Growth Track with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers

Since achieving their breakthrough in 2014 with their song #Selfie, The Chainsmokers have kept their eyes on the horizon. From figuring out who they are to ever-developing and refining their style, The Chainsmokers keep taking strides to find their truest sound.

In an interview with Mathias Rosenzweig for Interview Magazine, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart go into detail about the amount of effort and sacrifice they had to put in, in order to grow and form what they have today.

Going back to the basics, Rosenzweig asks a bit about the band’s background; how they met and how they came to the decision to move forward from that point. Both Pall and Taggart revealed that they had a love for EDM growing up, perhaps even before others in their social spheres really gave it a chance. Pall had a DJ thing going on on the side, playing at events around the New York City scene, while Taggart focused more on producing and even released a few songs on SoundCloud. Either way, both saw a path to pursue their music. Having met through a mutual acquaintance, Pall and Taggart immediately hit it off and focused on meeting each other’s stride for their sound.

Rosenzweig then inquires about their difficulties in standing out in mainstream music, all the while admiring their uniqueness for singing their own vocals. Taggart admits that being unique as DJs, in and of itself can be hard, since so much of mainstream music these days is similar. Their focus was on defining their sound to stand out amongst all the rest, so they merged indie, pop, dance, and hip-hop. Pall revealed that their decision to sing their own lyrics was honestly very straightforward. Why shouldn’t they? That alone separates them from typical DJs.

Concluding the interview, Rosenzweig’s closing questions call for their future plans. The DJ duo explain that over time their sound has been evolving, while their audience has expanded. For this reason, they hope to go beyond just performing their songs. They ultimately want to keep “pushing new boundaries and giving people new experiences.”


NGP VAN talks how to have a successful rally

In the blog ‘Organizing 101, How to hold a great Campaign Rally’ published on January 18th, 2018 by Gabby Weiss are several tips and tricks to how to hold a good rally and to know if one would be right for you. NGP Van was founded in 2010 and mostly used by members of the democratic party as a voter database. NGP VAN also offers web hosting service provider. In this blog, NGP VAN speaks directly to anyone thinking that holding rally might be beneficial for whatever cause they have been looking to raise awareness for. As NGP VAN points out rallies were spotlighted in the 2016 presidential election causing people to take another look at all the good they can do. NGP VAN is quick to point out that organizers need to make sure that a rally is right for them as they can take up a lot of time and resources. Weiss also points out that timing for the rallies is an important feature as it can easily translate into votes if done at the right time.

After deciding that a rally would be the right thing for the candidate or issue planning comes into focus. Writing about things like location, visuals, and even the sound system Weiss goes into detail on what NGP VAN followers would need to have to be able to hold a successful rally. Finally taking into account advertising for the event and turning the energy from the rally into action to help whatever candidate or cause the rally was intended to support, Weiss delves into every aspect of the before and after rally process.

This blog shows exactly what any candidate would need to be able to decide to hold a rally and be successful at it which keeps right in step with NGP VAN’s goals to help candidates with political or social campaigns. This blog is an easy to read and understand how to guide for anyone from the most experiences politician to the newest ones to allow them to be able to hold a successful rally.

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Ian King Constantly Finds Ways of Saving People

It’s hardly uncommon for someone to ascribe personality to economics. Even the concept of bull and bear markets speaks to animism. But at the same time one doesn’t often see a bridge between psychology and economics. But when one does, he’s usually quick to make a name for himself. And that’s certainly been the case with Ian King.

Ian King’s made a name for himself with quite a few accomplishments in his twenty years of industry experience. But understanding the role of psychology in his accomplishments means looking at why he got into both subjects in the first place. Read this article at Release Fact.

His interest in psychology probably began from his early years working as a lifeguard. He’d save life after life in often turbulent conditions. And at one point, he notes that he became very aware of how routine this experience became. The turbulent waters became less an indescribable force. But more something that he’d learned to navigate to save people. And this is probably the motivation to learn about psychology and human behavior.

And it might well be what led him to economics while he was still studying psychology. Ian King was still all about saving people. But he’d come to see the primary method for doing so as rooted in money. Economic is just as significant a danger as stray currents. But it’s also something that can provide just as much enjoyment when worked with in the right way. And King had a unique vision. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Ian King.

He’d moved from lifeguarding to psychology. And from psychology to economics. All of this with an underlying motivation which centered around helping people. But there was one other thing he was certain of. Ian King knew that something big was on the horizon.

Around 2012 the economic industry suffered some truly significant issues. It was at that point that King recognized something. Some of those carefully honed instincts told him that this new danger had an ever newer solution. He saw that the economic system itself was showing its age in many respects. And he began carefully watching the rise of digital currencies. But unlike many peers, he brought all of those previously developed skills to the table.

It’s what launched him to create his own firm to help people work with cryptocurrencies once they’d reached public usability. And it’s what made him leap to join up with Banyan Hill Publishing when they saw just what a valuable resource he is. It’s there, as head editor for anything related to cryptocurrency, that he’s found a way to meld all of his skills together to help people.


Anthony Petrello Hosts A Reception For Tommy Tune

Tony Petrello is probably best pictured in the company of businessmen and big investors since his company, Nabors Industries has extensive list of clients on Wall Street and in the oil industry. But he also has had the company of various celebrities including Broadway actor Tommy Tune who has won several Tony awards and has played a big role in several notable productions. Tune is originally from Houston where Nabors Industries is based, and when he returned home to do a performance for the home crowd, Petrello welcomed him to his large estate in the suburbs. Petrello lived in close proximity to Broadway as a child and he was honored to have Tune meet his family.

Tony Petrello has had tremendous influence in the oil industry as Chairman of the world’s largest land-based rig fleet and offshore modular rig holders. Petrello has overseen development and growth strategy initiatives at the company since 2011 when he took over upon the death of former CEO Eugene Isenberg, but he had helped it with financial management as Chief Operating Officer in the previous 20 years at the company. 2013 saw many changes made to the company, but as part of those changes Petrello was given a new contract which paid out millions in bonuses that year and made his total earnings to $68.7 million making him the top-paid CEO that year.

Tony Petrello’s proximity to Broadway was a childhood spent in New Jersey during which he was a top mathematics student according to a college roommate at Yale University. Petrello’s top grades earned him a scholarship to Yale where he also was a personal assistant to Professor Serge Lange, a mathematician who developed many algebraic theories. But after earning both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the field, he chose to go into law instead of a career in mathematics. Petrello went to Baker & McKenzie after completing his JD and passing the bar, and he spent 13 years practicing in tax law, securities and other corporate governance. Nabors was a client at the firm and offered him the position as chief operating officer in 1991.

Anthony Petrello has had many philanthropies he’s been involved in, but the two he’s been most known for have been supporting hurricane victims in the aftermath of Harvey’s destruction, and being a trustee at the Texas Children’s Hospital. Petrello gave over $170,000 to victims this last fall when it hit, he’s given $7 million to the TCH. The $7 million given to TCH has specifically been part of an endeavor to bring hope to young children affected by brain diseases.

Read more: Tony Petrello Welcomes Tommy Tune Home To Houston

Can Chris Burch Enter The Hotel Industry?

Chris Burch has proven himself as one of the most successful fashion tycoons out there ( Nobody else seems to have gone as far or to have accumulated the same level of respect. He’s made his creative vision into a business with the potential to produce billions for many years to come. His success in this domain is something rather unique. Most people who try to go this far aren’t able to muster up the acumen and talent needed. Now that he’s proven himself in the world of fashion, he has plans to go into the world of hospitality in order to provide something very different from others out there. The world certainly wants to see what Chris Burch can offer them, but time will tell if his hotel takes off (

Nihiwatu is a rather distinct idea for a hotel. It isn’t what many people have grown to expect but it offers something that is desperately needed in the market but simply can’t be found. His creativity came out with this hotel and he doesn’t hesitate to give it his all. That attention to detail is why Chris Burch is able to get so far ahead of others in pretty much any business he decides to get into. It’s why his ventures into finance and cinema have been just as successful as his fashion endeavors, check That level of success in so many different areas is what separates him from the pack.

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Hospitality is a business with a strong history behind it. In order to truly understand how to win he has taken what he learned from fashion and chooses to apply it in this new domain. The extent that his ideas will lead to success is going to be difficult to determine until the ideas are fully fleshed out for us all. Nihiwatu has so much going for it and it’s only going to get better over time. Chris Burch wants to use this as a test of his next investments. If he can get to the goal he is aiming for, he’ll use this to create an entire branch of his empire. Creativity and adaption is how every entrepreneur manages to stay relevant for a long time. Those who do not learn will eventually see themselves fall. That lesson has helped Chris Burch realize he has the ability to take his endeavors to an entirely new level on his own terms.


Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis continue incredible journey to success with Jeunesse Global

The Jeunesse Global story would be hard to believe if one didn’t know it was the honest truth. Founded by a retired Florida couple in 2009, Jeunesse Global started as a tiny hobby operation run out of the garage of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The couple had grown restless with the long hours of boredom that are inherent to the retired life. To pass the time, they started selling a few health and beauty products.

Nine years later, Jeunesse Global ranks among the most important health and beauty companies in the world. With over 10,000 distributors and hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales, the company has gone from casual pastime to one of the largest private companies in the state of Florida. This raises the question of how a pair of retired snowbirds could have possibly created such a phenomenally successful company.

Looking a little closer at Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, however, it quickly becomes apparent that these two were no ordinary retirees. In fact, both Lewis and Ray had become legendary throughout the North American direct-marketing industry for their many successful ventures. Ray had acquired the reputation as being one of the most capable salesmen and recruiters in the business while Lewis was known to be one of the most innovative product developers and businesswomen in the health and beauty space.

So, when the couple decided to start a hobby business as a way to pass the time, they had a few considerable advantages. Jeunesse was able to quickly grow as a result of Ray quickly bringing on board some of the most accomplished distributors in the business. With top talent selling both the company’s products and its business plan, Jeunesse was able to spread like wildfire throughout many parts of the world.

At the same time, Lewis began developing what would become the Youth Enhancement System, a package of health and beauty products that promised to revolutionize the way people approach shopping for their health and beauty needs.

Today, Jeunesse continues to grow. It is currently one of the top health and beauty sellers in East Asia and is not far behind in the Americas.

Chris Burch Amazes With His New Hotel

Chris Burch has shown his creative talent and business acumen through the various things he has done over the course of his lifetime. He’s created a billion-dollar fortune from his fashion sense and he plans on turning that into something even greater with his new hotel. Nihiwatu has all the potential to become a household name. It just needs to see the spotlight and from there on the crowds are going to naturally take to it. There are plenty of signs it’s going to reach that success. The hotel already has lots of buzz around its opening and more to come this way.

Burch has come a long way from what his humble college beginnings. There just aren’t any other businessmen out there that can say they managed to grow their empire from fashion into something that includes everything from finance to movies. That takes a special kind of talent that most people couldn’t even dream of having for themselves. The few people who have obtained his level of talent are able to create things everyone can adore no matter what. Indeed, the work of Burch is a celebration of how creativity is such an essential component of business.

Nihiwatu is impressive no matter what perspective you take. If you simply enjoy it for the unique theme that Burch chose, you’re going to come away satisfied. However, if you look at his business strategy, you can see that he has a plan to carry Nihiwatu into amazing heights ( He isn’t afraid to take a chance and it shows in this hotel. No expense or detail is spared by Burch. He makes sure to add his special touch to the experience in order to give people something they can’t find at any other resort on the market today.

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Success in business is always a chance. Entrepreneurs have to take the risks and decide that their idea is worth pursuing. The ability to make their ideas work is something to be appreciated. Chris Burch has gotten as far as he has because he doesn’t let others tell him whether or not something will work. He has decided for himself what to do and how to go about it. The hotel could prove to be the start of a new chapter for Burch. Perhaps he will now be known as a hotel magnate in addition to his other countless titles he’s accumulated.

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Jeff Aronin—Pharmaceutical CEO with a Purpose

Paragon Biosciences hosts multiple different companies in it’s portfolio . Led by CEO Jeff Aronin, Paragon prides itself in treating some of the most traumatic, rare, and untreated diseases in the world. Their mission is to simply help people by aiding people in living longer and healthier lives. To meet patients’ needs they have dedicated an enormous amount of time to researching and understanding rare diseases and the science behind them. With their intense focus on building great companies entirely focused on patient care, they have been able to develop drugs and treat conditions that others have not.

In the Paragon Biosciences portfolio you will find companies like Castle Creek, Harmony Biosciences, Decade, and Precision BP. Each of these companies are dedicated to treating patients but in different ways. First, let’s start with Castle Creek, which is a biopharmaceutical company that helps those with debilitating dermatological conditions. They are focused on the development of different therapies that can help treat the serious and usually rare conditions.

Next, there is Harmony Biosciences, which is focused on people with central nervous system disorders and sleep disorders. They are focused on the development of new drugs that address the concerns of these disorders. Third, we have Decade, which is a research company that is dedicated to focusing on Alzheimer’s disease and trying to improve life for those who are dealing with it. Then we have Precision BP, which is focused solely on research and development of oncology diseases that are also rare (

Though the success of these companies is based on the teamwork and dedication found at Paragon Biosciences, we can’t help but attribute a lot of the success to its CEO Jeff Aronin. Not only is Aronin the CEO of the company but he has also serves as the non-executive chairman for two of the portfolio companies including Castle Creek and Harmony Biosciences.

Much of his success at Paragon can be attributed to the fact that this was not Jeff’s first rodeo as a CEO, as he has also been the CEO at other companies like Ovation Pharmaceuticals.



Stansberry Research Updates Readers on the “Original” Dominator

One interesting story being played out in the American economy and the stock market is the continuing battle between Walmart and Amazon for dominance of the retail sector. Young investors are those who do not realize Walmart is the original disruptor in retail. It was blamed for driving many small, local stores out of business through its relentless focus on giving customers lower prices. Amazon has taken that concept to new levels using technology (Thedailyrecord).

Dan Ferris, editor of Extreme Value, a financial newsletter published by Stansberry Research, began recommending Wal-Mart in 2006. Subscribers who took his advice doubled their money or better in the stock. However, he closed out that recommendation in February 2015 because he believed its share price had gotten too high, and could not continue to grow at double-digit rates. A few months later, Walmart’s stock fell.

However, late last year, Ferris recommended Walmart again. He believes the market is underestimating Walmart’s potential. And it is not perceiving the reality of the changes in retail. Retail is not going online. It’s going Omni channel, with physical stores and websites feeding customers to each other. That’s why Amazon is building physical stores.

But Walmart obviously has a major advantage over Amazon. It’s already built many brick and mortar stores. 90% of Americans live within ten miles of a Walmart store. Walmart can catch up on the technology a lot easier than Amazon can build enough physical stores.

That’s the kind of realistic, no-nonsense financial research and investing advice Stansberry Research subscribers expect from the experts who write newsletters for the company. They want independent opinions free from bias, not the same old stories that the mainstream media love to repeat.

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, Stansberry Research is an independent financial research and publishing company founded by Porter Stansberry. They specialize in digging up the facts and presenting them to readers to guide people who manage their own portfolios. They do not accept advertising and do not manage money. Their loyalty of the editors is to helping subscribers grow and protect their wealth. Porter Stansberry also produces a show on YouTube every week with Buck Sexton, called The Stansberry Investor Hour.


Dr. Johanan Rand and the HCG Diet Program

Johanan Rand, MD trained extensively at the New York based Albert Einstein Medical Center. He studied nutritional principles at great length and has now established a practice focused on wellness programs and healthy aging. Dr. Johanan Rand has carefully developed a multi-faceted program for optimal wellness that is custom created for each patient along a few general principles.

Food in America is plentiful and often high in fat plus large in serving size. These combining factors plus the less active lifestyles that many Americans have adopted creates a situation where excess weight is a widespread issue throughout the country. This, of course, had led to a huge number of individuals trying “fad diets” which are ineffective and often dangerous. Dr. Johanan Rand has found a long-term, healthy weight loss solution (

The main key to the weight loss solution created by Dr. Johanan Rand centers around the hormone HCG. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin and is the hormone produced by women during pregnancy to help develop the maturing embryo. This hormone has shown to do many things in individuals who are dieting. It functions as an appetite suppressant which helps allow individuals to maintain a lower fat, smaller portion diet without feeling deprived. Additionally, it prevents the loss of muscle mass, known as degenerative muscle deterioration, which is common when individuals adopt caloric restrictions.

Dr. Johanan Rand cites the added benefits of HCG as including healthier insulin levels, increased energy, a reset to the metabolism and relearned eating habits, as well as improved self-confidence. Dr. Johanan Rand states that his patients often experience rapid weight loss. The weight loss is, in fact, often so rapid that it outweighs the occasional hunger pain or inconvenience of eating more healthy choices, therefore pushing them on to success. The sense of reward over seeing their new slimmer bodies becomes a stronger motivating factor than any other pull to revert back to old eating habits. Of course, the HCG program cannot offer any sort of magical solution, but it is known to be highly effective for improving health and creating long-term weight loss in dedicated individuals.