact, none can be compared to the unassailable quality services offered by IC System. In terms of the number of years a company has been in operation, IC System surpasses many of them.

Headquartered at St. Paul in Minnesota, the company was founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson with an aim of offering honest and very ethical services to their patients. Despite the management changing from one hand to another, the focus of the company has never changed. This consistency has been recognized by various organizations and it has competed excellently and has been nominated for 3 consecutive years in the “Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award” for Ethics.

IC System is recognized to be the first agency in the history of America to transit from using typewriters to computers. Their innovative spirit and culture have been ongoing for over seven decades while adhering to TCPA, CFPB and other regulatory standards that have been set. In addition to their commitment to innovation and offering quality services to their patients, it has been in the forefront of helping the community through their charities where they donate their time, services, money, and other resources in their yearly campaign. Various employees in the company are involved in volunteer works.

At IC System, here various core values that govern their decision-making process and the company’s office culture. They include integrity, respect, and innovation, delivering expected result and performance, and taking pride in every work of the company. The company promotes the values by rewarding their employees with Core Values Award after every 3 months.

The IC System maintains an updated Compliance Risk Management System that ensures that their patients get the required services according to the account receivable standards. There is continuous auditing and training while still keeping documentation. It ensures that all their services fall in line with their policies. The company is licensed in all the 50 States in the US.

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What to Do When You’re Contacted by IC Systems

Jorge Moll and His Study on RSATL-SCSR Connectivity for JAMA Psychiatry

The world already knows that Jorge Moll is one of the most prolific and persistent research leaders today in the field of cognitive neuroscience. However, what makes him even more popular and well-cited in many research papers is the fact that in November 2015 he was able to present a convincing set of results for JAMA Psychiatry about the dynamics behind self-blame-selective hyperconnectivity. In his particular study, he found a link between anterior temporal and subgenual cortices and how it can present a prediction for depressive episodes.


In the study’s abstract, it was argued that many patients suffering from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) had already previously shown signs of abnormality in their functional magnetic resonance imaging connectivity (fMRI) between the subgenual cingulate cortex and adjacent septal region (SCSR), and the right superior anterior temporal lobe (RSATL). All of these elements have a substantial contribution to how likely a specialist can detect a tendency of patients to aggravate their state of depression.


The remarkable thing about this particular study of Jorge Moll is in the fact that it can provide a robust neural signature that is the foundation of overgeneralized self-blaming emotions. With such results, it is now more likely for a physician to find a risk of recurrence for depression and for establishing a benchmark for prognostic biomarkers that can help in the treatment. We should also indicate here that the study also resulted in confirming the hypothesis that RSATL-SCSR connectivity can predict risk of subsequent recurrence of primary depressive disorder symptoms.


Jorge Moll’s Involvement


It’s not an exaggeration to state here that Jorge Moll, Director of D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR), has played an invaluable role in the study above, along with other remarkable research studies. In 2005, his study on the neural basis of moral cognition had gained about 925 citations, while in 2006, his work on human frontal-mesolimbic networks gained about 821 quotations. All of this is a strong indication of Mr. Moll’s dedication in cognitive neuroscience and in the passionate search for remedies of social behavior ailments.

Graham Edwards: Leading Leadership Restructuring at Telereal Trillium

For any organization, continuity in leadership is critical in building investor confidence. Additionally, it is essential in ensuring that the employee base trusts and believes in the leadership capabilities of the senior management team. The recent leadership shakeup at Telereal Trillium is a classic example of continuity and restructuring. In the recent shakeup at the company, Graham Edwards was appointed to serve as the company’s chairman while his chief executive officer post will be taken over by Russell Gurnhill. Mr. Gurnhill’s managing director seat will be taken over by Adam Dakin who previously served in the same position. However, Mr. Dakin will take over new responsibilities at the company including the development of new service lines and businesses.


Commenting on the restructuring at the company founded in 2009, the incoming chairman held that the leadership restructuring would realign its capabilities to emerging goals and demands. He further noted that the new changes would ensure that the London-based company serves the interests of its stakeholders. Other leaders such as Graeme Hunter and Michael Hackenbroch will continue to serve as the company’s property director and finance director, respectively.


Company Profile


Graham Edwards has spent a significant part of his professional life working at Telereal. Following the sale of Trillium to Telereal in 2009, Telereal Trillium was formed. Mr. Graham became the chief executive officer of Telereal in 2001 before moving to the new formed Telereal Trillium in same capacity following its formation. His tenure was marked by exponential growth in the company’s revenues and operational capabilities. Its annual revenues grew to over £1 billion. Graham holds an Economics degree from Cambridge University.


In addition to his corporate duties, Graham Edwards is a philanthropist who has supported various causes through donations to many charitable organizations. In addition to his contributions, he also lends his expertise to multiple charities including British Friends of the Hebrew, University Portland Trust, and Voice Europe. He is also a serial investor with interests in various industries including software development and real estate. He has also invested in the mining industry. He is also a board member of various professional bodies including UK Society of Investment Professionals.