Article about Onelogin Technology.

Onelogin simplifies for your identity and access management. It helps you access secure access via a single sign-on. From a time in memorial companies and personal businesses have been using password as a safe method to secure their data.

But in the current society of internet hackers, not much can be said about a password. It’s easy for someone to hack your information and leak it out to unwanted sources; keeping this in mind Onelogin has devised a way of making sure your data is safe from prying hands.


Biometrics deal, with what you are which includes but not limited to; fingerprints and voice recognition or iris. While on the other hand behavioral include factors like left/right handedness or hand tremors. Both elements are not unique on their own hence the need for them to work with other data like physiological biometrics or device data; Ip or hardware attributes.

Hence providing an opportunity to security professionals on how to combine this three aspects; physiological, behavioral biometrics and password authentication to improve the company’s identity and access management.


Such a significant move comes with calculated challenges for this system to be implemented; it means that the system works solely on the assumption that all hired employees have access to behavioral and physiological biometrical access. The challenge of such an assumptions is many companies are not financially able to cater for such a huge cost.


Fingerprints can also be hacked plus the cases of burns or grease on the worker’s hands can also interfere with the system.

Privacy issues

Some companies have workers who work from home this provides a challenge for the companies on how to authenticate such users who rarely show up to the premises.

Best approach

Companies need to find a way to combine all this for ease of use. There is an option of choosing either one approach in conjunction with a password to make it easier to access these companies’ identity and management strategy. These technologies are insisting on being able to offer companies the best of the three world though we are yet to see.