ClassDojo Entrepreneur’s Goal to Keep Teachers In Touch With Students

ClassDojo is a communication application. It was developed to tackle student issues with the help of educators and their parents such as behavioral issues and development of behaviors at school. Over 85,000 schools use ClassDojo, both in public and the private schools. The application observes the privacy of the parents and students since it uses an array of communications such as texts and pictures. This has improved student relations to be more positive and productive.

For students that have a hard time to communicate with the teachers and parents have now the privacy of speaking anonymously about their challenges in school. Modernization of today’s classes has been now the number one priority for today’s students are more into technology. Depression issues and issues like bullying and depression of the students are now under control. Schools have now not only been a place for young people to get an education but to interact and be free with their peers thanks.

ClassDojo has now nearly mad e parent-teacher meetings obsolete. But teachers can use this application to make daily meetings with parents. ClassDojo also saw other opportunities of the technology by creating digital learning curriculum such as testing platforms and grade books. They also face competition from similar companies such as Remind, FreshGrade, Nearpod and Kickboard. These also do the same job of connecting teachers, parents and teachers but ClassDojo has gone the extra mile by being so interacting that all students have now been drawn into using the technology to better their lives in school and speak up of any kind of setback from home or being caused by the school unknowingly.

ClassDojo has been tested and proven in the over 85,000 schools. Most of the teachers that use ClassDojo use it in the kindergarten stage to keep students occupied and be social with peers. ClassDojo has a subscription plan that helps in preserving privacy of photos and texts. Privacy is a big issue so the servers are updated constantly to avoid hacks and leaking of confidential information. During holidays parents can also be in touch with their kids thanks to ClassDojo.

The Mission of Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a mobile and site based program that allows teachers to easily communicate with parents. Over the years, it has evolved into a site that helps teachers keep the lines of communication open with parents. The program can be easily accessed from many devices, including a phone, tablet, or computer. The set up for teachers is easy. Premade templates are generated for easy sign for students and parents.


Class Dojo has the mission of helping teachers, parents, and students create an incredible classroom. It is a communication app that allows teachers, students, and parents to share moments and ideas to help enhance the classroom. More than just messages, Class Dojo spreads ideas that help teachers in their classes. Starting with Growth Mindset, the people at Class Dojo are bringing sound, educational videos to help spread the message.


Used in 90% of K-8 schools in the U.S., Class Dojo is widely used and recognized as a quality tool in the building of an excellent class. The app helps teachers to easily communicate the positive moments and contributions of their students to build a more positive classroom culture.


This free app has helped to transform classrooms nation wide and are looking to make a profit in the near future. The ideas for turning a profit come from features that parents may want to pay for at home. In a market innundated with software and programs, Class Dojo continues to stand out as the innovative app that helps to build classrooms.