Construcap Strikes an Agreement with American Fluor

Construcap published an official statement which stated that the company entered a construction partnership with American Fluor, a firm that primarily handles the creation of buildings required by clients from various industries.

Both institutions had taken their time to settle in with one another prior to announcing their special deal to the public. According to the administration of Construcap, the joint venture offered them the opportunity to increase the number of high-quality services that they could make available to all of their customers and allow them to cut back their expenses as they only need to transact with a single construction company.

Construcap’s Vice President, Mr. Roberto Capobianco, mentioned in an interview he had provided as they attended an awarding ceremony that working hand in hand with American Fluor was also cost effective for them. When they were fulfilling various projects in the past, as Capobianco disclosed, they had to resort to employing an external project designer to assist them, or simply push through with the layout that was prepared beforehand by the consumers. The agreement that Construcap struck with the aforementioned firm would therefore provide a lot of benefits for the company since they could now deliver a complete set of construction solutions to the clients.

The initial goal of this Sao Paulo-based institution was to supply Brazil’s infrastructure needs. However, due to the amount of low-margin companies that requested for their services, Construcap had finally made the choice to focus on offering their expertise to the industrial zone in order to grow their sales and be able to work on more complicated projects in 2010.

About Construcap

Construcap is a construction company located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was built from scratch in 1944 by private individuals and had since seen success in the industry because of their constant search for new construction procedures, as well as good grasp to the technological advancements that prevail on the market at present. Apart from being at the heart of industrial developments within the country, the team had also managed to generate airways, railroads, sea ports, motorways, and many commercial buildings through the years.