Chris Burch Successfully Leads Burch Creative Capital

Serial entrepreneur Chris Burch is growing his already impressive portfolio with the recent and ongoing success with Burch Creative Capital. Burch is no stranger to founding successful business ventures, and in fact, his entire career has been one startup after the other. In addition to having the inspiration for new and different ventures, Burch also possesses the follow through that is necessary to see a good idea through to fruition. The business acumen and wherewithal that is necessary to succeed in today’s competitive business climate. Burch has succeeded in economic times of both boom and bust and has weathered many storms.

This latest venture aims to take startups with global reach and ideas that Burch believes can scale from ideation to reality. He is attracted to companies helmed by owners that are hungry and willing to ask for help. It has been his experience through his work with Burch Creative Capital and other of his ventures that many young entrepreneurs just are not ready to listen to anyone else. Burch is patient with young professionals starting out, but only to a point. He finds that if the owners and founders are convinced of their unfailing rightness then they are less willing to work with others and absorb the knowledge of those that have come before them.  Check and read his shared views on things around his field of focus.

Burch Creative Capital is excited with today’s vibrant and disruptive environment that fosters a competitive and also nurturing space in which to nurture young business owners and those with great ideas. Chris Burch feels fortunate to be able to follow his passion and work with others that are also creative and possess a vision that can carry them to places that they don’t now know. This spirit of mentorship and leadership appeal so much to Burch and keep him feeling vibrant and engaged in today’s exciting business world. For updates on Burch timeline activities, click

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Through his work at Burch Creative Capital as well as his other ventures, Chris Burch hopes to guide the next generation of business entrepreneurs to realize the same success that he has enjoyed throughout much of his career. Chris Burch continues to lead and share his expertise with others.  Head over to for additional articles to read.

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Chris Burch, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Knowledgeable Investor and Successful Businessman

Chris Burch is the Founder and CEO of Burch Capital and his advice to the up and coming entrepreneurs is to always listen. Having been in the investment business for almost 40 years he has most certainly listened to what people told him, as he is a successful businessman.

He purchased and then renovated a luxury Indonesian resort on the island of Sumba in 2012. The Nihiwatu in 2016 was, in World by Travel + Leisure, ranked as the #1 Hotel.  Continue reading about this on

Chris Burch has also been in partnership with Ellen DeGeneres in 2014 to help her launch her lifestyle brand, ED. He also, in 2014, launched a project named Cocoon9, which are luxury prefab homes that are energy efficient, have floor plans that are space saving and are of a contemporary design.

Among his other businesses, he includes a hospitality sourcing business, Bur+Mar, a woman’s accessory and apparel company, Poppin, and an office supply business

His philanthropic endeavors encompass funding for research at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, the Sumba Foundation, The Child Welfare League of China, NYU Langone and the Henry Street Settlement.  More to read on

He is, by nature, a curious person and as such he tends to study the world he lives in. He began to notice how different services and products could be improved upon. He as a young adult became successful and decided that he could help other entrepreneurs who have great ideas to get them out there with the resources he has and the knowledge he has gleaned over the years. This then is how Burch Creative Capital came into being. The company takes ideas that have a great possibility and match them with funding.

When asked what trend is something that is exciting to him, he said that the new tiny house movement is something he really appreciated. Since people seem to be consolidating to live without things and live with experiences is when he created Cocoon9.

He said that the one thing that helps him in the growth of his business is taking risks. If you want to be successful it is almost unavoidable. His ideas start with people who are passionate about their ideas. If the product or idea has the potential to succeed it can be done.

He has no regrets about his businesses but also said that he would have told himself, when younger, to take the advice of Thoreau and “Go confidently in the direction of your dream. Live the life you have imagined”  Check and learn from his shared views on business and on his field of interest.

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The Mission of Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a mobile and site based program that allows teachers to easily communicate with parents. Over the years, it has evolved into a site that helps teachers keep the lines of communication open with parents. The program can be easily accessed from many devices, including a phone, tablet, or computer. The set up for teachers is easy. Premade templates are generated for easy sign for students and parents.


Class Dojo has the mission of helping teachers, parents, and students create an incredible classroom. It is a communication app that allows teachers, students, and parents to share moments and ideas to help enhance the classroom. More than just messages, Class Dojo spreads ideas that help teachers in their classes. Starting with Growth Mindset, the people at Class Dojo are bringing sound, educational videos to help spread the message.


Used in 90% of K-8 schools in the U.S., Class Dojo is widely used and recognized as a quality tool in the building of an excellent class. The app helps teachers to easily communicate the positive moments and contributions of their students to build a more positive classroom culture.


This free app has helped to transform classrooms nation wide and are looking to make a profit in the near future. The ideas for turning a profit come from features that parents may want to pay for at home. In a market innundated with software and programs, Class Dojo continues to stand out as the innovative app that helps to build classrooms.



Ranks as The 10th Best Performance Community Bank in 2016

Texas historical bank, Nexbank has served Dallas communities for 95 years providing banking and financial services to individuals, businesses, and institutions. The Dallas-headquartered commercial bank is placed in high rankings, for 2016, by S&P Global Market Intelligence, Independent Banker Magazine, and other associations. On April 4th, 2017, Nexbank excitedly announced, on PR Newswire, it ranked as the 10th best performing community bank in the country, based on its overall rating score. Nexbank is also ranked as the fifth bank in the nation, based on its pretax return on equity, one of the financial metrics applied by S&P to determine banks’ rankings.

Nexbank made S&P’s top 10 list of the best commercial banks with assets worth between $1 billion to $10 billion, from January 1st, 2016 to December 31st, 2016. Independent Banker Magazine named it as 2016 Top Performing Bank, The Best of the Best. The community bank is first on the list with assets valued at more than $1 billion, based on ROAE and ROAA. Bank Director Magazine listed Nexbank as the number two Residential Real Estate Lender in the nation, based on its total ROA for 2016 second quarter. The fourth largest bank in Dallas, TX has a BBB investment grade rating and a BBB+ bank deposit rating.

Nexbank was founded in the early 1920’s as Heritage Bank and renamed, in 2005, to Nexbank SSB. It’s recognized as one of the leading commercial banks in Texas to provide banking, institutional, and commercial lending services. Individuals are offered personal checking accounts, savings accounts, and mortgages. Nexbank also offers companies and corporations checking and savings accounts, mortgages, M&A, investment banking, finance, and advisory services. Its high rankings and ratings are well deserved for its prior year performance based on ROAs, ROAEs, and ROAAs.

Nihiwatu, A five-star Luxury Resort Owned By Chris Burch

When people go on a vacation, one of things they are looking forward is getting away from their busy lives. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find people checking in to hotels that are in very remotes places, some times in the wilderness and other times in remote beaches. One of such destinations that have become a favorite of the millennials is Nihiwatu.

Nihiwatu is a five-star luxury resort that is located on the west coast of Sumba Island, one of the remotest Islands in Indonesia. This resort is owned by Chris Burch and James McBride. It cost the two business partners $30 million to renovate what was once a beach hostel into the best hotel in the world, according Travel + Leisure.  Refer to for more of this.

The resort has everything that anyone dreams of in a vacation destination. There are two tree houses for those that come in larger groups. The tree houses are two storied and each has a bathroom, bedroom and balcony. The two tree houses connect to each other with a bamboo pool. On the main tree house are the living area and an infinity pool.

On the resort are 27 one-bedroomed private villas. These villas are suitable for people travelling with their partners, let’s say honeymooners. The private villas have a plush pool where the residents can swim and sunbathe without having to go to the common pool. If you want to maintain privacy during your stay, all services can be brought to your doorstep- From spa treatments to customized private yoga classes.

The resort has a horse stable and employs a team of horse-riding guides to take the residents on a sunset horseback riding. There is also a horse whisperer who coaches tourists on how to connect with the horses.

Who is Chris Burch?

Chris Burch is the co-owner of Nihiwatu, but this is just one of his investments. He is known for his venture capital company, Chris Burch Creative Capital, where he works as the Chief Executive Officer.  Chris Burch joined the Billionaire’s club in the year 2012.

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His career started when he was still in school. As an undergraduate student of Ithaca College, he would sell sweaters to his peers. Together with his brother, they had invested $2,000 but when the business was sold in the 80s, it was worth approximately $140 million.  For an update of Burch timeline activities, click on

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The Fate of Real Estate with Samuel Strauch

Recently the Hottest Suburban Neighborhoods in 10 U.S. Cities were unmasked by Samuel Strauch, in a article with Metrik Real Estate owner, has a team with a reputation that precedes them.Leading the Industry in equity sourcing, development, management, brokerage and acquisitioning. Mr. and this team of professionals have been serving South Florida and Latin America since 2002. Mr. Strauch has been successful in embarking on opportunities that meet the needs of society as it changes and becomes open minded with great foresight. The younger generation has been a sweet spot for Metrik. As their need to be contributing, challenged, happy citizens at work, at home and at play has aided the recent soar in sales in the Real Estate Industry.

Samuel Strauch reports that Denver, Colorado weighed in at #1. Others cities included Dallas, Texas; Austin Texas; Tampa, orlando and Miami in Florida; San Hose, California, and Raleigh, North Carolina. The sports scene, nightlife, attractions and opportunities spike these cities to the top of the list. Something else to note is the same spike in the cost of living. Instagram Photos.

Mr. Strauch is a Real Estate guru who has investment portfolio that include Internet ventures and restaurants He holds a B.A. degree from Hofstra in International Studies. His professional career and resources brings a wealth of competencies to the Real Estate Industry. Samuel Strauch has also studied at both Erasmus and Harvard Universities. Click here to know more.

Mr. Strauch has evoked five pillars that govern the Metrik organization: proper and ethical governance, knowledge and teamwork are the platform where “every detail counts”.

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Susan McGalla Empowers Working Women

A recent article was posted with an article in regards to Susan McGalla’s view on working women. McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. This company has done it’s part to shape the business world and and its functionality. The article gives a brief overview of McGalla’s views on how women can become more succesful in the workplace, creating a feeling of empowerment for those struggling.

She begins by explaining the importance of education. She explains that women account for almost 50% of workers in the United States and encourages for this type of growth to continue. Her focus on education is so intense that she challenges women to take that step into higher education. McGalla focuses not on the barriers of attending, such as finances and time, rather she shoots those down saying that women can find other resources in order to attend.


McGalla then continues by stating that women must continue building confidence as they enter the workforce. She attributes low confidence levels to management procedures. This setback is pointed out as reversible. By networking and finding support will allow women to continue to build confidence in their skills and work habits. This will also allow for women to become more succesful, by finding those who have worked longer and learning from their mistakes and feeding off of their success to fuel their own. A desire to climb the corporate ladder is an aspiration of many but getting there may be a confusing and difficult climb. With the right influences and continued work and learning experiences, this is an attainable goal.


This carries on to her third and final point, ignore limitations. These limitation may have been set by management, coworkers or even the employee themselves. These should be ignored. She warns against being subdued into gender roles that would hinder professional growth. This article can be read on She continues to grow her own success and the article will empower women to continue to strive for achievements that most never dreamed possible.

ClassDojo Looks to Keep Parents Engaged through their Smartphones

ClassDojo, a smartphone app designed to keep parents connected to their children’s classrooms, recently secured $21 million in additional funding. The company, cofounded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, closed their Series B round of venture funding in late 2015. Planning to use the funding to expand their design team, Chaudhary and Don also hope to bring new features to further help parents stay involved in their child’s education.


Currently, ClassDojo is backed by a variety of leading investors. The startup is supported by Imagine K12, now a part of Y Combinator, as a graduate of the education tech accelerator program. General Catalyst, GSV, SV Angel, SoftTech VC, Shasta Ventures, Reach Capital, SignalFire, and others have also backed the startup.


Founded in 2001, San Francisco-based ClassDojo looked to fill a void by providing a way for educators and parents to quickly communicate and share details of a child’s educational progress. The app, currently in use by an estimated 85,000 schools, allows teachers to publish current schedules including any planned activities. It also allows teachers to share photos or videos of the classroom throughout the day, providing an easy way for parents to monitor participation and recent accomplishments.


The app includes a variety of functions. Private, direct messaging allows teachers and parents to communicate quickly should the need arise. The messaging feature also includes built in translation functions in up to 35 languages, allowing teachers and parents to communicate in a way with which they are most comfortable. Teachers can also send out group announcements to all parents associated with a particular class.


To date, ClassDojo has raised $31 million in venture funding to support the apps ongoing development and distribution. At this time, the startup has not generated any revenue as it focuses on other intrinsic values. The company has voiced its commitment to always remain free for teachers.


The cofounders also stress that there is no intention to profit from user data, understanding the sensitive nature of data surrounding children. Instead, the 25-person startup is looking to develop premium features that parents could access for an additional fee.


Currently, the app can be accessed on Android, iOS and Amazon Kindle devices through their respective app stores, as well as through any desktop computer.

Omar Yunes Recognized As Best Franchisee In The World For 2015

Mexican franchisee, Omar Yunes won the coveted title of best franchisee in the world at the 2015 annual Best Franchise of the World awards. They were hosted in Florence, Italy on December 5th, 2015. Mr. Yunes is a franchisee of the sushi restaurant franchise, Sushi Itto. The Sushi Itto chain specializes in serving a large assortment of creative and unique Japanese sushi rolls in a warm and inviting environment. The restaurant also serves some cooked Japanese foods such as teriyaki chicken and tempura. Omar Yunes was selected the winner from a pool of franchisees that came from over 34 different countries.

Omar Yunes is a franchisee owner of 13 Sushi Itto restaurants in Mexico. He owns and operates Sushi Itto restaurants in three different cities. They are found in the Mexican cities of Veracruz, Puebla and Mexico City. Yunes began as a franchisee at Sushi Itto when he was just 21 years old. His 13 franchises now represent 10% of the total number of franchises that Sushi Itto has.

The response of Omar Yunes when he heard the announcement that he won the award for best franchisee in the world at the Italian event was won of great joy. He said that he was very proud of himself and also of his entire staff that includes over 400 people working in 13 different restaurants across three different cities. Receiving this award would not be possible had it not been for the work of his employees and the support of the brand which has been supportive of his growth Yunes also said.

The panel that gave the award for best franchisee in the world to Omar Yunes looked at the following criteria. It did not look at the impact that the franchisee had on the brand or franchise. Instead it looked at the impact that the franchisee or Omar Yunes in this case had on his employees and his contributions to the business model of the chain. Additional criteria included looking at the fostering of knowledge in the sector, how cost efficient the franchisee was and how profitable the franchisee’s business was.

Open Your Own Home Business, And Have A Glass Of Wine Doing It

Did you ever wish that you could find a decent business to run from your home, so that you didn’t have to punch a time clock or leave your house to do it?

There is a way to do that, and have a party and drink some wine all at the same time.

You can make money with Traveling Vineyard. They will help you every step of the way. They will provide the party invitations, the wines to be tasted, and the snacks that will go with the wines. And most important, they will provide the order forms for you to sell wines to your friends and acquaintances at your wine tasting party.

All of Traveling Vineyard’s wines are of the highest quality, from specially selected chateaux around the world. They are taste-tested by professionals before they are allowed to have the Traveling Vineyard label attached to the bottle.

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The next thing to do is ask one of your friends to host a wine tasting party, and invite more friends. While you are making new contacts and friends, and new customers, your older customers are about ready to re-order their wines, or try new ones. The wine sells itself. Studies indicate that 80% of wine sales are spur of the moment, impulse sales. Think of the possibilities when people are aware that they might want to purchase delicious wines from elite chateaux!

Whether you want to have some fun and make some money, or want a fast-moving, growing home business, contact Traveling Vineyard!